P.Q.P.R.T (part 3)

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After Mr. Stan Butt-lick death, Airi got permission from the new owner to forms an all female restoration team in order to restore and protect the park from further harm. In this story Airi and her team has to catch someone who has been trying to dirty up the park by knocking over all the trash cans and if they fail their group might get disbanded by the new owner of the park, Cindy Butt-lick.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017




Part 3


(Pendleton Queen Park restoration team)


Looking and feeling exhausted, Grace wiped the sweat that began to appear upon her face. She then continued dragging Alice’s unconscious body into the bushes that she also hid safari. “I brought you a friend to play with, Safari.” She said mockingly. After laying Alice right next to Safari, Grace took a long piece of rope and tied Alice’s hand and feet behind her back. “Good, now you too play nice together. I’m going to go get Byzantine next, bye.” Grace left Alice and Safari unconscious bodies in the bushes.

Back at the Byzantine restaurant, Byzantine had just arrived. Upon sight, Airi quickly called Byzantine to the counter where she and Annie where talking.

“We’ve found out the identity of our red hooded, bear masked friend,” said Airi.

Not understanding Airi’s speech, Byzantine replied, “She’s our friend now? I thought she was a criminal.”

“She’s not really our friend, Byzantine. I just called her that to be funny, got it?”

Byzantine nodded her head in a show to indicate she understood what Airi was talking about.

“Anyway, this is Annie.” She pointed to Annie who was standing beside Byzantine. “She is the sister of our little criminal.”

Grabbing Annie by the shoulders, Byzantine shouted, “You’re under arrest!”

“Why me!” Cried Annie.

“Because at P.Q.P the whole family is punished for the crimes of one of its members!”

Turning her gaze towards Airi, Annie said, “You didn’t tell me I also was in trouble.”

“Byzantine is just making things up. We wouldn’t do that.”

“I thought you said the parents are responsible for their children.”

“They are responsible. Sisters, on the other hand, aren’t.”

Byzantine showed that she understood by letting go of Annie.

“Byzantine, could you go and tell the rest of our guards to look out for an Asian ch- “

“I can’t find them.”

“What do you mean you can’t find them?”

“I can’t find either of them. First I lost Safari then Alice went missing.”

“Have you tried blowing your whistle?”

Byzantine conformed that she had done so. “That why I’m here. I can’t find them.”

“Grace most have them!” Said Annie calmly.

“What do you mean?” Asked Airi.

“Grace usually carry’s poison darts on her. She always uses them on people she doesn’t like.”

“Why does a seven-year-old have poisonous darts!”

“our grandparents gave them to her. She got poison darts and I got a goth doll.”

“Why would they give her poisonous darts!?”

“Because they only had one doll, and they gave it to me.”

Airi obviously thought Annie grandparents insane, yet she didn’t thank it wise to tell that to Annie. Her sister was already a menace they didn’t need another.

“Let’s get back to finding a way to capture Grace before she causes anymore damage." Said Airi.

Running towards the front door, Byzantine yelled, “I’ll find her!”

Airi Tried to get Byzantine to stop, however, Byzantine paid her no mine. Airi watched as Byzantine quickly exited the restaurant in search of Grace.

“We have to hurry up and catch her,” said Airi, as she hopped over the counter. “Who knows what Byzantine might do to your sister if she finds her." Before pursuing Byzantine, Airi glanced over at her sister Aaliyah who just came back from taking customers’ orders. “Watch the restaurant while I’m gone.”

 Her sister nodded her head.

Flying 25 feet in the air, Byzantine headed for Serena lake. She didn’t have a clue as to where Grace could be, yet she reasoned searching anywhere is better than staying completely still.

Lake Serena is the largest body of water that can be found at Pendleton Queen Park. The lake itself isn’t huge, however, it had the appearance of being bigger than it was. The lake reflected everything above it with a cartoonish exaggeration: the trees reflected in it water was smaller than what was shown (like false advertisement).


Byzantine landed near the lakes water and searched for the little Asian girl. She studied her surrounding in hope of seeing someone wearing a red hoodie, bear mask or looked close enough to Annie to be called her sister. She looked as hard as she could but found no one, not even regular passersby. “If she isn’t here, I wonder where else I should look for her?” thought Byzantine. As Byzantine was thinking, a voice of panic came from behind her.

“Byzantine, I’m so glad I found!” Said Grace as she came closer to Byzantine. “Alice and Safari needs your help.”

Upon seeing Grace, Byzantine hopped upon her. Byzantine held both Grace’s arms to the ground.

“You’re under arrest!” Byzantine yelled.

“Arrest for what?!” shouted Grace. “I haven’t done anything wrong today.”

“You’re under arrest for kicking over trash cans, now repent.”

“How do you know it was me?” Asked Grace as she struggled to get free. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Your sister told on you, now stay still.”

“My sister?!”

Airi and Annie arrived on the scene as Byzantine was holding Graces arms above her head. Airi quickly grabbed hold of Byzantine and lifted her off Grace.

“That’s enough Byzantine!” Shouted Airi.

“What did I do?” Asked Byzantine. “I was just arresting her.”

“That’s how we handle adults, not children!” Shouted Airi even louder.

Pointing towards Annie, Byzantine replied, “Are you going to tell her that?”

On the ground in front of Airi and Byzantine, Annie was beating up Grace. “You do not kick over other people’s trash cans!” Shouted Annie, as she repeatedly struck Grace in the face.

Airi quickly grabbed hold of Annie, lifted her and sat her away from Grace. She then told everyone to calm down.

“I’m telling mom on you!” Yelled Annie.

Grace protested. She didn’t want to get in trouble. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Annie saw the tears rolling down her sister’s face, but she did let it soften her, “Dad might not do anything to you, however, mom is going to use you for target practice.”

Grace conjured up the image of her mother in her mind. She was angry but as usually of her mother she didn’t show it. Her cold stare was enough, adult or otherwise, to cause fright.

“Please don’t tell mother, Annie!” Cried Grace.

“No, I think I will tell mother,” said Annie calmly. “And she’s going to punish you really badly.”

“Or you can right your wrong by become a member of the P.Q.P.R.T.” Said Airi.

“What’s the P.Q.P- whatever?” Asked Annie.

“It’s means the Pendleton Queen Park Restoration Team. We protect the park by keeping it clean and safe from harm.”

“Why would you want her to join your team after what she’s done?”

“We could use more members and her joining would be a better punishment then her mom punishing her, right?”

“I think mom should punish her, however, if she wants to join your club as punishment then I’m fine with that also.”

“Will you join, Grace?” Asked Airi.

Grace agreed to join the P.Q.P.R.T.

“Great,” exclaimed Airi. “Now where is my other members?”

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