Made In Hetalia Ep 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

England’s telephone rings Sealand picks it up;


Sealand – Hello;


America’s voice – Hay Sealand is England there?


Sealand – He’s over at Italy and Romano’s restaurant;


America’s voice – Italy and Romano’s restaurant;


Sealand – Something about half price on alcohol beverages with every 3 course Italian dish;


America’s voice – Okay tell him that I called looks if my dog’s exorcist session must wait take care Sealand;


Sealand – Goodbye America;


Sealand puts down the telephone Scotland appears;


Scotland – Who was that?


Sealand –America’s dog is being controlled by demons;


Scotland – Controlled by demons did he say why?


Sealand – Not really;


Ireland appears;


Ireland – Why are you by the telephone?


Sealand – America just called about his dog being controlled by demons;


Ireland – Controlled by demons are you sure that America’s dog is not just badly behaved?


Sealand –You know America likes to over react;















Seychelles and Prussia get out from the car;


Prussia – I said to the night club owner that I was coming and for us to use the VIP entrance;


Seychelles – You must come to this place a lot;


Prussia – I do;


Seychelles – So what do you do at this night club?


Prussia – Drink, eat, Dance, and sing Karaoke;


Seychelles – Nice;


They walk over to a door saying VIP entrance a man in a suit walks over to them;


Man – Evening Mr Gilbert?


Prussia – Harvey hi this is my friend Seychelles;


Man – Hello welcome to the Star Blazer;


Prussia and Seychelles walk into the nightclub;


Techno music playing inside the night club as they walk over to the bar area;


Bartender – Hay Gilbert what can I get you?


Prussia – A cold beer what would you like Seychelles?


Seychelles – A Gin please;


Prussia – Gin!


Seychelles – I am 21;


Prussia – Course you are;


Bartender – One cold beer and a gin;


Prussia – Yes please;


Bartender – Coming right up;


Prussia – Would you like to sit down?


Seychelles - Sure;




Bouncer – Sorry sir this is for VIP’s only!


France – But I have to get in there!


Bouncer – Only those that hold a VIP pass can come into this club by this entrance!


France – But I really need to get in;


Bouncer – Sorry sir no can do!


France – What if I gave you,


France goes into his suit jacket pocket and takes out a check book;


France – How about I give you $2000.00?


Bouncer – Are you bribing me Richie rich!


France – Do you have a sister that is above the age of 18?


Bouncer – Excuse me!


France – That virgin pussy in my mouth;


Bouncer – Hah!


France –Soft and tender as I lick the folds of her sweet,


The bouncer lets France in,


Bouncer – F-ing pervert!


France – So much smoke in here?


Prussia – Tell me more about yourself?


Seychelles – Well as you know I have my own holiday home business, a pet cat and I can speak four different languages;


Prussia – Really what are they?


Seychelles – English, French, Spanish and Italian;


Prussia – Awesome;


Bartender – Hello sir what would you like?


France – A glass of red wine please;


Bartender – Coming right up;


The bartender gets a wine glass and a bottle of red wine he puts them in front of France;


Bartender – Shall I open the bottle for you?


France – Yes please;


The bartender opens the bottle of red wine;


France – Thank you;


Bartender – Your welcome are you new here?


France – Yes;


Bartender – How are you finding it?


France – Very smoky but it’s nice;


France looks across to Prussia and Seychelles sitting at a table;


Prussia – Would you like to dance?


Seychelles – Sure I love to;


They get up from the table France picks up the glass and the bottle of red wine and moves away from the bar over to a table near where Seychelles and Prussia were dancing;


Prussia – You are such an awesome dancer;


Seychelles – Thanks Prussia;


Prussia – Did you do a lot of dancing?


Seychelles – Yes when I was little my mother will put on her favourer record and I will dance with her;


Prussia – Really;


Seychelles – Yes;


Prussia – Tell me about your parents?


Seychelles – My mother was a nurse and my father was never around;


Prussia – Never around;


Seychelles – He was in the army;


Prussia – In the army;

Drunk England – More Cider please;


Italy – Don’t you think you had enough?


Drunk England – I will tell you when I had enough!


Romano – Hay don’t shout at my brother;


Drunk England – I am a paying customer and I say more drink!


Romano – And am a pissed off Italian that is saying enough is enough!


Ukraine Belarus and Russia walks into the restaurant;


Italy – Welcome to my restaurant;


Russia – Hello Italy, how are you?


Italy – I am fine;


Ukraine – Is that England sitting over there?


Belarus – Don’t look at him;


England gets up he falls;


Drunk England – I am okay;


Russia – And I thought I was bad;


Italy walks over to Russia’s table;


Italy – Okay what would you three like?


Ukraine - Can I have the Chicken risotto?


Belarus – A traditional Italian made pizza?


Russia – A pasta dish please?


Italy – No problem coming right up


Italy walks away;


Drunk England -Where is my drink!


Romano – There are other customers wanting the same thing you are just taking advantage!


Flying mint bunny – He’s right you know?


Unicorn – You had 24 ciders, 7 gins, 2 beers, 1 wine, 5 shots, 3 whiskeys, and 1 coke with vodka;


Pixie – And you still want more;


Flying mint bunny – Look at you can hardly get up;


Drunk England –Ukraine looks nice in red?


Unicorn – Who’s Ukraine?


Pixie – The slut sitting between Belarus and Russia!  


Drunk England – She is not a slut but a young woman with very little money;


Pixie – Very little money my wings;


Drunk England – Maybe I could make an honest woman out of her?


Flying mint bunny – Do you have a death wish;


Drunk England – She’s a grown woman what is the worse could happen;


England crawls on the floor over to Russia’s table he slowly gets up;


Drunk England -Why hello their Miss Ukraine I have not seen you in the world meetings lately?


Ukraine –England what a pleasant surprise;


Drunk England – How are you?


Ukraine – I am fine;


Drunk England – Why have you stopped coming to the world meetings?


Ukraine – Why have I stopped coming to the world meetings;


Belarus – The reason she has stopped is because she is focusing on her sweets and cake making studies with me and Miss Belgium;


Drunk England – Sweets and cake making studies;


Flying mint bunny – Wow; that’s right up your alley Arthur;


Drunk England – I don’t need baking lessons!


Ukraine – What;


Drunk England – Oh nothing just talking to myself ha-ha-ha;


Belarus – Like always;

Drunk England – So what brings you here?


Russia –It’s my birthday;


Drunk England – Really;


Pixie – I did not know communists had birthdays;


Drunk England – There are not communists;


Russia – Hah;


Belarus – Maybe you should go;


Drunk England – Go but I want to talk to you guys a bit,


England’s face goes pale white and drops to the ground;


Ukraine – England!


Drunk England – Don’t mind me I will lay here and;


England throws up;


Belarus – Oh that’s just gross;


Ukraine – Romano!


Romano comes over to their table;


Romano – You bastard first you drink this place dry and now you are vomiting on my floor;


Romano grabs the back of England’s shirt and drags him over to the door;


Romano – Stand up!


Drunk England – Don’t tell me what to do!


Romano – Shut up you stupid English drunk and get out!


Drunk England – How dare you speak to me like rubbish I am a paying customer;


Romano – And so is Russia and the rest of the people in this restaurant you had your time here now piss off!


Drunk England – I want to see your manager!


Romano – Just leave;


Drunk England -I am not coming back to this restaurant ever again!

Romano - That’s fine goodbye;


England staggers out from the restaurant onto the street a red sports car pulls up beside him;


America - England;


England turns;


America – You look a mess bro?


Drunk England – I am not your bro is that a cheese burger you are eating;


America – Yeah, I got hungry on the way;


Drunk England – I thought you were on a diet?


America – That was so last week;


Drunk England – Typical American;


America – Hay no need to be rude!


Drunk England – Just take me home;


America opens the sports car door England staggers over to it he climbs in and sits down he closes the door the car drives away;


America – How was your evening out?


Drunk England – It was alright until they stopped the half price alcohol beverages;


America – Who’s they?


Drunk England – Italy’s brother he said I was drinking the restaurant dry;


America – Drinking the restaurant dry what did you have for him to say that?


Drunk England – 1 wine, 24 ciders, 7 gins, 3 whiskeys, 2 beers, 5 shots and 1 coke and vodka;


America – Dude that’s too much how you are still alive?


Drunk England – Stop the car I need to wee and vomit;


America stops the car England opens the car door falls out from the car and crawls over to a corner;


America – Tell me when you are done throwing up and peeing?


Back over at the nightclub Prussia and Seychelles were still dancing while France watches them from a nearby table;


Prussia – You’re not the only one that had an absent father;


Seychelles – Really;


Prussia – He left when West was born;


Seychelles – What was he?


Prussia – A navy captain;


Seychelles – A navy captain;


Prussia – So he says;


Seychelles – What do you mean?


Prussia – He says that but my mother knew what was really going on;


Seychelles – What was your father really up to?


Prussia – Let’s just say he was leading a double life;


Seychelles - A double life;


Prussia –Yes;


Seychelles – Okay;


Prussia – Would you like to go upstairs?


Seychelles – What’s there?


France looks at his watch;


France – It’s all most 11:00 Chanel must be worried but I have to make sure that this Prussian jerk does not try or do anything to make my little Seychelles feel uncomfortable maybe I should make myself noticeable no she will get cross and thinks that I can’t trust her I know she’s 21 and could defend for herself but she is so young and innocent and I will do anything to protect her;


Voice – Why are you sitting there all alone looking bored?


A beautiful woman with short blond hair wearing a white dress stood opposite France’s table;


Woman – Want to dance;


France – I love to but my daughter is with a guy that I am not so keen on;


Woman – You’re a dad you look so young;


France – Thank you;


Woman – I wish my dad was young;


Prussia and Seychelles walk over to some stairs they go up;


Seychelles – You have not told me what’s up there?


Prussia – You will see;


They reach upstairs to see men and women dancing on poles;


Seychelles – I don’t like this place;


Prussia – Why not?


Seychelles – There is too much nudity;


Prussia – This is not the reason why we have come up here;


Seychelles – Okay;


Prussia – There are rooms we can rent out;


Seychelles – Rent out for what?


Prussia – For you to see my 7 incher up close;


Seychelles – What do you mean?


Prussia – Sex;


Seychelles – But we only just met;


Prussia – Yeah but I want to explore your body;


Seychelles – Explore my body;


Prussia – All of it what are you doing?


Seychelles – I am calling France;


Prussia – No need to;


Seychelles – I must otherwise he will be worried;


France’s voice – Hello;


Seychelles - Hello Francis it’s me Seychelles;


She starts speaking in French seconds after the call France appears behind Prussia he turns to see France standing behind him;


France – No one tries to seduce my little Seychelles;


Prussia – How the f did you get here so fast?


France – I knew you were up to no good from the very beginning so I followed you;


Prussia -You where spying on me;


France – Come on Seychelles I will take you home;


Seychelles and France turn and walks away;


Prussia -F!


Female pole dancer – Hay Gilbert;


He goes over to the female pole dancer the two began kissing while France and Seychelles walk out from the nightclub;


Seychelles – I thought I had a decent guy to go out with;


France – Prussia has never been a decent guy;


Seychelles – Would I ever find my prince charming?


France – You will but not right now;


They walk over to the car France and Seychelles opens the car door they climbed into the car they both close the car door France starts up the car and drives away.















Submitted: June 11, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Green Rabbit. All rights reserved.

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Sophia C.H. Stella

that was beautiful even though I am American

Thu, March 1st, 2018 8:43pm

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