Strong Hold

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Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



Feel it. Strain my heart. A deadly art. Be it , the love I can't hold . As the sadness grows. Taste me , as I bleed. Devour my need. Dear one , I've missed you . Your face inside my head. Any way you choose me. We'll break instead.

Numb was the night. A flicker in the light. Not to cry , took all of my might. You are the forces . The beholder of my time. The disease was so rapid . It ate away my life. Cupid , are you aiming for my Infected heart ? If so , will you kill me ? Save me from her misery ? Mountains, I've been climbing . Tired and fearing that I'll fall. Just like a moment , In a reminiscent sky. I pretend it doesn't exist . So I can forever deny.

From the fountain , Candy cane walks down to build a hell fire . To break my fall . From this mountain. The pretty voices , Sisters in a spire. Uniting for my anguish . To stoke the burning fire. In the meadows , I lay softly . Trembling at the knees. Each step , In her luring motives. Scares me , Til I near death.

As far as she takes me . That's where I believe. The world in flooded blood. Will drown this misery. She is a fortress. A castle made of tin. Her hands are like wood that places splinters in my skin. She is brilliant . Yet, so resilient. A playground of pleasure where I get my fulfillment. You never play with roses. Without cutting off the thorns. For she is an Angel with a halo made of horns.

Somewhere , deep inside of her . Is a distant star. That blinds me through and through. Only the chosen of love . Can see to the real you. I am a faller. On her body , my eyes feast. I find an omen . And castrate deep. Until I pull the angel that was hiding within the beast.

Pain has vanished forever. My heart joins it's lover. Her spirit left her corpse. Rotting in the ground, Forever uncovered. I hug her endlessly , and am no longer burned. True love has found it's home. It has fully returned. .

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