A Taste Of The Stairway To Tyranny

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Based on historical fact and present day materialization of events, this is the future suggested by those facts.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



A Hard Glance At Possible Future Manifestations Suggested By Past Facts


Lo, the wails of pain did grow ever louder and a restoration of the Great Spirit's mercy never did come; for their time in liberty's eternal test they had all nonchalantly squandered, now the days in their father's' Elysium paradise are done!

The author




With the heavy drone of a mid-night cathedral bell, a shocking flash of brilliant lightning accompanied by a roaring clap of rolling thunder, so wails plebeian liberties' lonesome knell of death across the American landscape. This astonishing lose was preceded by three primary heralds. The first herald was notation of the fact that America’s children were not receiving a true education in lieu of the claim that the opposite was true. The obvious looming intent is that uneducated people are generally unobservant and tend to be docile, also being relatively easy to manipulate with lies, since they are not aware of hard facts.

The second herald is the resurrection of inquisition. Primarily the type that shall reign across the land of America is that of an extortionist political inquisition. There is a growing additional possibility that America and the West at large, my actually bear witness to the return of religious inquisition in the lifetime of our generation. This emergence onto Western landscape would be the very first time in three hundred years that such an event has been witnessed on American soil or that of the Western world at large when it does occur, should it ever do so in the future.

We also observe the facts of an emerging inquisition inside our examination in growing cases of open ended claims taken at face value, where the target is condemned in complete absence of hard evidence, in lieu of the court's assumption that some level of guilt must have been present for the claim to have been made in the first place. The claims are assumed in complete disregard for the fact that claimants have been frequently known to bear false witness for numerous self-serving reasons, throughout the general course of human history.

The latest category of open ended claims being embraced in courts are when targeted individuals are assigned underneath the broad label of “terrorist.” As we shall recall, the label of terrorist may literally apply to any individual in America who exercises his Constitutional freedom of speech in condemnation of government policy for any reason, or one that even disagrees privately with government policy, let alone refusing to comply with its Constitutionally non-compliant mandates. This would include a large number of categories such as that of Christian, those who home-school, those who believe in Constitutional rights and especially those who dare to make an opposing stand, even in peaceful protest, another precious hard won right guaranteed by Constitution, the law of the land.

The third herald would announce itself upon suspension of the Second Amendment. This amendment alone would stand as the final barrier between liberty of the American people and government imposed direction of its own will, served at the expense of the citizen masses. The Constitutional framers were well aware of the people's future need for arms.

Before the American Revolution there had been The Peasant's Revolt of Europe859. This situation inside of European boundaries had occurred over a three hundred year period. The situation inside European nations of the day leading up to the event so closely resembled the America of our present day, that the similarities are astounding.

The people of the land simply took the implements most readily at hand, primarily being those related to farm labor, and crafted weapons from them, with which they made their audacious stand in battle against well armed forces of the crown. The events of the time provided precedence for both the American and French Revolutions. The need of adequate weaponry for the purpose of preserving liberty prevailed in the minds of the nation's Constitutional framers.

In lieu of the preceding historical details, we may presume that situations facilitating an emergence of the coming tyranny will occur at a much faster pace with a suspension of the Second Amendment, or any alteration of the amendment designed to render it impotent without actually removing it, or any other serious restriction of citizen access to arms and ammunition.

What history reveals is that we must observe strong future possibility for some type of great distraction, while the intentions of the emerging corporate backed tyrant to seize absolute control are fulfilled. The supreme distraction would be a nuclear attack staged or facilitated inside national boundaries by agents of the US government working with international elements. This nuclear attack does not have to be direct, as were the ones on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, in order to facilitate the implementation of a corporate and government absolute control over America's privately held resource base.

Let it be said here that this attack could in all probability be much less direct, but every bit as disruptive to the population base.860 The population would literally turn on itself.861862863 The perfect cover for the clandestine central bank in America to facilitate the purpose of concealing an intentional currency crash would be if the attack centered on Manhattan island, especially nearer to lower Manhattan or on the entire city and State of New York, broadly speaking.

Such an attack could also occur on any of the twelve cities in which a branch bank of The Federal Reserve existed, such as Atlanta, for instance, with very similar effects; but not nearly to the same degree of nationwide intensity, since the primary bank in company with Wall-Street, resides in New York City, where it always has. Citizens inside the US have already had the suggestion placed inside their minds that should some incident of nuclear attack occur in the future, those responsible will be the Iranians864 or the North Koreans865, or quite possibly the Russians866, going all the way back to the Cold War era.

As far as this author is concerned, other suggestions found in this presumption of possibility are that such an event may well be in the planning stages, even as these words are written, in lieu of the inserted assumption of guilt directed toward certain specific nationalities, whom all stand far out into the horizon distance. This false suggestion will place the attention of the American public far out at sea, rather than at home, where the true villain intending harm to the American masses resides.

A perfect precursor event as was discussed earlier, might be with a low level terror attack using firearms purchased across-the-counter, such as what occurred in California; except that this attack would be much larger, occurring in a dozen or more US States and hitting at least thirty US cities all across the land.867 This author suspects that the one in California may have been a test run for the coming huge event,868 with the end result being an immediate suspension of the Second Amendment.

The effect would literally paralyze the entire American citizen base, terrifying them to the point that few would know which way to go or what to do. Industry and commerce all across the land of America would virtually come to a standstill. The nation's economy may well shut down almost completely inside of three weeks from the time of the event.

Tension on the ground and in the surrounding air would rise during the same time period, until it exploded with the closing of industry, the utility base and the general closing of commodity stores. All across America US cities would go up in flames very soon as huge collective masses of enraged, confused and soon starving citizens battled it out with both National Guard soldiers and police on the ground. Looting, shooting, plundering of closed stores and crime in general, would be ramped during this phase of the deceptive program intending to manipulate the people of America.

Once the stores and streets had been looted and burned completely out, the criminal gangs would turn on the surrounding neighborhoods and the people therein, carrying on with the same negative intentions of stealing their livelihood from the surrounding population base. Neighborhoods that had not collectively gathered in presumption of possibility and formed some sort of paramilitary security unit would exist at the mercy of these vicious criminal gangs, who basically would have no mercy and feel that they could gratify their own biological desires at the complete expense of the population base, with no chance of repercussion.

This situation would be astoundingly reminiscent of what Southern States found themselves in during the last year of the Civil War and during the time of Southern Reconstruction,869 when security on the home-front was virtually non-existent; and the later very similar situation found in Western State territories where no established system of law existed, forcing the people of those areas in both instances to provide for their own security. The real truth of why certain developments occurred somewhat later in time870 would manifest itself once more again, maybe with the same generational vendettas871 of the past.

The resulting national response may well be very similar when the entire situation finally settled, and the following time of economic persecution concluded, if it ever did. Entire demographic segments may then divide themselves by choice and the nation of America carve itself up872 into separate physical, political, economic, social and ideological boundaries based on collective cultures and their accompanying history.

Reality of the potential broad situation at large will not allow us to make any conclusive stand at this futuristic point, however. At this point in our reading of suggestions born by factual developments, we are only making assumptions that nothing more would follow from the chaos that initiated the frightening scenario above.

Other additional scenario situations which may follow up on the induced chaos might be with a well calculated biological attack. It would be possible to initiate a biological attack first, before the staged nuclear attack. Disease microbes have been bred of highly contagious naturally occurring plague far more potent than those found in nature, such as smallpox and tuberculosis.873 Bubonic plague may well be another in the banking cartel's secret arsenal of death. New manufactured diseases more contagious and deadly than any found in nature may exist which could then be put to the ultimate test, effectively terrifying the population as it exterminates large segments of it selectively by strategic design.874

These diseases may be programmed to time release, some even as far back as a three month period following exposure.875 Sixty individuals could be intentionally infected with this time released potion of destruction two months before time of the planned event. These individuals may be flown completely undetected into thirty different US cities, some two or three at a time, for example. Not only would they breath into the air of the plane, infecting the population there, who would carry it into other places; they could simply take their sweet time walking around the airport, infecting hundreds as they pass them by.

Once on the outside of the airport facility and at large inside the metropolis, those infected may choose to seat themselves in bus terminals, large churches, train stations, sub-way terminals, malls, some foot-ball games in with certain logistical considerations and enclosed sporting events in general; basically any enclosed or semi-enclosed area where large crowds of people gather. All that these villains would be required to do is simply breath the air around them in deeply and virtual thousands would become infected, transporting the disease microbes and spores to tens of thousands more.

By the time that the atomic distraction occurred and the masses were in great chaotic turmoil, the disease would have infected many hundreds of thousands, if not millions. We may visualize that the biological attack would strike with a vengeance about the time that the national violence would have appeared to have burned itself out and/or be under authoritarian control.

Even before the time of the disease incubation, we may imagine that Martial Law would have already been called.876 The military would merge with the National Guard and the regular police force, moving into what was left of the smoldering US cities with orders of shoot-to-kill on sight, especially during cases of resistance to mandated orders or violations of curfew. There would be no consideration of general circumstance when citizens needed to exit homes and hideaways for the purpose of finding food and locating general supplies. Any person sighted would be liquidated by strategically placed snipers, civilian police and soldiers, drones, robots and the like.

When the chaotic situation at long last appeared be settling down, the great population roundup would soon engage, though it would have already initiated periodically. Civilians would be mass transported by bus, train, transfer truck or van, into containment facilities already scattered all across the landscape into long since, well organized Martial Law districts. As these now hopelessly imprisoned individuals made their way through the maze of razor-wire topped gates, IBM computers with facial recognition equipment877 would effectively do the population count, checking the name from the stored databank of Martial Law district residents,878 very carefully notating those who were absent from the roll call, once the entire district had been officially identified as being depopulated.

In fact, this author anticipates the possibility of soon coming mandated computer chip implants or tattoo computer chip IDs879 making the program of computer identification far less cumbersome when the future time finally arrives. This mandate would precede the corporate backed persecution event possibly by at least a year or even more.880 The tattoos would be far more publicly acceptable than the rice sized implantation chips that we have all read and heard about, since tattoos are faddish and more citizens today than ever before in America already wear tattoos.881

An interesting notation that very well may herald the stated event is the coming national ID mandate of 2017,882 the very first of it's kind in the land of freeborn America. We may also anticipate that this mandate should coincide in approximation with the coming systemic order to eliminate all forms of cash transaction.883 Be aware that this dawning order to eliminate cash may already be occurring in numerous corners of the earth,884 even as these words are being written. What is obvious here is the organization of a worldwide, cashless system of finance,885 which we may presume will have its heart in the nation of Switzerland.

Numerical values equivalent to cash may be downloaded into the computer chip, which may then be swiped exactly as a bar-code, for the purpose of making cost extractions on products and services. Those imprisoned may well be forced to provide their own accommodation with a swipe, which shall further plunge them into debt or serve to calculatingly render them destitute, should they still possess any remaining funds of value. We may anticipate that very few, if any will be in possession of accumulative assets by this time in the program of plebeian American conquest.

A huge majority, if not all, however, will be in possession of massive unmanageable debt margins, making their incarceration appear as being justified, should any need for doing so future from the time of the event ever manifest itself. The German Fascist of the past largely failed to presume any futuristic need found in an official justification for their persecutions; an interesting notation in it's own right and one that bears its own revelations of possibility, that we are witnessing the emergence of a plan for total domination by design, even at this very moment.

About the time that half or more of national Martial Law districts had been evacuated into the containment facilities, the dormant disease attack would abruptly incubate; serving to effectively depopulate entire facilities in many localities, while severely limiting others, making the inmates far less apt to resist. Those who did attempt to revolt may be intentionally transported into facilities where it was noted that disease was most deadly, further liquidating potential problems and consumption of resources by inmates in places where resources were already limited.

Those who were infirm or past the age of productivity/sixtyyears may be calculatingly removed into the identical containment centers at the same time. Thus, we may observe inside our notation, the manner in which bio-weaponry may be utilized to facilitate the objective of plebeian conquest and absolute authority through a simultaneous plan of well organized depopulation.

Those who managed to escape the roundup would be hunted mercilessly; with drones, dogs, security search brigades using the latest infrared devices, moonlight magnification devices, thermal imaging viewers, and possibly even satellites. Escape from any prison facility may well be rendered one hundred percent impossible in the dawning future.886

Even though running may appear as impossible, we are forced to recall that in the not-so-distant past, one highly pursued criminal did succeed in escaping all of the latest search technology and pursuit of a literal 200 man special forces army for five years887, and dozens of bounty hunters in hot pursuit of the multimillion dollar bounty on his head; only eventually getting caught by obviously allowing himself to be apprehended from tiring of life on the lam.

On the other hand, this event occurred back in the late 1990's. We may all be rested assured that authoritarian studies of his plan for evasion have been made from every conceivable angle, with new strategic tactics being deductively rationalized and aiding technology being developed as a result. At any rate, inside the above notation we are reminded of the bible verse Matthew 24:16 : Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains.


Their Ultimate Goal In Gaining Absolute Authority

And Destiny Of The People Therein


The prevailing purpose of relocating the population base into containment facilities, would not only accommodate the intention of providing security and supplying the basic needs of citizens in a very convenient well organized manner; the true purpose would be containment until the corporations, both foreign and stateside, could purchase the residential and commercial real-estate infrastructure from primary mortgage lenders, and a system could be put into place that would accommodate the civilians again to the benefit of both government and corporation, and to fulfill the objective of enslaving the population unto those entities.

The new imposter US Constitution would force the population into legalized submission to the new corporate Nation and the Socialized State, rather than the other way around, as it was in the original. Individual citizens would possess only those rights allowed by the corporation and the government at their leisure, who would exploit the people of the American nation in every conceivable manner visualized as being possible in the end, with absolutely no valid hard checks in place to halt any continuing corruption of the system at large.

What we may imagine in such a world is that all homes in the initiative would eventually be basically alike, according to what employment category it was that the individual was assigned into. The mill houses and those of the mining towns888 were basically all alike back in times now passed.889 The company owned both the town and all of the surrounding panoramic real-estate, most of which it purchased from the US government in bulk at pennies on the dollar.890 We must presume that the same would be true in the new dawning era of Americana, inside every town, city and State. The corporations and the government; State, national, and quite possibly even on a local level, would virtually own everything, including all citizen savings and retirement accounts.

The citizens eventually would be required to labor six twelve hour days,891892 no matter what situations were or the authoritarian claims made when the situation settled down. This order for six twelve hour work days would materialize in spite of future automation or the degree of its development, since menial labor would still exist in abundance throughout the national infrastructure at large, and serve to keep potentially rebellious agitators well occupied. Food inside the compulsory labor facility would be adequate for sustaining labor, but strategically rationed in considerations of both cost and nutrition. Liquidation facilities would appear strikingly different to the future observer for the obvious reasons, with individuals only being kept temperamentally semi-healthy to accommodate some laboring or experimental objective.

All of the citizen's basic needs would be supplied. No more stress over house or rent payments, taxes, health care, basic utilities, food or transportation. All of the automobiles would be the latest hybrid and ultra efficient types that893 should have been available to the population from the beginning. Primarily all would be small highly efficient cars, unless one's job assignment required a truck. As time progressed, transportation would gravitate from that of the individual over into mass transportation, such as buses, trains, monorails, subways, etc.

We may also anticipate an eventual relocation of the entire population base into strategically designed work zones and areas within the metropolis realm at large,894 with apartment complexes taking the place of present day homes, yard space and developed suburban neighborhoods. The entire organizational pattern of cities and towns would transform based on strategically organized zones895 for agriculture, industry, education, medicine, transportation to and fro, etc, tactfully united with the apartment complexes that would house laboring workers inside these specified zones, where automation had not yet served to displace them. All industrial and commercial activity inside an entire state territory would be concentrated into a single metropolis area, with any smaller towns or cities being vacated and their populations being integrated into a single dominant metropolis complex. These areas outside of the great metropolis would be “returned back to the land” and literally handed over to the forces of nature. 896  

We may even visualize futuristic possibility for the dead inside graveyards scattered all over the national landscape being excavated, with any human remains being reconstituted into reusable product, the casket remains reconstituted for its metal content to be utilized in other systemic areas, and the land consequently being redeveloped for other uses within the systemic structure at large, or completely returned back over to the forces of nature.

In their place would be an enrapturing garden park centrally located within the reorganized metropolis complex, which would serve a dual function of being a memorial to the dead. The reconstituted remains of the dead might serve as fertilizer for the flowers inside this new age park,897 we might visualize among other multipurpose potential. In the gardens midst among lavish genetically engineered kaleidoscopic flowers of multicolor menagerie, we might visualize a classical style Doric dome structure, with a podium of immaculate marble stone positioned in it's midst.




When one stepped up to the podium, he would lay his right hand upon the angled flat face and a computerized server screen would appear. He would punch the name of his honored relative into this server screen, and every detail that could ever be known of this individual would materialize. As this information materializes on the podium computerized face, an exact three dimensional hologram of the person would manifest itself in front of the podium and the individual seeking to memorialize his past family member.898899

This hologram could be produced even if the only physical record of the person was an aged color or black and white photograph, or even an old tintype. A realistic portrait painting could be recorded into three dimension by the computer. The picture may even be deduced from clear physical description, such as those done by forensic artists who also use skull reconstructions. This hologram will both speak with a voice accurately deduced to an astonishing extent by the computer from 3D facial and throat structural analysis, and could be spoken unto by the inquiring family member; appearing eerily as if the spectrum of the deceased had been summoned from the grave to materialize before them, to the point of assuming extremely life like intelligent proportions.

If all of this futuristic glance sounds great, then a profound chief problem would materialize, should one ever desire a paycheck. Money would be cashless, with the worker only receiving a food and recreational allowance in card form based on his employment assignment. Practically speaking, the unemployment rate would be zero.

Corruption would continue without hard checks in place to prevent it. People who failed to prove their worth to the system by not maintaining the labor quota, would be delivered into facilities at the lower end of the system in time,900901 including liquidation centers. In the beginning these numerical food and recreational allowance amounts would be assigned into one's computer chip implant; but as more people chose to forgo recreation, opting instead to accumulate the numbers, the recreational allowance would come in the form of a time limited computerized program attachment and a card to verify that it was all legal.

As the system settled in and the people gradually began to accept their circumstance, all food would be rationed in accordance to the standard allowance currently in highly Socialized or Communist nations902, justified by the present day medical industry research as being healthy903, by supposedly preventing heart disease, cancer and other health concerns. This diet would be primarily a vegetarian diet, with chicken or fish being served once a week, and a meager portion of red meat, primarily in the form of pork, served once a month. Red meat may also be substituted by making use of a highly improved soy based reproduction.904

No matter what we are told today in contradiction of the statement above, this emerging reality would be one resulting from the fact that chicken, fish and pork are relatively inexpensive to produce, utilize little land area, and their reproduction rates exceed their rate of consumption. Other red meats used may be both rabbit and goat for the same reasons of efficiency. Beef raised on isolated farms demanding huge resources to produce, now relegated into the level of luxury, would only be consumed by officials and their families in the highest echelons of government and corporation.

Crime would virtually be non-existent in this new age landscape of American Fascism. The reasons for this reality begin with the fact that there would exist no form of cash and every person would basically possess the same as those inside his employment classification realm. In due course of time, the entire population base would be confined into certain specific areas and divided according to the nature of one's employment assignment. The incentive to educate for excellence would be a greater recreational allowance, and surroundings among a different social level of highly skilled technical or administrative personnel.

Neighborhoods would eventually be transformed to facilitate complete security, with virtually all possibilities of infractions presumed in advance. If one chose to enter or exit a neighborhood, computers would notate chip implants on the automobile, revealing specifically whom the driver was, and where specifically it was that he originated and if he in-fact possessed the proper permission to leave his place of origin905; as well as every personal specific, including details if the person had ever been charged or even accused with a crime in the past, as well as the nature thereof. Security cameras far too minute for discernment would be found throughout the entire complex, even inside the individual living quarters. Microphones could detect and record every conversation held, even to the point of notating the slightest of whispers.

Those who dared to criticize leaders of the system locally or at large, their conversations would be filed away by the computer with a flag sent to security officials, who would always arrive in the dead of night to make an arrest.906 Even the slightest of infractions would land one into some distant labor facility,907 where he would perform according to specified production quota; or he would be delivered into an experimentation/liquidation facility, to the complete benefit of the corporate complex into which he had been deposited.

In the beginning, the infirm and the elderly would be housed in very attractive, well organized complexes908designed specifically for the purpose in an atmosphere of offering the very best. For the elderly the appearance would be one of a truly luxurious retirement resort.

As the system continued to deteriorate, since those who are in charge as always, are consumed by the spirit of greed and know no level of satisfaction, both the elderly and the incurably infirm would be destined for eventual liquidation via excessive labor or experimentation,909910911 in this author's opinion. By liquidating these individuals, medical and food resources are freed for use by the elites, and the resort retirement facilities would provide much more of a pleasure to those and their families, than those of expendable menial laborers, commoners in general and others lower down in the system who consumed, rather than produced, by virtue of feeling that they were entitled to retirement by complete dedication of their most productive years to the system at large.

The prevailing problem with such reality is that the rate of corruption would never cease to decline, since greed knows no limitations and absolute authority facilitates it. If indefinite solid checks could be placed into the system, maybe a form of secular utopia could possibly exist; but since checks can virtually always be subverted, such will never be the case for very long. Once the citizen's capacity to resist had been totally neutralized, he would literally exist at the complete mercy of his greed and power intoxicated overlords.

At this point in our presumptively possible story of America's future, where the system begins to settle into the feeling of normal routine for the masses, this author visualizes an eventual magisterial elimination of the entire family structure; where the citizen’s complete lives are organized around one's capacity to give labor in ceaseless abundance, in completely blind submission to authority. Eliminating the family structure would also further reduce the potential  for revolt among the contained masses. Eventually male and female would be separated, with a literal breeding farm constructed where the most productive and healthiest,912 would become highly encouraged to merge. All types of activity would be facilitated completely free one from all notions of moral restraint, to both encourage breeding among individuals present as well as their pleasure in general to do so.

Their resulting genetically selected offspring would be raised and indoctrinated by the State, to be effective, ultra-compliant citizens, ever ready to give all upon mere command in the name of national civic duty, and totally dedicated submission to an authority of corporation and Nation/State. Let it be said here inside this work, by this author, that in certain areas of America the mindset for this sort of mentality is already in existence! Most of these areas witnessed by the author tend to be those in which the military dominates.

Individuals who could not fit into any type of employment situation or general circumstance, would be destined for facilities at the lowest levels in the system, including those that liquidate; where he would be worth far more dead to the national leadership when reduced down into exchangeable products, than alive, as a breathing, consuming organism, with no productive use whatsoever to the new Nation/State now in absolute power over the individual person.

In situations outside of the breeding farm, where individuals who did not meet the apex in productive capacity, yet still retained value to the Nation/State, homosexual/transgender relationships would be encouraged913 as allotted privilege inside general living quarters to relieve sexual stress, since these relationships do not result in reproduction of the species. Only the strongest, healthiest, the most productive and in certain isolated incidences, the most intelligent, would be allowed that ultimate privilege of breeding with females.

The idea here would be that the entire population base would eventually transform into one of superior productivity, with no psychological perception of individualism in any sort of personal, moral or patrimonial context. We are at liberty to visualize that individuals may even be selectively bred genetically inside test tubes to facilitate the most superior of qualities in disease free productivity, submissiveness to authority and resistance to disease, or even a specific type of intelligence, when any sort of special assignment demanded it.

As time continued on the elites themselves may even choose to selectively breed inside test tubes far more disease resistant, physically stronger, intelligent versions of their own kind by genetic manipulation, where they would artificially inseminate well chosen female specimens for certain specific heritage qualities in addition to all others mentioned. Versions of this potential reality have all occurred before in world history.914 The prevailing idea here would be to create a literal patrimonial species of humanity that would rule the mass majority with a supreme apex in skill, creativity and ability.

In the beginning, on the sixth day, one would be compelled into participating in the new systemically endorsed religion of the American National Socialist Government and its State corporate based entity915. As we have already studied, all of this compulsion to embrace an alien religious concept in service to the corporation has already been done with the native Americans of the land until the 1970's. This exotic religion would be an all inclusive, compelled worship of the new State endorsed National Socialist system in America.916

It's god would be one of creative fiction who supposedly originated from some distant starlight constellation.917918 Worshipers would be forced to bow before it's bronze effigy bearing the face of the conquering tyrant, sitting in the midst of a temple complex,   which we may envision in appearance in the same likeness as the ancient temple to Athena or Zeus. Every city park described would have a temple scaled down to exact dimensions adjacent to the Podium Of Our Time-honored Matriarchs as well.

This effigy of the state system would have its arms outstretched in what will appear to be a loving embrace. To demonstrate total loyalty and complete submission to the new corporate Nation, the Socialist State and it's absolute corporate backed tyrant, there would exist a command for an ultimatum.

In the beginning we might surmise that the citizens of America will be compelled into giving an “ultimate sacrifice,” quite possibly that of their first born child, just as did those supreme tyrants of old from their subordinates. Those who refuse would witness their entire families sacrificed into the flames of the effigy, if not sacrificed on an altar to the State endorsed “god' inside the bronze bull,919 before they themselves would suffer such death at the fore of an indifferent, muttering crowd. As noted earlier, the magisterial plan had already long since been in place to dramatically reduce the human population anyway.

After the people of the land proved their loyal blind submission and the Nation/State had effectively eliminated the family structure, the child sacrifices would cease, only occurring at rare time frames in symbolic gesture of past reverence to the national system and it's false god of the new national order. In this instance, the sacrificial “lamb” would be one that was born lame or sick beyond medical assistance, especially regarding to mental disorder, if not one born from elements within the human menagerie less esteemed by the ruling elites now in total absolute authority above the nation of America.


Our Present Position In This Coming Saga


Upon release back into the corporate owned towns and cities, those who will remain in the forced labor facility will be those who are deepest in debt, with no chance of a pay off. Right now we read that personal debt is the highest that it has ever been in history920, even though the first large burp on this economic health indicator has already occurred, that in itself nearly crashing the entire economy back in 2008. The US is still dealing with shock-waves from the foreclosure situation of 2007-2008, to this very day.921

The loans and the revenue lost to investors still have yet to be repaid, both internally on a national scale and externally on an international level. The United States has the highest margin of college debt922 ever forced onto the backs of the nation's young, through their lack of alternative options for employment by intentional magisterial design, to create wealth for the nation's banks and the corrupt proxies known as tech schools and universities923924, among many others way too numerous to make mention of here , and do so at the expense of it's citizen base.

Although this author has deduced that a parent opening up some sort of business franchise with the same money spent on college would be a far better option in eighty percent of college considerations, except when a child performs at the top of his class in one of the very few high-need employment areas, such as chemistry and medicine, for instance.

The truth here is obvious, being that the system is literally pushing individuals to go into such huge volumes of debt, and that the circumstance is intentional by design. First the production base was shipped off shore, and citizens inside national borders had more regulations to deal with that virtually denies them the right to engage in business enterprise on their own. Then the opportunity base contracts to the point that one is forced to attend college, with virtually nothing remaining as a viable employment option. Attending college demands that one go deeply in-debt925 to the banks.

The market caused housing prices to dramatically inflate over the years,926 with ne'er an authoritarian attempt in neutralizing the negative situation. Thus, we may view clearly that the effort of forcing individual plebeian citizens into massive debt was intentional.927

We must give pause and consider that the coming system of forced labor demands the slave camps to be filled into maximum capacity.928 All debts once taken out shall be paid in full, one way or the other, especially when the corporations, who may well be of international origin,929 purchase the entire current system of real-estate financed from the Federal Government. We must always recall that the TPP agreement already signed, sealed and delivered, allows foreign conglomerate corporations to function on US soil in complete disregard for US laws, Constitutional or otherwise.

We may observe in this notation of the TPP as well, that any remaining hard checks standing between corporate actions and concerns for the citizens on the ground, have already been removed by US leadership via its embrace of the agreement, just as Jackson did with the Native Americans and the German government of the 1930's and forties did with the citizens of Europe. This author beholds a vision of horror where one day in the not-so-distant future, a secular purgatory strikingly reminiscent of Auschwitz looms just on the horizon before us inside the very heart of the national landscape, should Americans continue on in their complacent disregard of developing facts.

Other persons who shall accompany the debtors are those who fall underneath the broad label of terrorist, or any one of the other open ended accusations. Christians will certainly follow very quickly behind, if they are not among the very first group to be persecuted. People who speak any sort of systemic criticism, Constitutionalists, people who attempt to flee the persecution, engage in any sort of partisan resistance and many other notated labels, will fall among ranks of the condemned in this visualization of looming secular American purgatory.


What May We Do About It?


In our final analysis we are left with the exasperating question that always concludes political, repressive legal or economic discussions, when all considerations are understood in relation to the people of the land. The sad truth is that there simply are not many options in what individuals may do to change decisions that are being made from the great white throne high up on the hill above. In truth, short of giving our vote for what has always appeared to be a very narrow range of personality and experience options, the range in available choices stops there. In the end, the people as individuals are only left with two choices and a possible third, if the decision is made to act in due course of time, preceding negative developments that are emerging with more frequency that most are even willing to admit.930931932933


One's Local Choice


The prevailing problem with choices as individuals is that there are not enough available to absorb the entire population base. Then on the other hand, by far and away a majority are simply going to continue on in their complacent state of mind, no matter what immanent horrors it is that the emerging facts are suggesting.934

For those of whom choose to do otherwise, the first consideration will be to drop out of sight. Our study of history instructs us that the very best place to accomplish this end would be somewhere that allows us to go virtually underground. For those that are in towns and cities surrounded by hills or mountains, our first valid consideration might be to search out a natural cave, preferably one that has never been previously explored or mapped out. The truth is that we could be perfectly comfortable in a cave as small as twelve by twelve, with a seven or eight foot high ceiling. If hillsides are of limestone, small caves and even linking catacombs may literally be cleaved out with concealed entrances using a simple pick or Maddox, as they have been for millennium.

Most mapping today is done by airplane photographs or even those taken from a satellite. For people in search of places to hide themselves, other people, animals and things, this reality is a very positive consideration. In the mountains and rolling hill country that surround more than a few large towns and even some large cities, the terrain produces crevices in the hills, that are at times very deep with stone shelves that overhang for quite a ways out, concealing virtual oasis meadows that can be multiple acres in size. Some of these meadows may be contain thirty acres and even more in size, according to available information.935

For this reason, inside the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, for example, and inside the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and in many other places scattered throughout America's mountainous land ranges, that to this very day there still exist areas virtually unknown to any type of authority. Some of the remaining adventurous old timers in one's locality may know of some possible suggestions for one's consideration. While the topographic-maps possess the ability to show these crevices from an observation of height and depth, the pristine oasis meadows underneath overhead ledges of stone shall always remain anonymous. The numbers of these crevices are so vast on any selected topographic map, that the time consumed by authorities to search them all out may be very long and enduring, winding up translating into dollars spent over the course of time, as well as quite possibly risking the health of searchers due to harsh terrain, weather, etc. There are a wide variety of tricks that one might choose to employ to throw searchers off his trail,936 should he ever decide to call one of these places home.

People who go cave exploring are in an excellent position to locate vast highly concealed caverns in which they and others could shore up against the day of need. Virtually all of the caverns have exit vents that pop outside into these crevices, and some into these concealed oasis mountain meadows. Here gardens may be planted and harvested, natural or man-made ponds may be stocked, and people could potentially live virtually undetected for the duration of a lifetime, if necessary. The fact of being underground would serve to conceal individuals from any sort of search patrol from above, no matter what national leaders may claim in an attempt to convince us that an evasion of authority is useless.

The criminal in our earlier notation, proved the claim above when he hid out in hill country for five years to the exasperation of tracking experts in search of him constituting in numbers equal to that of an army, only to finally exhaust himself and voluntarily give in to the call for appearance. This historical note is fairly recent in time frame, so an account of his escape may still hold potential validity for those contemplating escape during the coming persecution.

Other considerations might be made in the notation of old abandoned mines, salt mines in particular. Salt mines possess man-made caves that reach far back into hillsides, and in some cases provide their own form of concealment within the general layout of the surrounding site. The farther back in time since the mine was active, the better it is that the situation facilitates concealment; although always remain aware of potential safety concerns, such as potential for cave-in, dangerous animals and people among others. Neither the author, the publisher or any others connected accepts responsibility for a reader's choice in personal use of this material anywhere inside this volume, on any level.

In truth large numbers of people may be housed inside both of these examples. If one was to scout around in search of the possibility, a very suitable location for a vegetable garden could possibly be found. A natural pond would more than likely be found where a wide variety of potential livestock could be introduced. The most obvious livestock examples would be fish, but then we also have available turtles and muskrat, which are simply miniature beaver, rather than rats as we know them.

If thought was given and preparations were made, a relatively large number of people could potentially live very comfortably for an indefinite period of time, yet still remain outside of detection by any sort of sophisticated technology that might be on the search. We may be rested assured that when the computer roll call was being made as the martial law districts were being emptied into the containment facilities, with our names being notated as missing, the forthcoming search for our secluded places of abode would be relentless. We would need to remain concealed for at least two to three years or even more, if not indefinitely.

Other areas for a fine hideaway might be found inside the very hearts of the cities or towns in which we live. This author has lived and spent time in a number of areas, towns and cities, and he has always been able to locate abandoned roads with bridges, secluded perfectly dry culverts large enough to stand inside of, thickly wooded areas with deep dry ditches inside or old abandoned concrete buildings, buses, etc.

In one case the author discovered an old house with a stone basement, inside of a very small, yet thickly overgrown tract of land, right in the center of a highly developed town. It would have not been all that difficult to have stocked the place up enough to call it home for a while, should any need to do so have existed.

Outside of the considerations mentioning hiding out in developed areas, the individual's only choices are to construct his own personal hideaway, rather than find one in nature or man made structure. While it is not inside the scope of this work to delve deeply into the subject matter, one very inexpensive way that originated among the Vietcong might be among the best to consider.

Begin by simply finding a hidden place in town where the land rolls and dig out a ten by twelve hole three to four feet deep, if not more, on the side of the hill opposite from the primary point of entry. Cut a number of two inch diameter rot resistant timbers nine feet in length, placing the ends up against both walls on the inside, then tying the tops to make A's. Cross braces would greatly strengthen the wooden structure. More timbers might then be stacked with a section of landscape plastic being well placed over that. The entire structure could then be buried underneath at least a foot of sod. A layer of polyethylene plastic could be rolled over the structure, and the rest of the dirt piled over that, until one had a solid, well packed, three foot layer of sod.

Over the course of time natural growth would cause the arrangement to blend in with the surrounding environment. Maybe one could encourage this growth by scattering grass seed, should he be able to acquire some or have some on hand. A three to six inch pipe could be buried running from the fireplace inside, out into the surrounding environment at least twelve feet or more. This pipe would serve to extract the smoke from any inside fire, and evenly disburse it inside within the vegetation, if the exit point was concealed inside of surrounding vegetation. According to military reports, these types of structures were surprisingly solid, even withstanding bombing runs and mortar attacks.

One's options are endless for developing his own system of hiding himself away. The key is to initiate the program well in advance of the developing political and economic scenario. There are many manuals and books to assist interested persons in his range of considerations, as well as free online how-to information regarding effective Vietcong underground construction techniques, for example, among many others. A few of these manuals will be listed by the author inside the bibliography, written by authors who based their range of information on real, day to day reality, rather than idealized opinion.


One's Choice Abroad


Outside of the area mentioned, an individual's only other choices are to go abroad. There again, this option is only viable for a few specific individuals, rather than the broad majority. It helps tremendously if one has previous international experience actually living among a foreign national population, rather than only inside some sort of facility isolating the person from the locals, as so many who claim to have travel experience are.

His basic needs will always be the same, no matter where it is that he may choose to reside. He will always need access to food, shelter, water, clothes, transportation, etc. If he doesn't have employment when he arrives on-site abroad, he may find himself in need of it, if he is not in possession of a reliable source of steady income. Expect that the situation abroad will demand the same determination to succeed that doing so does on the home front. The considerations are so numerous and broad, that here too as well, they lie outside the scope of this work.

One consideration that few think of is that the coming intentional economic crash with it's accompanying persecution scenario may well have a worldwide impact. Some experts on the subject937 recommend relocating anywhere below the equator. These areas tend to be more flexible and fluid, so the population there is much more acclimated to volatility and more likely to regain some measure of stability relatively quickly.

Common sense logic dictates that one would be much better served if he had some sort of developed skill or service that was portable, and universal in its demand. While this author has no real suggestions, some of these might be ones that were related with the building trade. He bases this conclusion on the experiences of relatives who have lived offshore for a majority of their lives, although these people did so inside a time frame that is moving farther behind our present day.

While being very careful not to make any personal avocations, business consultants of one type or another seem to be in relatively high demand offshore. A bit of thought and some realistic decision making would go a long ways to keep one out of the coming danger. There again, at our disposal are innumerable books on the subject material, some of which this author shall include in his biography at the end.


The Possible Third Option


While this option is not available to people operating as individuals, it would be available to the masses if people could be convinced to operate as a growing collective unit. The hard truth in the matter is, regretfully, that we may not possess enough remaining time before events unfold to put the plan into motion. Again as intimated inside volume one, sadly this author is not very positive regarding the possibility of today's American generations being willing or even competent enough to organize constructively for a positive, productive, well organized, individual enterprise based national end. Nevertheless, making the effort at present may still yet hold itself out as being worthy, since there exists power in numbers motivated toward the same positive goal.

The supreme goal would be to reestablish the original representative body, who would stand on behalf of the people on the land, between the central bank, the corporations and the present representative body constituting both parties who support them and their interests alone, at the expense of and detriment to, the American citizens and their endowed individual based heritage offered by the sacred spirit of Lady Liberty. As we may recall from our study of US history, we, the people of America, have not been in possession of such a representative body inside the halls of US Congress, since the time period immediately prior to the US Civil War.

This representative body would stand firmly rooted in the US Constitution, demanding a recognition of economic liberty for the citizens of the land, and freedom in everyday life to facilitate contentment on their own terms, rather than those of any corporate backed elitist government body and their constituency. In all honest truth, no matter whom it is that the plebeian people may vote into office or what the candidates claim before going in; like it or not, replacing that ultimate in solid representative check is the only way true service to the interests of the American people will ever be facilitated.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the nature of government is power, and it will only continue to grow as the force of raw power demands more, at the expense of the people on the ground. Eventually we could hope that this newly established representative body would transpose it's own candidate for US Presidency. With the newly resurrected representative body composed of and supported by America’s population majority, the win of this candidate should be a virtual landslide. Thus in this manner, as the very words of Jefferson declared, power would be given back to the people, where it rightfully belongs! Any notation otherwise then should invite serious questions from among the masses in regard to the legitimacy of the vote making the declaration.


Behold The Supreme Vision


On numerous occasions it becomes an unavoidable necessity of the highly successful analyst to facilitate a complete liberation of both the conscious and subconscious mind, each being independent of the other in it's own right. We may accomplish this fulfillment by utilizing a variety of non-chemical means. Chemicals only taint deductive reasoning, rendering our conclusions into their most corrupted form, so therefore should always be avoided during our sessions dealing with a superior level of intellectual logic.

This author has discovered that the very best method for him to make use of, is to content himself on long walks down winding narrow park roads, or even two-rut back country dirt roads roads sheltered by large, well aged hardwood trees and scattered time-honored architecture, be they ruins or well preserved. Areas where classical styled church buildings and timeless age old graveyards are sheltered by the drooping arms of huge live oaks elegantly draped in quaint vestiges of Spanish moss stand among some of the very best for this purpose; since the general subconscious feeling is one more of a heavy spiritual presence accompanied by a personal embrace, than any type of secular tangible recognition of general surroundings alone.

As the author walks at a comfortable speed, the tranquil scenery gradually passes him by in a virtual blur as his conscious mind begins to disconnect in graduated phases, allowing the petty concerns of basic daily existence to suspend themselves from within the realm of his psychological acumen, only to be replaced by the most translucent of absolute reasoning. On other occasions, he finds that his intellect is dominated by the most intricate of visions, allowing him to view splendid details of what might otherwise remain unseen, and fathom to a perfection that which might otherwise remain incomprehensible.

At other times when the veiled spectrum presence moves, the author may ride into a particularly distinct, yet much favored East Tennessee park known as Fiery Gizzard Trail. There exists a certain highly ignored, specific cave adjacent to the more difficult section of the hiking trail, yet still remaining well outside of casual sight. Once the author finds himself consumed in the purest sensation of clear headed liberated intellect, he will walk into this one certain special cave, taking a comfortable seat on a flat stone positioned by some mysterious individual into an approximate center portion of the stone chamber, where before him sits a now somewhat aged, but fully functional Chinese wok.

This well seasoned, carbon steel wok is covered by a fire blackened inside and is filled with water, approximately three quarters of the way full. The proper atmosphere is facilitated by blocking the small cave opening with a dark cloth and lighting three candles with the wok centralized inside a triangle of lit candles. Into the midst of this water, the author drops a sable ink blob, carefully focusing his gaze at the blob as it gradually dissipates throughout the liquid contents, concentrating deeply as he feels his conscious mind ease into graduated, yet still, complete suspension from that of his subconscious.

As he continues to gaze forward, concentrating intensively to peer directly into the reflection itself on the water, not just on the reflective surface; the water suddenly clouds.., then rolls, gradually clearing in the midst of passionate, yet well concentrated thought.., to reveal visions more informative and elaborate than any facilitated by daily study, and contemplation before any sort of screen or blank paper page.

The vision that moves to dominate shall both astound and excite, with its potential for absolute effectiveness. In it's description we Americans might savor the alluring possibility of our splendid future success as a once more liberated, freeborn people of superlative destiny; who shall again embrace the blessed illustrious deity who chose to grant us this special endowment of complete liberty, above all others.

The scene that literally leaps up at us from within the wok is that of our illustrious banner, only to be manifested at our fore as we gain the majority of States. At its center stands the anointed cross to represent the most magnificent example of plebeian liberty, in a national embrace of our illustrious deity who had first granted us a liberty beyond all measure that the mortals of planet earth ever possessed. Inside the center of this cross we behold a widely radiant halo of the most lucid halcyon, representing an eternal union of the citizen base through it's libertarian heritage endowment, and the complete right to restoration of economic excellence granted forth unto enterprising individuals by the original US Constitution.

This cross shall stand on a vast alluvial plain saluted with a fully extended opened right palm by numberless multitudes donned in immaculate togas against a slightly purple sky, with a rising peach sun at their backs. This vast multitude and their setting shall represent a unified national stand through full embrace of our supreme deity, and an incessant commitment to eternal glory of both sovereign nation, in combination with a totally liberated citizenry fully committed to its collective goal in the end, no matter whom it is that may stand before them to deny it.

In striking contradiction to what we may have first supposed, we may visualize the greatest of possibility in an innocent feign..., a well traveled social club of adventurers..., a reunion of college fraternity, for example. A union of artistry who have similar interests would work wonderfully! The true intent would be far more involved and resolute.

Our first determination would be for establishment of an intellectual format, the supreme justification in our reason for being. Only those whom were observed with a passing of time as being compelled by the most dedicated of interest, would be allowed to continue on in their association, with us never completely divulging our systematic process or future intentions until absolute fact of total dedication to the cause revealed itself inside the individual person.

We might visualize our initiate as being one intending to facilitate both business and career opportunity, after we establish our complete philosophical justification for being. The truth is, that such opportunity is seriously absent from the landscape of today's America,938 so the membership would then possess it's solid credibility. Members would be sworn into the ultimate of secrecy, then on the initiative, be required to develop some sort of personal business agenda. The group as a whole would greatly assist in this development with incoming recruits, in the same manner that a true brotherhood does toward their own family. The prevailing atmosphere must always be one of impending seriousness and rigid determination for well calculated action, never one of nonchalant complacency under no circumstance!

We are forced to imagine that the first group of solid members would already be well established business people and professionals. This group as a collective unit, would facilitate assistance in developing a business agenda to newly recruited members, once they had proven themselves worthy of the mission and were noted as individuals whom were trustworthy in supporting our cause, rather than evil minded imposters bent on destruction of our supreme objectives.

In the initiative, the search would be on for qualified potential business partners. Those whom proved themselves not to be qualified as potential partners could hire in on business ventures as workers, once we examined them for encompassing value as members. Opportunity for employment or business venture would only be offered to well chosen group members, at a specific time and place.

One solid plan to model might be The Church Of Latter Day Saints or certain branches of the group, who engage in a similar approach for reasons of religion and church expansion, according to the author's best information from members inside the organization.

By pooling resources as a collective group, the primary idea would be to grow and expand, first on a local area, then move to develop throughout an entire county region; campaigning carefully selected individuals along the way, eventually designing to seek nomination for both State and national representative of that specific State. If the proper approach is made,939 especially in lieu of the prevailing negative economic considerations940941 and the refusal of US Congress to effectively curtail the economic decline as it relates to access of financial resources by the rank and file population, the dawning associate group should be able to absorb multiple State populations, eventually running both State and National Representative delegates, who shall then consequently emerge from within the collective group.

All the while as the growth continues, leadership of the group should recall the historical record of negative possibility from the side who supports the banking cartel, and religiously prepare for this possibility of being motivated into the negative, once potential success of the group has been witnessed on an increasingly broad scale.942 For this reason, the utmost in secrecy shall be demanded from all members in the same manner as those among lodges of freemasonry.

The obvious idea here being stated is that a majority of States would be recruited, then a future candidate for US President transposed who would run on an ultra-valid third party ticket, which US citizens now have no true binding option for doing; and the incessant elimination of a valid third option is the intent of those who lord above the system underneath that which we now stand as a people and a nation.

As far as this writer is concerned, because of the present day political climate and the centralized location, one of the best States to begin the effort might be found inside the Great State Of Texas. If the State of Texas were an independent nation, it would consist of being the tenth largest economy on earth. At the present time, it may be at least the second largest economy in the US behind California; although in economic terms, California has not been performing very well of late.

As the group expanded Statewide and it's success became self-evident, it may choose to incorporate its own symbolic reference, while always tactfully retaining it's euphemism as an innocent business association or social fraternity. Outside of the State, the association would only be one with the State in which the group would dominate, until more majority populations inside other states were recruited.

The economic platform would be one of individual entrepreneurship graced with virtues in personal freedom of choice and the individuals complete liberty in doing so. The State would also demand a return to it's own currency backed by silver, gold, or even an equal value in labor943 or goods produced, for the specific intent of vastly increasing production and economic opportunity when there existed no reserves of gold and silver specie. The only primary requirement would be that one must first prove themselves a fully dedicated member of the association by their success in graduated stages.

It is the contention of this author that other State citizens would observe the astounding rise of new economic success and strongly desire membership into the group, upon it being generously offered via a well organized plan of recruitment; there again, in the same manner as do certain current religious establishments, and even the inside mechanization of freemasonry. A highly effective program designed to reveal imposters may be deduced and effectively applied as the group expands. Double agent imposters who are laboring for the opposition and may well be designing chaos, however, would have to be anticipated and seriously dealt with by collective resolve, accordingly.

It is the deductive opinion of this author, that a well managed association of determined members could recapture the nation of America from underneath domination of the banking cartel and all of their greedy, perverted corporate alliances that are presently destroying the blessed nation of America. Doing so will not be an easy row to hoe.

Based on history, we must always anticipate a negative motivation for the very worst,944 in authoritarian hopes that any crowning moment of plebeian liberation would be easily destroyed; and the insatiable appetite of the clandestine bank, the US Representative body supporting it and the corporations that have grown up around the organization, for their profit in corruption to continue on unchallenged at the enduring expense of the entire American population.

Such considerations of negativity runs entirely counter to our own motivations for the very best that economy, fellow humanity and the earth at large have to offer. Deep down inside the heart of this author, eventual success of America’s plebeian masses is virtually guaranteed, if only individuals can recall their own heritage of determination945 and continue to persist relentlessly in pursuit of perfect individual liberty as the supreme goal, no matter what obstacles it is that fate or the opposition has to throw them up against.


Tribute To Those Who Have Preceded Us


Totally liberated people and their cultures have always been a favored subject for this author to devote long hours of study into. There are very obvious, yet common characteristics that these individual people and their societies possess. These cultures are made up of determined, self-thinking, highly creative individualists. These people are very independent in basic nature and personality totally free from any form of restraint outside of basic logic, which explains what may appear to some after the fact, as a people given to misstep946 and even outright mental illness!947

One other observation is that an organized society of the totally liberated individualist tends to be highly religious948 in it's organization, contrary to popularized notions. This supreme authority, the one who is truly responsible for allowing the liberated into being, is the one.., and only one..., who truly liberated people will unhesitatingly give all in submission to. We find examples in this notation with our study of cultures who highly valued individual liberty. Here are just a few examples copied directly from Wikipedia, of the author's favorites:


The Apache Indians


The Apache (/??pæt?i?/; French: [a.pa?]) are culturally related Native American tribes from the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. These indigenous peoples of North America speak Southern Athabaskan languages, which are related linguistically to Athabaskan languages in Alaska and western Canada.

Apache people traditionally have lived in Eastern Arizona, Northern Mexico (Sonora and Chihuahua), New Mexico, West Texas, and Southern Colorado. Apacheria, their collective homelands, consisted of high mountains, sheltered and watered valleys, deep canyons, deserts, and the southern Great Plains. The Apache tribes fought the Spanish and Mexican peoples for centuries. The first Apache raids on Sonora appear to have taken place during the late 17th century. In 19th-century confrontations, the U.S. Army found the Apache to be fierce warriors and skillful strategists.

Apache groups are politically autonomous. The major groups speak several different languages and developed distinct and competitive cultures. The current division of Apache groups includes Western Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarilla, Lipan, and Plains Apache (also known as the Kiowa-Apache). Apache groups live in Oklahoma and Texas and on reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. Apache people have moved throughout the United States and elsewhere, including urban centers.

Other more detailed information may be found below, copied directly from Pitlane magazine949

The Apache Nation, originally came from Canada somewhere around circa 850 AD, and as they migrated south, they settled in the American desert regions of Sonora, Chihuachuan and other areas which are located in the Great Basin region.

The name Apache is believed by some researchers to have originally come from the Hopi Indian word for my enemy “Apacho”. The Apache are split into two main tribes, the Mescalero and the Jacarilla, which are then broken down into basically six sub divisions, known as the Chi – hen – ne, the Be – don – ko – he and the Chi – e – a – hen, the Cho – kon – en (the Chiricahua), the Nen – di, and lastly the White Mountain Apache.

These tribes ruled the desert regions with an iron fist, their warfare tactics were unsurpassed, and the name Apache struck mortal fear in all who stood against them.

In many ways the Apache were not the mindless savages that people believed, in fact if the truth be known, the Apache only raided other Indian villages in order to feed their families when times were hard, that is until the white man came.

The Apache were a hardy group of people who survived at all costs. They lived in grass constructed domed huts, called Wickiups, which was slightly different than the Kiowa Apache who used animal skin Tepees.

The Apache were very resourceful in the respect that before the horses came, they used domesticated dogs for pack animals, and being one with nature, the Apache believed that all the animals were once humans.

Although the different tribes tolerated each other, they did not socialize on a large scale unless a common foe threatened their existence. Then the Apache as a whole exacted their revenge with swift retribution.

Religiously speaking, the Apache medicine men believed in many spirits, and with the help of the drug mescaline which was derived from the Mescal cactus, the medicine men talked to their spirits.

The most important god of all of these gods was the creator god known as Usen, and the Texas god Lipan. During ritual dances the males of the tribes would adorn themselves as the mountain god Gans, wearing elaborate masks, and dancing around the tribal fires, sometimes until dawn.

When hunting, the Apache were a nomadic tribe who hunted any game that strayed within their domain, especially rabbits and deer. The Apache supplemented this meat with indigenous roots, and fruits, along with assorted corn and beans.

It has even been said that the Apache during hard times would even eat the seeds of the prickly mesquite tree, and for anyone who has ever seen a mesquite tree, that is really saying something. But on the other hand, Apache tribes such as the Jicarillo hunted the great buffalo herds just as plains Indians had done for centuries, while the Lopans raised dogs to eat like their neighbors to the south (Mexico). Our first tribe of Apache to be discussed will be the Jicarilla Apache.


The Jicarillo Apache


The Jicarilla Apache at one time inhabited an area that extended from the Northeast corner of Old Mexico, to the southwest corner of Colorado. The land varied from mountainous and desolate to being one of hidden beauty that only a man from this region could understand.

Mix this with skies that seem to have jumped off an artist’s easel, and then you have Apache land. This land provided natural fortifications in the form of rock formations or canyons. In addition to this, there were mesas and plateaus, where the vegetation, ranging from good to the north, and something more along the lines of harsh scrub brush country to the south, but to the Jicarilla it was home.

The meager at best living to be had off the land was whitetail and mule tail deer, antelope, along with jack rabbits, possums, and armadillos. And what ever else one could run across. Now don’t get me wrong, crops were grown, but I feel that it was more of a personal desire than a necessity.

However, there are several plants indigenous to this region that would certainly enhance the flavor of any meal. After all, these people were hunter gatherers – rather than farmers. And that was a contributing factor in the problem the Apache had with the white man.

Although the Apache were said to be ruthless and very fearless in battle, they were also very intense in their religious beliefs. The position of “Grand Creator” was shared by two gods known to the Jicarilla as the mother and father figure “Earth Mother” and “Black Sky”

These two gods were said to have raised a son named “Hactin”. The Apache say that Hactin was given the credit of being the god who actually created the universe and everything in it. And as the story goes, it was one day while walking in the rocky hills, that Hactin, decided to create the first man and woman – an Adam and Eve if you will.

This procreation gave birth to the first Hactin Nation. As their children multiplied, the people grew into what was to evolve into the Jicarilla Nation. Which I assume is the same to this day.

It is said that the people of the first Hactin Nation all looked alike. The elder tribal members appointed from their ranks “The Hactin Elders”. It was these appointed elders who chose the leaders of the Hactin Nation.

First you had the “Hactin of the North Star” (Polaris), the “Hactin of the Big Dipper”, the “Hactin of the Three Stars” (Orion’s belt), and finally the “Hactin of the Fighting Stars”, which are said to be the stars Castor and Pollux.

To this day, we recognize these two stars as part of the constellation of Gemini. As the story goes, “The Hactin of the Fighting Stars” were given rulership over their perspective places in the sky, with all decisions being made by these gods as a whole around a council fire.

Now in addition to this, these gods there were also “Hactin of the Morning Star” (which I believe to be a morning sighting of Venus or Jupiter). The other god was the “Hactin of the Evening Star” (which again I believe this was a sighting of Venus and or Jupiter. These are displayed in the evening sky on the same horizon, or separate positions in the night sky).

As the story goes the supreme Hactin was called away one day, but before he left he told the other Hactins to watch the skies, and if they ever saw only six stars in the dippers body (the big dipper), then some catastrophe would befall the tribe. The catastrophe never happened, and those who claim lineage to the Hactin still watch the dipper today, perhaps just as the Mayans.

Our next story from the Jicarilla Apache, revolves around the perils to be faced if you anger the gods.

There was once a little girl that loved to play animals with her little friends. Every time the children played this game, the little girl would always want to be a bear and chase her friends all over the place snarling and gnashing her claws.

The elders of the tribe had warned her on several occasions not to make fun of the gods, or they will turn you into a bear. The little girl never did heed their warning, and kept chasing the children in her guise of a bear. Well as the story goes the little girl chased the children down the game trails across the hills and into the canyons.

It was in these canyons that the girl went into a cave in search of her playmates. While she was in the cave she began to feel strange and before you know it she had transformed into a bear, not only physically, but in spirit as well.

In the mind of the now transformed girl, she was a bear and attacked her friends and killed them, all but her little sister, who managed to hide when the transformation began. Her hiding was to no avail though because the great bear found her and took her to its cave.

When the bear fell asleep the little girl sneaked out that evening and made her way back to the village. The little girl told her father the morbid tale, so the father sent the little girl back to alert the hunters when they arrived to the location of the sleeping bear. This action would also insure that the bear was still there.

The father went to each tipi and gathered the hunters. When the hunters arrived the father told his little girl to gather some kindling and place it at the entrance of the cave and set it on fire. The little girl did as her father had told her and started the fire.

After a period of time the bear smelling the smoke stuck its head out the cave entrance and the hunters threw dirt into the bear’s eyes to temporarily blind and confuse the bear so they could kill it.The gods meanwhile have been watching the whole affair and decided to spare the life of the bear. Miraculously, before the hunters could deliver the fatal thrust of the lance, the Gods mystically transported the bear, the little girl, along with the hunters, and placed them in the sky forever.

Now besides being a beautiful story, it is one that tells of the creation of the Big Dipper (Ursa Majoris) which to the Jicarilla depicts the four bowl stars of the dipper to be the body of the bear, while the handle stars are the hunters and the little girl.

There is a reference in the original story of a small dog or wolf. This celestial animal was said to be the companion star to Mizar which is Alcor.


The Mescalero Apache


Our next topic for discussion are the Mescalero Apache. The Mescalero Apache are and were a proud people; their ancestors were some of the last Native American tribes to succumb to the ways of western influence, especially those who followed such great leaders as Geronimo and Cochise.

The Mescalero believed that the Great Spirit built the world and everything in it just for the Mescalero people. They also believed that the stars in the sky were placed there to guide the Mescalero over vast distances if you knew how to read them.

So the recognition of certain stars and star groups was crucial to the teaching of young Mescalero braves. Our first story from the Mescalero, tells of the origin of the Big Dipper (Ursa Majoris).

The Mescalero Apache believed that their god the Great Spirit placed everything on this earth for them. The stars in the sky were placed there to provide the Mescalero with not only light at night, but also as a guiding star or celestial map. Our first story from the Mescalero is one that depicts the origin of the Milky Way.

We know that the Milky Way as seen in the sky appears to be a silvery white band that extends from horizon to horizon. When you look at it, just remember this is how our galaxy looks when you see edge on through the arms of our galaxy which is a barred spiral.

It has been told to the Mescalero for thousands of years that the Milky Way was formed when the “The Fighting Gods” (Gemini) were arguing one day and began to have a fight, as brothers sometimes do. It was at this time during the melee that one of the gods accidentally tore his bag of seed which immediately ran out of the hole and left a trail as they moved around fighting.

Once he had realized what had happened he stopped his bickering with his brother, and closed the hole in the sack. But when he opened the top drawstring of his bag, he saw that there were only about a quarter of the bag of stars left.

So he scattered the remaining seed to the wind, which created the lovely night skies we see today. These stories are many, and can be gleaned from Indian storytellers from all the Original American Indian tribes.


The Celtic Tribes


The Celtic tribes are one of the author's favorite groups to study. In terms of ancestry, an over -whelming majority of the US founding fathers had forefathers who were of strong Celtic origin. Jefferson's family, for example, originated in Wales, a strong Celtic homeland,950 even into this very day. In addition, the Celts cherished liberty to the extent that even upon being subjected to conquest, they still managed to retain realms within the magisterial kingdom that had subordinated them,951 where they basically conducted their lives on their own terms and adapting their own system of worship into the encompassing prevailing religion of their conquerors.

They were also willing to battle against incredible odds in the name of preserving their own choice in personal and economic direction, choosing complete self-annihilation over conquest,952 in a number of historical instances. We may observe what Wikipedia has to give us on the subject of the Celts and their religion here, virtually copied word for word:

The Celts (/?k?lts/, occasionally /?s?lts/, see pronunciation of Celtic) were people in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages and had cultural similarities, although the relationship between ethnic, linguistic and cultural factors in the Celtic world remains uncertain and controversial. The exact geographic spread of the ancient Celts is also disputed; in particular, the ways in which the Iron Age inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland should be regarded as Celts has become a subject of controversy.

The history of pre-Celtic Europe remains very uncertain. According to one theory, the common root of the Celtic languages, a language known as Proto-Celtic, arose in the Late Bronze Age Urnfield culture of Central Europe, which flourished from around 1200 BC. In addition, according to a theory proposed in the 19th century, the first people to adopt cultural characteristics regarded as Celtic were the people of the Iron Age Hallstatt culture in central Europe (c. 800–450 BC), named for the rich grave finds in Hallstatt, Austria.

Thus this area is sometimes called the 'Celtic homeland'. By or during the later La Tène period (c. 450 BC up to the Roman conquest), this Celtic culture was supposed to have expanded by diffusion or migration to the British Isles (Insular Celts), France and The Low Countries (Gauls), Bohemia, Poland and much of Central Europe, the Iberian Peninsula (Celtiberians, Celtici, Lusitanians and Gallaeci) and northern Italy (Golaseccans and Cisalpine Gauls)[7] and, following the Gallic invasion of the Balkans in 279 BC, as far east as central Anatolia (Galatians).

The earliest undisputed direct examples of a Celtic language are the Lepontic inscriptions, beginning in the 6th century BC. Continental Celtic languages are attested almost exclusively through inscriptions and place-names. Insular Celtic is attested beginning around the 4th century AD through Ogham inscriptions, although it was clearly being spoken much earlier. Celtic literary tradition begins with Old Irish texts around the 8th century. Coherent texts of Early Irish literature, such as the Táin Bó Cúailnge (The Cattle Raid of Cooley), survive in 12th-century recensions.

By the mid 1st millennium AD, with the expansion of the Roman Empire and the Great Migrations (Migration Period) of Germanic peoples, Celtic culture and Insular Celtic had become restricted to Ireland, the western and northern parts of Great Britain (Wales, Scotland, and Cornwall), the Isle of Man, and Brittany. Between the 5th and 8th centuries, the Celtic-speaking communities in these Atlantic regions emerged as a reasonably cohesive cultural entity. They had a common linguistic, religious, and artistic heritage that distinguished them from the culture of the surrounding polities. By the 6th century, however, the Continental Celtic languages were no longer in wide use.

Insular Celtic culture diversified into that of the Gaels (Irish, Scottish and Manx) and the Brythonic Celts (Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons) of the medieval and modern periods. A modern "Celtic identity" was constructed as part of the Romanticist Celtic Revival in Great Britain, Ireland, and other European territories, such as Portugal and Spanish Galicia. Today, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, and Breton are still spoken in parts of their historical territories, and Cornish and Manx are undergoing a revival.


Celtic Religion


Like other European Iron Age tribal societies, the Celts practiced a polytheistic religion. Many Celtic gods are known from texts and inscriptions from the Roman period. Rites and sacrifices were carried out by priests known as druids. The Celts did not see their gods as having human shapes until late in the Iron Age. Celtic shrines were situated in remote areas such as hilltops, groves, and lakes.

Celtic religious patterns were regionally variable; however, some patterns of deity forms, and ways of worshiping these deities, appeared over a wide geographical and temporal range. The Celts worshiped both gods and goddesses. In general, Celtic gods were deities of particular skills, such as the many-skilled Lugh and Dagda, while goddesses were associated with natural features, particularly rivers (such as Boann, goddess of the River Boyne). This was not universal, however, as goddesses such as Brighid and The Morrígan were associated with both natural features (holy wells and the River Unius) and skills such as blacksmithing and healing.

Triplicity is a common theme in Celtic cosmology, and a number of deities were seen as threefold. This trait is exhibited by The Three Mothers, a group of goddesses worshiped by many Celtic tribes (with regional variations).

The Celts had literally hundreds of deities, some of which were unknown outside a single family or tribe, while others were popular enough to have a following that crossed lingual and cultural barriers. For instance, the Irish god Lugh, associated with storms, lightning, and culture, is seen in similar forms as Lugos in Gaul and Lleu in Wales. Similar patterns are also seen with the continental Celtic horse goddess Epona and what may well be her Irish and Welsh counterparts, Macha and Rhiannon, respectively.

Roman reports of the druids mention ceremonies being held in sacred groves. La Tène Celts built temples of varying size and shape, though they also maintained shrines at sacred trees and votive pools.

Druids fulfilled a variety of roles in Celtic religion, serving as priests and religious officiants, but also as judges, sacrificers, teachers, and lore-keepers. Druid organized and ran religious ceremonies, and they memorized and taught the calendar. Other classes of druid performed ceremonial sacrifices of crops and animals for the perceived benefit of the community.


The American Pioneers


The American pioneers are another very interesting social group for freeborn people to study. In the overall scheme of things, their story is not really a very old one. The author has met and spoken with elders in the distant past, who had traveled from the seaside shores of eastern US States into the old Oregon Territory, as part of a wagon train down the old pioneer road before the days of paved roads and automobiles. The lady who told me her story was slightly over a hundred years old and probably did not last much longer afterward, but this author is still very thankful to have been around to hear it.

Youth of this day have probably embraced alien ideologies such as Socialism, Communism and even American styled Fascism with such passionate vigor because elders, such as the lady mentioned, have now long since faded from the landscape. What this author anticipates is when the moment that all individual liberty is totally removed from the scene, then those same people who embraced enslaving ideologies with such vigor today, will live to painfully regret doing so. The problem is that when the very moment arrives that liberty is gone, it virtually never returns into the same position preceding the moment of it's expunge. We may learn more of the pioneers here in this word-for-word note from Wikipedia:

American pioneers are any of the people inAmerican history who migrated west to join insettling and developing new areas. The term especially refers to those who were going to settle any territory which had previously not been settled or developed by European or American society, although the territory may have been inhabited by or utilized by Native Americans.

Thepioneer concept and ethos greatly predate the migration to parts of the United States now called Western, as many places now considered as East were also settled by pioneers from the coast.

For example, Daniel Boone, a key figure in American history, settled in Kentucky, when that "Dark and Bloody Ground" was still undeveloped. One important development in the Western settlement was the Homestead Act, which provided formal legislation which regulated the settlement process.


The Mountaineers


Another very interesting culture and one that highly values individual liberty, as well as embracing the concept of a supreme being, whom they attribute as assigning that gift of liberty unto them and their kind, were the mountain settlers of both the east and west in America. For that reason, this culture tends to be ultra-conservative and highly respective of the heavenly authority who alone rules them and their daily lives. If we desire to find out more, then examine this quick note copied directly from Wikipedia:

The Appalachian Mountains were settled in the 18th century by settlers primarily from the Province of Ulster in Ireland. The settlers from Ulster were mainly Protestants who migrated to Ireland during the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century from Scotland and Northern England. Many further migrated to the American colonies beginning in the 1730s, and in America became known as the Scotch-Irish. Scholars argue that the term "hillbilly" originated from Scottish dialect. The term "hill-folk" referred to people that preferred isolation from the greater society and "billy" meant “comrade” or “companion." It is suggested that “hill-folk” and “billie” were combined when the Cameronians fled to the Highlands.

Others have suggested the term originated in 17th century Ireland, during the Williamite War, when Protestant supporters of King William III ("King Billy") were often referred to as "Billy's Boys." Some scholars disagree with this theory. Michael Montgomery's From Ulster to America: The Scotch-Irish Heritage of American English states, "In Ulster in recent years it has sometimes been supposed that it was coined to refer to followers of King William III and brought to America by early Ulster emigrants, but this derivation is almost certainly incorrect… In America hillbilly was first attested only in 1898, which suggests a later, independent development."

The term "hillbilly" spread in the years following the American Civil War. At this time, the country was developing both technologically and socially, but the Appalachian region was falling behind. Before the war, Appalachia was not distinctively different from other rural areas of the country. Post-war, although the frontier pushed farther west, the region maintained frontier characteristics. Appalachians themselves were perceived as backward, quick to violence and inbred in their isolation. Fueled by news stories of mountain feuds such as that in the 1880s between the Hatfields and McCoys, the hillbilly stereotype developed in the late 19th to early 20th century.

The "classic" hillbilly stereotype reached its current characterization during the years of the Great Depression when many mountaineers left their homes to find work in other areas of the country. The period of Appalachian out-migration, roughly from the 1930s through the 1950s, saw many mountain residents moving North to the Midwestern industrial cities of Chicago, Cleveland, Akron and Detroit. This movement North became known as the "Hillbilly Highway." The movement brought these previously isolated communities into mainstream United States culture. Poor white mountaineers became central characters in newspapers, pamphlets and eventually, motion pictures. Authors at this time were inspired by historical figures such as Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone. The mountaineer image transferred over to the 20th century where the “hillbilly” stereotype emerged.



The Author's Personal Notation:

and a few words in closing


Back in the days when this author developed his own embrace of the philosophy found in the truest notion of liberty many years ago; and within himself had sworn the sacred blood oath of those eternally freeborn, live free or die, forever free, he also began a personal search for the truth as to just whom his Lord and creator was. Critics may declare that no hard facts exist, but the author knows well that such claims are only designed to mislead us, by those who in truth intend only to enslave us. We state this fact of knowing that the lie has been spoken from the fact that indeed, the author has discovered conclusive proof backed by science, that an eternal God Of The Universe exists; just as certain as the wind blows the trees, the waves of the sea rise and fall, and the golden sun shall shine tomorrow!


Give Consideration To The Following


Above us we have this massive, timeless void of space. Inside this void we have an unknown number of solar systems, least of all, our own. These solar systems always maintain their own in distance apart and their ability to function both independently and untied into a single unit. Inside our own solar system, we have the sun at the center, with a push from the force of radiating heat, in combination with a pull from the force of internal gravity.

Extending out from the sun exists nine planets that we know of, with a possible tenth.953 Each of these planets bear their own magnitude in gravity. These planets travel along the line of near perfect ellipse in rotation around the sun, thus inside the varying gravity magnitudes working with and against one another, we may calculate, is the force that holds them all into their proper place and station inside the boundless void, as well as offering propulsion to this perpetual motion of the entire solar system.

The complicated mathematical exactness in this appropriation of gravitational magnitude, combining with it's effect on the station of planet earth in differing frames of time on the virtual hour alone suggests an originating intelligent force, since highly organized systems simply do not originate by sheer random chance. We must not pause here, however, for there is much more yet to comprehend.

The moon rotates continually around the earth, bearing it's own gravitational attraction. Without a doubt this rotation is at least part of what maintains the continual rotation of the earth on it's own axis. This continuing rotation of the globe is absolutely necessary to evenly distribute the heat of the sun for the purpose of preserving life on planet earth. Without it, one side of the globe would freeze into ice and the other would burn from the sun's radiating heat, thus all life on planet earth would be exterminated.

These planets move along in rotation around the sun; thus we may note that on an hourly basis, planets of differing attractive magnitudes are acting on the earth from opposing positions in their path of rotation and varying gravitational magnitudes, all acting with and against one another, in combination with both a push from the heat of the sun and a pull from it's own massive force of gravity. We may comprehend at this point, that this movement and the gravity emitted is what pulls on the earth in different amounts from various opposing angles, forcing the planet earth to move forward in its continuing rotational path around the sun sphere.

What random force could make the determination as to an exact distance from the sun best facilitating life on earth, not to mention the act of stabilizing the earth into this position in any sort of specific rotational pattern, that specific pattern being of a near perfect ellipse? What about the atmosphere of earth that effectively shields all life from the bombarding effects of solar radiation as well as frequent incidences of meteor impact? What about the atmosphere of earth generating the rain so necessary for the sustenance of life? Are true intellectuals really supposed to believe that this too developed into place by random chance as well, as did the other notated details? Do these so called “scientist” who demand that we forbear all questions to their invalid claims take us for blundering fools? On the contrary, we, among the cult of liberated intellectualism demand that they come up with a more creative lie!

Every year on near exact dates and times, these same forces acting at established specified varying angles, cause the entire axis of the earth to tilt toward the sun and away from it, allowing the four seasons so necessary for the bio-rhythms of life here on the surface of the planet. Without it., for example, the plants would not seed nor would the fish in the sea lay their eggs, among many other notations that would threaten the cycle of life on planet earth. The plants are in need of a dormant period, so for this reason we have winter, accommodated by a slight tilt of the earth's axis away from the sun.

The proof of an eternal God Of The Universe lies in the notation that all of this solar system in which the earth is positioned inside its timeless design to facilitate a continuum of life on earth. In other words, if no being exists who really cares, then why does the sun stand as a life generating source of warmth and the earth not simply be a naked rock wandering aimlessly through space? The proof of supreme intelligence exists in the fact that concern for life is demonstrated by the solar system's accommodation for life on planet earth.

Therefore, we, the intellectual people of America and the entire earth at large, are forced by hard fact to accept the obvious; and this indisputable fact is, that this concern for the continuation of life is in possession of a source, and that source is the one who evidently created all life on earth in the first place. The solar system and life did not happen by random chance, as the self-serving authoritarian liars of the earth continue to try and convince us, nor did it ascend from an inferior into a continual superlative by random chance. To believe that such could exist would be a violation of basic logic!

On the contrary, what could well exist outside of intelligent interference would be a continual deterioration from an original superlative, into that of a continuing inferior!954 We all bear witness to examples of this fact on a daily basis.955 This notation would collaborate with observed instances en-mass and would be perfectly supported by logical format, although notation is adamantly rejected by conventional scientific proclamation.

Fact is, that once we accept the prevailing truth that the true owner of the universe is also the author of all that we know, see, and so much more that is grand; if we combine that acceptance of an undeniable truth with our incessant quest for individual liberty, then certainly we are most guaranteed to succeed in our ordained struggle into its ultimate endowed conclusion!

In the end when one pauses to give consideration of possibilities into their encompassing entirety, the staggering visualization is that we as a collective group may well be called upon to stand strong inside the homeland on some windswept, desolate field of honor, in the not so distant future. When that time arrives, we may materialistically possess only that which we wear and we hold to so dearly in our hands, in our hearts; and our vowed camaraderie with one another, who have also sworn that sacred oath of eternal liberty, live free or die, forever free!

Though the deprivations be many and our abating numbers be few, we still swear to stand strong until the bitter end as we squint stoically through rugged, narrow sites; against a harsh blustery, chaffing wind, our faces hammered incessantly by the blazing light of merciless sun conjunction with the incoming chaff of sand; and the foul beasts of the field, crawling and swarming about who seek to do us all great harm.

In the shimmering distance before us stands the vast army of Abaddon, more expansive than even the unaided eye may perceive, who are far better equipped than we and appear to hold outstanding numbers equally determined to see us and our sworn goals of precious individual liberty through Constitutional restoration, expunged from both America and planet earth for all time to come.

As we charge forward in great collective exuberance with the rising sun to our backs, cheering aloud that most cherished vow to radiant glory through our eternal liberation, live free or die, forever free, we may perceive via our undiminished convictions, that the firm hand of our anointed heavenly champion will still yet remain extended. There he shall stand so proudly inside a heavy gray mist looming just before us, more brilliant than the blazing sun and more solid than the granite hills of Gettysburg; allowing us all to swing hold into our well earned predestined prominence, to the astonished exasperation of a seemingly invincible enemy. In his timeless name we shall never falter nor wane in our steadfast determination to see the kingdom of perfect plebeian liberty through, as we make that most supreme of sacrifice conjunction with the most magnificent of conquests..., against odds that lie outside the realm of all mortal comprehension.























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