Troublemakers Return

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This is a sequel to Those Troublemakers.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



Troublemakers Return


By Shadowgate




The new Principal of Edward Taft High School Lance Bettencourt took his seat in his office.  Mel Edwards retired after serving 20 years as principal since the day it opened. 



It was now 7:30 AM and it was the first day back to school.  The 20’Th anniversary yearbooks had come out.



Principal Bettencourt heard his phone ring and he answered it.


His secretary informed him that former principal Mel Edwards was on the line.  Principal Bettencourt smiled and said “put him on.”


Soon Principal Bettencourt heard a man say “HELLO IS THIS PRINCIPAL BETTENCOURT?”


Lance answered “yes it is how are you Mel?”


Mel answered “not good at all.  I am so furious.”


Lance asked “why are you furious?  You’re not enjoying your retirement?”



Mel answered “I was but the 20’TH anniversary year book has me in an uproar.”


Lance said “oh yes they just came in this week.  Students are looking at them during homeroom now as well as the teachers.  I imagine you got your copy by now.”

Mel informed Lance he did and that on the individual portrait page that was reserved for him as Principal there was a picture of a clown.


Lance yelled “WHAT!!!”



Mel repeated “there is a clown face where my personal portrait should be.”


Lance said “you’ve got to be kidding me.”


Mel yelled “NO I’M NOT!”



All of the sudden there was a very loud knock on Principal Bettencourt’s door.



Lance said “one moment Mel.”



Lance yelled “COME IN!”


The secretary said “the students are all laughing out of control and the teachers can’t stop them.  The whole school is out of control.”



The principal said “let me guess why” and he damn sure did.  The secretary asked “how did you know?”


The principal responded “what do you think the former principal was calling me about?”



The secretary exhaled and asked “how could this have happened?”  The secretary then shows the new principal the clown picture on the page reserved for former Principal Mel Edwards’s portrait.





The teachers did their best to get the students to quiet down.


Principal Bettencourt said “as everyone is aware now there is a problem with the new yearbook that just came out.  We will be investigating and we will get to the bottom of this.  Now the problem is getting this atrocious error fixed will cost a good deal of money if it’s even possible to do so.  The investigation will be a serious one.  I just got off the phone with former Principal Mel Edwards and he is very unhappy.  If we find out which student or students who are responsible they will be expelled.”



Principal Bettencourt called three students to his office. 


  1. Michael Duane

  2. Byron Donahue

  3. Terry Banks




When they arrived he had them sit down in his office.



Principal Bettencourt said “now I’ve no doubt the three of you are aware of the mishap in the yearbook that just came out.Now we don’t know who’s responsible.  I was just informed that the teacher in charge of journalism and the yearbook passed away shortly before last year ended.  Anybody could have snuck that clown picture in at the last moment before the pages were sent off to be finalized into a book.”



Michael said “no doubt a senior did it.  We were the only three juniors in the yearbook class and this had to have been a senior prank.”



Principal Bettencourt said “true it very well could have been a senior prank and the student or students responsible are long gone.  At the same time we could never actually rule out the possibility that any one, two, or all three of you were responsible.”



Terry said “wait now the teachers dead and all other students who worked on last year’s yearbook have graduated.  Are you saying someone has to go down for this?”



Principal Bettencourt answered “I don’t want it to be that way.  But right now school district officials aren’t happy and I don’t know what the future holds.  Do you three know anything as to how this could have happened?”


Byron answered “like we said somebody pulled a fast one.  The teacher died at the last moment and things got chaotic.  There’s no way to know who’s responsible.”



Principal Bettencourt said “I heard things got chaotic toward the end of last year.”


Byron nodded and said “yes.”


Terry chimed in “Principal Bettencourt how much would it cost to fix this error in the yearbook?”

The Principal replied “For the whole yearbook to be redone and new copies we’re talking thousands of dollars.  I don’t see it happening.”



Terry said “so let’s say one student gets blamed for it that student’s parents would be expected to pay for all new yearbooks.”



Principal Bettencourt nodded and said “plus we have no evidence on any student.”



Byron added “it makes us nervous we’re here.  I feel like the three of us are being singled out.”



Principal Bettencourt said “well you three are the only ones I can talk to.  The teacher who worked on this year book is dead and all other students who worked on it graduated.”



Terry said “okay well that’s true.”



Principal Bettencourt said “I’m not saying any of you three did it however I do want to get back to the fact I heard some weird things happened last year.”



Michael said “strange things are known to happen any day of the year.  Could you be more specific?”



Principal Bettencourt answered “yes I will.  It’s said that last year there was a day where the three of you were put in charge of gathering information to make the 20’th anniversary special and thus we’d have a super special yearbook.  Now on that given day a math teacher was giving a test and her class got so out of control she had to quit.  Plus that same math teacher was blamed for putting a whoopee cushion under Principal Edward’s chair which caused him embarrassment during the morning announcements.  Also on that same given day another teacher got into a fight with a janitor and used vulgar and racist language toward the janitor.  That teacher was terminated.”



Michael said “that fight between the teacher and the janitor took place right in front of Principal Edwards and I don’t see how any student could be blamed for two adult staff members getting into a fight.”


Byron commented “exactly I mean if two students get in a fight you wouldn’t blame that on a teacher.  The two students get in trouble.”



The principal replied “good point.”



Terry said “oh and as far as the other teacher, the one who quit because she was stressed out or whatever I mean people are known to quit jobs all the time because they get burnt out.”


Michael said “yeah.”



Principal Bettencourt exhaled and nodded. 


Terry added “I’m sure the staff is speculating we were behind it but those would be conspiracy theories they can’t prove.”



Principal Bettencourt said “exactly but they did speculate no less.”



The three students roll their eyes.



Suddenly there’s a knock on the door.



Principal Bettencourt replied “come in.”



The District Official Mister Garter enters.


The principal says “hey Mister Garter.”


Mister Garter replies “hey I’m here to see how the investigation is going.  Did anyone of these three confess?”



The principal said “no and even if one of them had there’s no way we could get their parents to pay the cost of having all those yearbooks redone.”



Mister Garter said “oh having the yearbooks done over again is totally out of the question but we need answers.  Were there any known rumors from last year or any rumors heard today in the halls?”



Principal Bettencourt said “oh seriously we can’t go by rumors and we have no evidence on any student.”


Mister Garter said “Are you sure you didn’t hear at least one of these three confess?”





Mister Garter said “you watch your tone young man or I’ll have you sent to an alternative school so fast your head will spin.”



Principal Bettencourt said “I’m afraid we’ll have to close the investigation.”



Mister Garter said “yeah I guess you’re right.”



Mister Garter slammed the door on his way out.


Principal Bettencourt said “you know since this school has celebrated its 20’Th Anniversary and I know a teacher at this school who’s taught here for the past 20 years.  She’s taught in this school district for the past 35 years.  Her name is Mrs. Pearl.  I’d like to pay tribute to her now.”



Principal Bettencourt gets on the intercom and says “attention teachers and students.  At this time the investigation into the clown picture in the yearbook is officially closed.  We’ll never know who did that.  So now let’s focus on the positive such as the fact this school is 20 years old.  Also I’d like to honor a teacher who has taught at this school since it opened 20 years ago.  Prior to that she has taught in this school district for 15 years.  So in honor of Mrs. Pearl a 35 year veteran teacher I am making this announcement.”



Mrs. Pearl stopped her class lecture and said “finally I’m getting the respect I deserve.”


Principal Bettencourt went on to say over the intercom “Mrs. Pearl’s hobbies are knitting, playing piano, and shoving hamsters into her pussy.”



Mrs. Pearl yelled “WHAT THE FUCK!”



Principal Bettencourt hung up the intercom.  The whole school was laughing.



A student in Mrs. Pearl’s class said “you finally got the respect you deserve.








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