When there's no one for you

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This poem emphasizes on the theme " When there's no one for you". The key note of the poem is that when someone is alone, i.e, no one is there when in need a person feels sad and goes through a deep depression. This poem gives courage to such a person to stand bold and lead forward for the destination rather than to stop and feel to be sad.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



When there's no one for you

Don't stop, lead ahead;

don't think you are alone

the almighty is always for you.

Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts

but don't lose your confidence;

Walk on the right track

and be ready to face any situation;

Don't move from your goal

Be bold to achieve your goal.

Don't win over your enemies by power

Win them by the depth of your love.

 in any situation;

Be calm to handle the situation

that follows.

Always tell the truth and

try to avoid even a silly lie.

Don't love your own,

love others;

and they will love you

in return.

If you are able to

achieve all these things;

Don't think you are alone,

the entire world is for you.

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