No more disappointments

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her name was sarah. she was 16 years old female student. she had everything but still nothing. she was missing something, even when she had everything, but something wasn't enough

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



My name is Sarah. I am 16 years old female student. My parents Divorced when I was a kid. They do not speak with each others and mom got new husband. I also got new stepmom. I always was bullied, and I know I will be in future.


I am totally opsessed with anime, and boy love is more than close to my heart. Im also addicted with videogames. I love reading manga with happy ending and always get mad when there is no happy ending in anime. I love this stuff becuse in them there is atleast change for happy ending. Unlike in reality.


I got used to disapointments. I got friend, but she was fake. I fell in love, he left me. I has been two years since that happend and I just cannot get over it. No matter how I try. Theres just no use. I still love him.


When I went to my first cosplay event. There I met my first real friend. She has always been there for me. So I had one friend.


Year passed and I became 16. My parents didn't show much love to me. I had only my cat Luna and that one friend. I was still bullied, and nobody understood how I felt. I had growing sorrow in me, and I didn't know why. I started to loose control. I didn't know what was real and what wasn't. I started to hope I could get some powers like in anime. But it was another disapointment.


In the end all I had was my friend. My mother killed Luna after I moved to my dad, because she didn't want to take care of her or give her with me. I got so mad at her I didn't want to see her again. My friend knew I wasn't okay, and she started to figure out what I didn't have enough, but it was too late. My sorrrow had grown too big that I couldn't see straight anymore.


When I was holding knife on my neck, I knew what I was missing. It was fate. Fate for humanity. After seeing how cruel even tiny children were to each others and after learning our history I lost my fate, and by every disapointment my sorrow grew until it drived me to stab knife into my neck.

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