"It was love at first sight"

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Finding true love...in a traffic jam.

Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



In one instant in time a life or two can change; even in a traffic jam.

Their eyes met and locked together for what seemed an eternity but was for just a few moments.

He was on one side of the road going south, and she the other headed north.

The non-verbal communication between them was immediate.

A strong silent assertive type meets a passive sensual feminine one.


They knew that in just seconds  love had arrived. Souls on fire.


"A many splended thing…"


Both their lives were marked by drudgery, hardship and toil yet all that meant nothing in this magical connection of intimacy.


The noise of the road and indeed the world fell away.

Eye contact between them was so fierce, so intense, so yearning with passion that he seduced her with his stare and she submitted in her mind with a shattering ferocity.


"my love for you is like a red, red rose"…..


He knew, he knew as did she that in this solitary fleeting exchange no matter how brief or quick or impermanent ,  a thing called love could never be temporary; but if real and honest as this was, it would always be infinite.


Then it happened. The congestion on the road eased and his vehicle speeded away. He left the scene never to return and his one true love disappeared into the distance.  He kept his eyes firmly transfixed towards her even  though  his trotters were hurting and he was minutes away from the slaughter-house. And she grunted through her snout ready to arrive at market for sale.


"Love in a single soul inside two bodies".








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