To Expand Or Not To Expand: Thoughts Of A Writer Part 9

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A thought or two on taking an idea and turning it into a book or a short story.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Anybody who had read my stories may have noticed that my stories are pretty brief. They don't really rely on movement, but more on dialogue and character. But truthfully, it wasn't always like that.

My first story, "The Book of Brennan" was originally a book I had written. All of the stories were chapters in what I thought of as an "Anthology/Memoir" of my character Nick Brennan. I thought all of those stories would work as a novel, but the more I thought about it I made the conscientious decision to take a lot out of the stories.

I am a big believer of the saying "Less is More". Especially as it applies to writing. Far to often I feel writers, with good intentions mind you, try to throw too much at the readers. I know that people try their best when telling stories.

Now, am I saying that I am a perfect writer?

Far from it.

Looking at my own writing, I can notice that while I think dialogue and character are a couple of my strong suit, I know that a big thing that I have trouble with is expanding my stories or characters. They seem one dimensional and not a lot of life their. There are a lot of writers on this site that have taken some ideas and have created great huge world's within their works. I admire their ability to do that.

It's weird that while I was influenced a lot by Richard Russo , I would give anything to write like those who do thrillers and action novels. They take an idea and within the confines of the idea make you the reader see first hand all the action, gunplay, romance and intrigue work. I myself have tried to write a couple of stories like that, with lackluster results.

Sometimes an idea has to have more to it. You may think that this is a quick story. Thirty pages into it, your already planning chapter two and beyond.

So I guess my Thought might come down to this:

If you have an idea, don't stop.

Well, maybe I could add a little more to it.

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