All Arise To Embrace The Divine Being Of Light

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What America really needs...

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



  All Arise To Embrace The Being Of Light

In the death knell of the bleak night

I behold the wails of desperation from my fellow countrymen;

Though they have struggled for a positive transformation with all of their might.

Their elected leadership hears not even when

They voice their  objections to the authoritarian assaults on our divine liberty.


Ruthlessly their alien allies assault our precious heritage  

Of liberty,

Yeah, everything that cherish found inside our constitution  

Of freedom.

They destroy our sacred monuments,

Tarnish our precious covenants,

While they dream of subjecting unto a bondage nation.


They displace us with their bizarre alien hoards,

Who comprehend not of the constitution,

The tradition of individuality,

Our divine heritage of individual excellence.

So they design for us the negative,

While they seek to compel us into a state of servitude.

All is lost...all efforts are only those made in absence of liberty,

Yea...all is vanity!


On the far distant horizon,

In the midst of our greatest moment of despair,

Suddenly I behold a thin ray of dawning light.

I arise to welcome this divine embracing beam.

As light increases I behold a transformation of mood inside the masses,

From that of the deepest, darkest despair,

Into an invigorating cheer of delight!


This magnificent light of peach,

Transforms into that of brilliant new gold,

Then I behold his splendid form.

I and the masses them reach forward in eternal embrace of the loving feeling.

As his blessed form materializes,

National despair flees from within our midst,

All alien hoards of destruction and negative ideology melt away,

As we collectively arise to meet the challenges of a new dawning day!


© Copyright 2018 H.L. Dowless. All rights reserved.

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