P.Q.P.R.T (Complete)

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After Mr. Stan Butt-lick death, Airi got permission from the new owner to forms an all female restoration team in order to restore and protect the park from further harm. In this story Airi and her team has to catch someone who has been trying to dirty up the park by knocking over all the trash cans and if they fail their group might get disbanded by the new owner of the park, Cindy Butt-lick.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017




(Pendleton Queen Park restoration team)


 While walking with his friend on a field of grass, a young Caucasian man spits out his chewing gum onto the grass. He then casually continued the conversation he was having with his friend about some movie he seen a while ago.

“He grabbed the cheetah by its tail then he used it to fight the giant gorilla,” said young man.

“Really!” The friend replied.

“Yah, He later used the same cheetah to fight and kill a shark he wanted to- “

The sound of a whistle cut off the young man sentence.

Turning around, the two young men fixed their eyes on the young, dark skinned women who was walking towards them with a whistle in her mouth. The woman was wearing the standard uniform for every member of the P.Q.P.R.T: dark brown hat with a golden, star shaped badge on the front, a pale brown button up shirt which housed their name, hers being ‘Safari’, etched on the shirt pocket, a dark brown mini skirt and brown high heel boots.

“Sorry sir, but I have to charge you with littering,” said Safari.

“For what?” Said the young man. “I didn’t even do anything.”

“Sir, I saw you spit your gum on the ground. That’s against park rules.”

The young man tried pretending he didn’t know that was part of the park rules.

“Sir, I know one of my fellow officers warned you already.”

The two men denied ever being warned even once, however, safari didn’t believe them. She asked for the young men I.D. card which ever one who entered the park had to carry.

The Two men looked at each other. By the look on each other’s face they knew what dark, evil thoughts had risen into the others mind. Of course, the two young, fit males could easily over power the women quite easily. The idea would most definitely have been put to the test if not for the guardian angel, or shall I say bee, above the park ranger.

Byzantine hovered above the three of them with the spikes that’s were usually retracted into her hand were already out and ready for a fight. Byzantine was P.Q.P.R.T main weapon against trouble makers who dirtied up Pendleton Queen Park. If the spikes in her hand for some reason didn’t scare off the trouble makers the loud buzzing sound she made when she was angry would.

Not wanting to fight Byzantine, like he wanted to fight Safari, the young man gave Safari the I.D. she requested of him. He received it back a few minutes later with a ticket that fined him $50 dollars. The young man and his friend walked away from Safari in anger.

Safari thanked Byzantine, who was then on the ground besides her. However, before Byzantine could say, ‘you’re welcome,’ like Airi taught her to say whenever someone thanked her, they heard the loud sound of a whistle being blown from far away. Byzantine quickly took to the air while safari ran as fast as she could towards the sound.

Byzantine was the first one to arrive at the spot the long whistle blow came from. The officer who blow it name tag gave away her name as ‘Alice.’ She was Caucasian woman, slightly chubby with beautiful shoulder length hair, light yellow in color and tied into a pony tail. When she saw byzantine approach her she yelled, ‘’Byzantine, some jerk kicked over a trash can and then ran off. I tried chasing him down but I lost him!”

“I told you to lose weight, Alice,” said Byzantine

“Shut Byzantine!” Cried Alice, “My weight has nothing to do with it.”

“Yes, it did”

“No, it didn’t.’’

“If you weren’t fat, you would have caught them.”

“Even if I was skinner I wouldn’t have been able to catch them, Byzantine.”

“Yes, you would have.”

“No, I wouldn’t have.”

Alice and Byzantine continued arguing with each other until Airi and Safari interrupted them.

“What’s going on?” Asked Airi.

“Some jerk kicked over the trash can,” said Byzantine.

Pointing behind herself, Airi replied, “You mean the one I just picked up as I came here?”

“Yes, that’s the one,” said Alice.

“The person who did it got away because Alice was too fat to catch him,” said Byzantine.

Airi told Byzantine to shut-up before asking Alice to explain further what had happened.

“Well, I was just patrolling the area when I notice a small person wearing a bright red hoodie and a bear mask standing near one of the trash cans. Feeling creeped out by the mask, I was about to ask the person why he was wearing it, however, the hooded person kicked over the trash can and ran away before I could ask.”

“If you see someone wearing a hoody and a mask you should just assume their up to no good, Alice,” said Safari.

“Your probably right,” said Alice cheerfully.

“You can’t give use any more information on the suspect?” Asked Airi.

Alice thought it over for a couple of seconds before replying, “He wasn’t black.”

Everybody, except Byzantine, started chuckling.

“So, this person was Caucasian or something?” Asked Airi, once she finished chuckling.

Alice nodded her head.

“You said the suspect was small right.”

Alice nodded her head again.

“Could it have been a child.”

“It could have been a child or it could have been a really short person, who knows?”

“Whoever it was, they probably have taken off the mask and hoodie by now,” said Airi. She then commanded everybody to continue their patrol of the park. Also, if they saw some short person wearing a red hoodie they were to question them.

They all accepted Airi’s command.

“We have to catch this person before Cindy disband us for letting the park get back dirty,” said Airi.

They all agreed with Airi then continued their patrol of the forest.

In another part of the park where the trees were cluster together and only bits of the sun could be seen from beyond them, the suspect in question looked all around himself. Once sure nobody was around to see him, the person in the red hoodie quickly threw back the hood revealing black hair, tied on the right-side with two purple balls. The suspect then took off the bear mask revealing a female child of Asian descent (Probably Chinese). Smiling devilishly, the child said to herself, “That was awesome! Soon P.Q.P will be a dirty place again.” She then let out an evil laugh.

“Shut up!” cried one of the trees behind the Asian child, “I hate the sound of children laughter. Why do you think live in this area?”

“Shut up tree!” Shouted the girl. “I can laugh if I want too.”

“Well, I can tell on you if I want!” Shouted the tree.

Not wanting to anger the tree any further, the girl apologized to the tree before running away.

Only moments after the incident with Alice, The P.Q.P.R.T members started finding trash cans tipped over in different locations. In response to this Airi advised the other members of the group to ignore all small crimes people at the park usually commit. Instead, they were told to focus their attention on anyone who might fit the description Alice gave earlier.

Continuing her patrol of the park, Safari didn’t pay much, if any, attention to the people over the height of the person Alice described. Spitting gum unto the grass or anything equally as small wasn’t as important as finding the person who knocks over trash cans for a living. It was as big a gap as j-walking was to robbing a bank. Safari heard a voice calling out to her as she walked past one of the parks trash cans. Safari turned around and noticed a small female child standing right behind her. Unknowingly to Safari, the child that stood behind her was the person responsible for the trash cans being kicked over, however, she wasn’t wearing her bear mask nor hoodie.

“Can I help you?” Asked Safari.

“I saw someone kicking over a trash can.”

“Were they wearing a red hoodie and a bear mask.”

“Yes, I could show you wear I last saw them if you want.”

Taking her offer, Safari followed the young girl past the tennis court, through a slightly open field, down a narrow lane with clustered trees on both sides and stopped in a slightly open area surrounded by trees.

“Wears the trash can she kicked down?” Asked Safari.

“I lied, there is no trash can around here you dummy.”

“Who you calling a dummy, kid?” Asked Safari angrily.

“I’m calling you a dummy, dummy.”

“Where’s your parents kid?”

“None of your business, lady”

Safari tried to grab the young girl, however, the girl quickly moved out of Safari’s reach. The young girl then quickly launched three black spikes into Safari’s chest causing Safari to fall onto her back.

“What did you throw at me? Asked Safari.

“Poisonous darts,” said the young girl cheerfully.

“Poisonous darts?”

“Yep, you should be passing out any moment now.”

Safari vision and hearing started to fade away. She took a hold of the whistle that hung around her neck. However, before she could put it to her mouth and blow on it, the young girl wrestled it out of her hand. Darkness soon fell upon Safari.

Back at the Byzantine restaurant, Airi thought non-stop about the villain in the bear mask. “What would motivate someone to go around and knock over trash can?” She thought to herself, “It’s so childish.”

As Airi thought over the situation, a young girl walked into the restaurant. She looked very much like the girl behind the bear mask. In fact, the only real differents between the two (to anyone who thinks most Asian people look alike) were their height: She was clearly taller than the other girl. Also, her long, black hair went down to her waist giving her a more mature look. She looked to the left of her where the other customers were eating at the tables. Whoever she was looking for wasn’t sitting at one of the tables, so she went to the counter where Airi was standing.

“Hello!” The girl said cheerfully.

Airi gave a welcoming smile. “Hello!”

“Have you seen my sister, Grace.”

“I’m sorry, I haven’t seen her. Is she lost? Do you need help finding her?”

“I’m sure she’s fine. Mom and Dad are about to cut the watermelon and told me to go find her.”

“Well, if you give me a description of her, I can tell her that if I see her.”

“Ok, she’s probably wearing her red hoodie for some reason, it’s not even cold. And- “

“Does she wear a bear mask?” Asked Airi quickly.

“Yes, she brought it with her.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name, sweaty.”

“My names Annie.”

“Hi Annie. My names Airi.”

“Hello, Airi.” greeted Annie.

“I have seen your sister.” Said Airi.

“Do you know where she is?” Asked Annie

“Probably knocking down one of our park trash cans as we speak.”

“Why would she be knocking down your trash cans?”

“I don’t know why, however, I do know one of my park guards saw someone wearing a red hoodie and a bear mask kicking over our trash cans.”

The girl became slightly outraged at the accusation of her sister. “How do you know it was my sister? It could have been anyone in a red hood and bear mask.”

“The suspect in question is reported to be very short. How tall is your sister?”

“Well, she’s only seven, so she’s supposed to be short.”

“Red hoodie, bear mask and short, sounds like your sister, doesn’t it?”

“But why would she do it?”

“I don’t know. Did she ever have a dislike for this place or something?”

“Well, she said she liked the park better when it was dirty. I on the other hand love that y’all cleaned this place up”

“That’s a good enough reason for a seven-year-old to want to knock over trash cans, isn’t it? If she liked this place better when it was over-run with filth doesn’t stand to reason that she would try to dirty it back up?”

Annie thought it over. “probably.”

Looking and feeling exhausted, Grace wiped the sweat that began to appear upon her face. She then continued dragging Alice’s unconscious body into the bushes that she also hid safari. “I brought you a friend to play with, Safari.” She said mockingly. After laying Alice right next to Safari, Grace took a long piece of rope and tied Alice’s hand and feet behind her back. “Good, now you too play nice together. I’m going to go get Byzantine next, bye.” Grace left Alice and Safari unconscious bodies in the bushes.

Back at the Byzantine restaurant, Byzantine had just arrived at the restaurant. Upon sight, Airi quickly called Byzantine to the counter where she and Annie where talking.

“We’ve found out the identity of our red hood, bear masked friend,” said Airi.

Not understanding Airi’s speech, Byzantine replied, “She’s our friend now? I thought she was a criminal.”

“She’s not really our friend, Byzantine. I just called her that to be funny, got it?”

Byzantine nodded her head in a show to indicate she understood what Airi was talking about.

“Anyway, this is Annie.” She pointed to Annie who was standing beside Byzantine. “She is the sister of our little criminal.”

Grabbing Annie by the shoulders, Byzantine shouted, “You’re under arrest!”

“Why me!” Cried Annie.

“Because at P.Q.P the whole family is punished for the crimes of one of its members!”

Turning her gaze towards Airi, Annie said, “You didn’t tell me I also was in trouble.”

“Byzantine is just making things up. We wouldn’t do that.”

“I thought you said the parents are responsible for their children.”

“They are responsible. Sisters, on the other hand, aren’t.”

Byzantine showed that she understood by letting go of Annie.

“Byzantine, could you go and tell the rest of our guards to look out for an Asian ch- “

“I can’t find them.”

“What do you mean you can’t find them?”

“I can’t find either of them. First I lost Safari then Alice went missing.”

“Have you tried blowing your whistle?”

Byzantine conformed that she had done so. “That why I’m here. I can’t find them.”

“Grace most have them!” Said Annie calmly.

“What do you mean?” Asked Airi.

“Grace usually carry’s poison darts on her. She always uses them on people she doesn’t like.”

“Why does a seven-year-old have poisonous darts!”

“our grandparents gave them to her. She got poison darts and I got a goth doll.”

“Why would they give her poisonous darts.”

“Because they only had one doll, and they gave it to me.”

Airi obviously thought Annie grandparents insane, yet she didn’t thank it wise to tell that to Annie. Her sister was already a menace they didn’t need another.

“Let’s get back to finding a way to capture Grace before she causes anymore damage." Said Airi.

Running towards the front door, Byzantine yelled, “I’ll find her!”

Airi Tried to get Byzantine to stop, however, Byzantine paid her no mine. Airi watched as Byzantine quickly exited the restaurant in search of Grace.

“We have to hurry up and catch her,” said Airi, as she hopped over the counter. “Who knows what Byzantine might do to your sister if she finds her." Before pursuing Byzantine, Airi glanced over at her sister Aaliyah who just came back from taking customers’ orders. “Watch the restaurant while I’m gone.”

 Her sister nodded her head.

Flying 25 feet in the air, Byzantine headed for Serena lake. She didn’t have a clue as to where Grace could be, yet she reasoned searching anywhere is better than staying completely still.

Lake Serena is the largest body of water that can be found at Pendleton Queen Park. The lake itself isn’t huge, however, it had the appearance of being bigger than it was. The lake reflected everything above it with a cartoonish exaggeration: the trees reflected in it water was smaller than what was shown (like false advertisement).


Byzantine landed near the lakes water and searched for the little Asian girl. She studied her surrounding in hope of seeing someone wearing a red hoodie, bear mask or looked close enough to Annie to be called her sister. She looked as hard as she could but found no one, not even regular passersby. “If she isn’t here, I wonder where else I should look for her?” thought Byzantine. As Byzantine was thinking, a voice of panic came from behind her.

“Byzantine, I’m so glad I found!” Said Grace as she came closer to Byzantine. “Alice and Safari needs your help.”

Upon seeing Grace, Byzantine hopped upon her. Byzantine held both Grace’s arms to the ground.

“You’re under arrest!” Byzantine yelled.

“Arrest for what?!” shouted Grace. “I haven’t done anything wrong today.”

“You’re under arrest for kicking over trash cans, now repent.”

“How do you know it was me?” Asked Grace as she struggled to get free. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Your sister told on you, now stay still.”

“My sister?!”

Airi and Annie arrived on the scene as Byzantine was holding Graces arms above her head. Airi quickly grabbed hold of Byzantine and lifted her off Grace.

“That’s enough Byzantine!” Shouted Airi.

“What did I do?” Asked Byzantine. “I was just arresting her.”

“That’s how we handle adults, not children!” Shouted Airi even louder.

Pointing towards Annie, Byzantine replied, “Are you going to tell her that?”

On the ground in front of Airi and Byzantine, Annie was beating up Grace. “You do not kick over other people’s trash cans!” Shouted Annie, as she repeatedly struck Grace in the face.

Airi quickly grabbed hold of Annie, lifted her and sat her away from Grace. She then told everyone to calm down.

“I’m telling mom on you!” Yelled Annie.

Grace protested. She didn’t want to get in trouble. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Annie saw the tears rolling down her sister’s face, but she did let it soften her, “Dad might not do anything to you, however, mom is going to use you for target practice.”

Grace conjured up the image of her mother in her mind. She was angry but as usually of her mother she didn’t show it. Her cold stare was enough, adult or otherwise, to cause fright.

“Please don’t tell mother, Annie!” Cried Grace.

“No, I think I will tell mother,” said Annie calmly. “And she’s going to punish you really badly.”

“Or you can right your wrong by become a member of the P.Q.P.R.T.” Said Airi.

“What’s the P.Q.P- whatever?” Asked Annie.

“It’s means the Pendleton Queen Park Restoration Team. We protect the park by keeping it clean and safe from harm.”

“Why would you want her to join your team after what she’s done?”

“We could use more members and her joining would be a better punishment then her mom punishing her, right?”

“I think mom should punish her, however, if she wants to join your club as punishment then I’m fine with that also.”

“Will you join, Grace?” Asked Airi.

Grace agreed to join the P.Q.P.R.T.

“Great,” exclaimed Airi. “Now where is my other members?”

© Copyright 2018 zuki. All rights reserved.

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