Allison The Vampire Queen

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Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



This Story is about a hot Sheila with red hair and humongous tits, she was born as a vampire and she rides a motor bike, her name is Allison! She is known as the queen of her mansion she’s worth five billion dollars. Allison rides her motorbike through the forest, she was on her way to a bar to hook up with men and women, she loves being bi-sexual she is not ashamed of that. She wore Sexy clothes, the guys and women were staring straight at her, Allison said to them who wants to come to my mansion most people said Me! Me! Allison got on her motorbike, and the others went in their cars, to follow Allison! to her mansion, she pretends to be good, but in the inside she is bad and evil. Allison took a girl upstairs in her bedroom, she was a fine-looking bird, her name was Carly! They were very flirtatious then they made out in the bedroom, Allison grabbed and chocked Carly, then she tied her to the bed! she bit her neck as the blood spurted out. Everyone downstairs heard a chainsaw Allison was holding it while she was coming down the stairs, everyone said oh shit! They quickly sprinted out of the mansion and, got the hell out of that place. Allison goes to the bathroom and gets in the bathtub, to wash off the blood, she was feeling relaxed in there, Masturbating! And, having an Orgasm! when she finished in the bath, she went off to bed. in the morning Allison went for a ride and she spotted one of the guys who was at her mansion that night, his name was Lucas he ran through the forest, Allison sprinted and teleported to Lucas, when she grabbed him she ripped him to pieces as it scatters everywhere, she vanishes from the forest and made her way to the Strip-club. Allison got a lap dance from a guy stripper named Mason, she was having the time of her life, so they decided to have sex in the female toilets, they were so horny! Allison then told him I should get home! Mason asked her if she wanted a ride, she replied thanks! but its ok, I got a motor-bike, okay cool! will I see you again? Maybe! She then went on her motorbike and went home to cook dinner. Allison’s mission is to find and kill those people who were at her mansion the other night, she already killed two of them, so four more to go! Allison was whistling while coming up with a plan, she had a tracking device to find those four people but they are at different locations. The first one she found, a girl named Hilary she is located at a cabin in the woods, Hilary was watching television, as soon as Allison got there she booted the door down, Allison said Surprise, Hilary screamed! she grabbed a hammer and swing it across Allison’s face, Allison did not feel any pain, she was sprinting after Hilary, when she realized Allison was in front of her, Hilary was trying to defend herself and trying to Escape.











Allison punched her straight in the face, when Hilary fell, Allison puts her foot on her throat so she wouldn’t move or escape, Allison grabs a Pitch Fork And stabs it through her throat, as she made the choking noise, the blood spurted from her neck onto her clothes. Allison checks the device and finds the next person, it’s another girl, the information says her name is Kristen and she is located at her house but Kristen is not in the house she is in the barn. When Allison was on her way to her destination the horses in the barn were making lots of noises because they heard footsteps, Kristen went to go see what it was, when she saw Allison, she was running for her life. Allison ripped Kristen’s clothes off, she was running in the nude, it looks like she was competing in a naked mile! Allison uses the Pitch Fork and stabs it right through her back Ahhhh! Then suddenly drops to the ground, Two down! Two to go! Allison looks on her device for the next enemy, it says a guy named Will, and his located at the grave yard, when Will heard footsteps coming towards him, Oh it’s you! What do you want? Allison Hissed at him, he gets a gun out and pulls the trigger, it missed her! She started to walk towards him, when he tried shooting again there was no ammo! she grabbed a machete, and sliced his head off, as a lot of blood spurted out, she holds his head and kicked it away, then she buried the body in the ground! Allison laughed like a possessed demon, then walked back to her motorbike. The last rival is Mike! on the device, he is located at an Asylum on King street, while Mike was wondering in the Asylum he saw Paranormal creatures, and heard a little girl Laughing, he was stepping back because the place is haunted, what he didn’t realize that Allison was behind him, When Mike felt something behind him, he slowly turns around, he quickly gets his fist and knocks her in the face, he runs fast to escape! Allison hisses, then teleports in front of mike, she crushes his head and body, then lays him on the floor. for her thirst, she drinks the blood out of mike’s body, so that the blood will give her strength, the mission is completed, but it wasn’t easy for Allison, while she was driving her motorbike the police started a chase to follow her, the chase is still going, it’s been going on for twenty-minutes, Allison is driving as fast as she can! the cops are driving fast as well! This is the longest chase that has ever been seen, the cops are trying so hard to catch her, but with that motorbike of hers she drives too fast, to get rid of the cops Allison must come up with a plan.













Allison made her motorbike go invisible, then the cops thought they lost her, Allison went to park her motorbike in the parking garage, then she went on top of a building that’s seven feet tall. The cops in their cars and helicopters arrived, they said on the speakers, you are Surrounded! no more running! Allison came up with the craziest plan, she jumped off the building! and committed suicide! The cops said in their minds, because she killed herself they let the whole thing go and left. Mason betrayed Allison! he went straight to her gravestone, took a piss, then wrote burn in hell! you whore! out of nowhere a thunder lightning electrocuted Mason, it looked like Allison gave payback revenge on Mason.

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