How Should I Feel?

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Something I wrote when I was reminiscing about someone in my life that is no longer here.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



How Should I Feel?

How should I feel?

A smile that covers my sadness will not fix me,

Stitches across my heart will still leave a scar.

Should I shine bright in my moment of darkness?

Do not intrude on my solitude, for it is my peace.

My paradise of loneliness, my isolation

Forced smile, forced laughter, let it all rot away.

I do not need your love, nor do I want it.

You do not own my heart, you only borrowed it

Fallen tears upon my cheeks, that is what you brought me

You ask for forgiveness, I wish for understanding

I was driven to this corner, where surroundings faded.

My dreams diminished, my will shattered.

How should I feel when you left me alone?

How should I feel when I saw your last smile?

Tell me please, how should I feel?


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