Home away from Home

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This is a poem I wrote while sitting in Piazza Navona people watching.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



footsteps shake the uneven cobblestone

from children running fearlessly

without a care in the world.


my body shivers from the cold, brisk wind"

feels like knives against my skin"

the warmth of the sun peaks through the clouds,

they are fighting one another for attention.


i inch closer to Him, He feels like home.

i watch as He admires what is around Him,

He sees what many overlook.


the musician plays music in the background"

pouring out words of love and sorrow.


i look back at Him and He smiles,

goosebumps flood the outer layer of my skin,

the way children run out to play.


sirens break the peace and bring fear"

pain breaks happiness"

death breaks life"


He isn't scared, He doesn't break,

thats why He feels like home.

calm, warm,"strong.


all the things i wish my home was

all the things i wish i was


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