Yesterday's Dawn

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Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



The sea holds the mountains 
Like the wind holds the air

The words are the soul food
Even when the cupboards are bare

Feed my eyes
Show me what it's like to really see
  To appreciate the harshness of a cruel reality

The harder it gets
  The easier it is to say
  That I should've seen this coming

The easier it is to ask, 
Why would you leave us this way? 

Your picture on my wall
Promises better times 

to the days we never had

But they are 
Bittersweet, condescending lies

You should've said goodbye

I should've heard you scream


No pill can convince me,

That this is only a dream

How many times, does one break before 
  They shatter?
Destroying the genetic makeup
Of everything that mattered.
It's over 
And it's done
And I think you've had your fun
Now please, just come back!

That's impossible I know 
Even though I wish it weren't 

The flaming memories of what
used to be

Have left this world so burnt

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