A Quarter Left

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Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



All is lost as you've left a path of chaos and destruction in your wake 

Nothing left for looking behind, you had already sealed your fate; 

Tires screeching to stop, but you can't once you were in motion 

A child in an adults body sees the future in the past as a superstitious notion 

Now left alone just to reckon the thoughts of what could have exist 

The splitting of a human being, of what they were in times of bliss;

Static in the sound it's you and your conscious forever 

I know what the devil wishes, me sending my notice of surrender 

Still a quarter in and hopefully another quarter left to put in life's machine 

It's asking me if it will get its money's worth, just you and your dreams; 

You come into the world gasping for air, a struggle even in birth 

Chaos was your theory and always stood first  

You will go just as yourself, the only satisfaction is left with anyone you leave behind 

It's with you if you will be remembered to anyone over time 

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