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Pain is personified here and as a companion for life, is it a boon or a bane to be able to feel pain? What has pain done to you? Have you embraced it yet or do you still fear pain? Find out for yourselves.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



My grandma was thinking on a rocking chair,
I sat down, to disturb, i dare.
She spoke in a voice, hard to hear,
Sounds important, i fear! 
She started..
oh dear! dear pain, 
didn't see thee there my friend.
for thou art as silent as a blooming flower,
ready to descend, a jaguar in the dark.
Thou maketh me realize I'm alive,
I'm not immortal!
I'm not god, thou taketh care of it!
Thou art one of the most real emotion.
As real as life and death,
A certain essence of the soul.
Thee be the truest friend,
mild in melancholy,
Thy rage, oh dear.. 
I can describe as an avalanche or a hurricane! It's nothing,
when thee rip the heart out of a young foal,
when thee burn alive the screaming soul!
Thee art sweet when a child be born,
when a girl is married, duty dethrone.
Thou protect me when I reach the danger zone, thee be there when I moan!
People hate thee, for they don't know
Thou art a friend, white as snow!
I sat there, completely blank..
For, a grandma I had to thank!

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