Negative Spirit Attachment

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Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



June, 2017

  Ever since these negative spirits began harassing me, I have seen them employ a particular tactic of psychological abuse. I have seen them use this tactic repeatedly in other accounts that I’ve seen of this situation as well. This tactic is one of trying to make a person feel guilty about particular things, either about themselves or about things from their past. They may torment you about a particular behavior, or characteristic of your personality or just about anything that they think could instill a sense of guilt and shame in you. I have seen them using this same tactic repeatedly.

They will try and make you feel like you deserve their abuse because of something that you’ve done. As I’ve said before, these harassing negative entities employ an extreme form of psychological warfare and this is one tactic (the guilt trip) that I’ve seen them using in many other cases that I’ve seen. So, one finding themselves in a similar situation as this can be assured, these harassing voices are not really on your case in the way that they portray because of anything that you’ve done. This guilt trip tactic is literally just another tactic from their arsenal of psychological mind games. Once you clearly see this for what it really is, it will have little to no impact upon you at all.

They often do not give up on this tactic very easily either. I think perhaps that it’s accurate to say that perhaps this is one of their favorite devious tactics. They have been employing this tactic with me since day one, only now they don’t seem to put as much effort into making it come off as convincing. I think that they are fully aware that I have seen through this one.

  But, they seem to just keep recycling through their same old bag of tricks over and over and each time that they use these same tactics, their impact becomes less and less significant. It essentially boils down to why should I concern myself with their opinions anyway. I didn’t ask for their opinions, I don’t need their opinions and I don’t want their opinions. This guilt trip ploy that they use is clearly just that, another ploy of theirs.

June, 5 2017

  I heard the tormenting female voice that I call “Pippy” say to me tonight “EVP was never a good idea”. I thought to myself “no shit…really, you think?” But, what’s done is done. My experimenting with EVP back in the winter of 2015 was brief, but intense and it seemed to open some kind of doorway where by these intrusive and harassing entities (of unknown origin) have become attached to my life.

I think that part of the reason why they were able to do this was because back when I was recording for EVP in 2015, I opened my mind up a bit too much, I went a bit too far in taking these deceiving entities at their word. Back in the beginning of my recording experience, these voices that I was hearing on my recordings were anything but hostile. In fact, at that time, they were all seemingly benevolent in nature. It seemed like I was being invited to share in a remarkable experience. I had no idea at the time, no idea at all that these “benevolent” voices were setting a trap for me and I was about to blindly fall right into it.

June 6, 2017

7:24 pm

  I just tried to rest for a bit after I got home from work. I wasn’t trying to sleep, I just wanted to rest for a short while, though I knew that falling asleep was a possibility, that’s what happened to me last night. I fell asleep for a couple of hours, awoke around nine o’clock then went back to sleep again about two hours later after taking some sleep-aid.

I just tried to rest now, but it did not go well at all. The physical sensations were quite intense and annoying. Both the strange vibration and the voices got real “close in.” The vibration sensation was focused more on my upper shoulder area. This is a new tactic it seems. For the most part, in the past this strange sensation focused on my lower body and mid-area, but never really harassed me in my upper body area. This has occurred for the past two days, so it looks like I might be seeing a new pattern emerging.

  The voices also got in close, mostly it was the all too familiar and sinister female voice that I call “Pippy.” She was saying some strange things. I try to block it out if I can, but sometimes I can’t help but clearly make out what she is saying. I heard her say “you are experiencing a biology experiment.” I have no idea what the hell this means, but I’m sure she meant it to sound all disturbing to me. Psychological warfare is what these harassing negative entities wage. When I do hear them say things like this, I look at it from that perspective. I look for the angle that they are attempting to employ and after a while, the techniques of their trickery become more and more obvious to me.

June 11, 2017

9:26 am

  This week was particularly busy and rough with work. For a few days this week, I came home and practically passed out right away, waking up at two or three in the morning. Because of this, my sleep routine is a bit fouled up this week. These negative spirits that are essentially attached to my life have been trying to take full advantage of the fact that I’ve been feeling so exhausted recently.

They’ve tried with some effort to mess with my sleep on a few occasions this week, but mostly because of the fact that I’ve been so tired after work, for the most part I’ve been falling asleep rather quickly, so they have not succeeded in disrupting my sleep that much. Mainly, my internal clock is just all fouled up this week.

 Why am I writing about my sleep routine one might wonder? Well, this is in fact often a very major part of being involved in an attachment situation involving negative entities. I have seen it in numerous other cases. Often, these harassing entities will stop at nothing to disrupt your sleep. They are essentially trying to wear you down and they can be relentless.

  Aside from whatever other personal battles one might be waging when involved in this type of situation, often a very real battle for sleep is being waged. It is a major priority to do whatever one can to ensure that they maintain a sufficient sleep routine, because in many cases, these harassing entities are waiting for any opportunity to make their presence that much more noticeable and that much more of a problem to deal with.


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