How to kill a kid

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I don't know
what to do

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Do you know how to kill a kid?

Without using a knife to fillet his skin

It’s simple and the answer is

Just to be a useless parent.

You can be a God who births him in

A family who is emotionless

There is no love

And the Father is an ambitionless sack of filth

The mother ruined his soul

When she destroyed the family they built

Though even before that he had no regard

For loving them at least not outward

With his daughter, he was kind

Though for his son I could not use the same line

Videogames took up his time

to the extent that he would rage

If his son would say his name,

He could not sit by his side

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?!?!?!” the father cried

And the son would simply sulk

The uncle was too young to

Understand what to do

He just knew that a role model was what he wanted to be

But he did not know what to do,

To kill a kid simply give him a family that is useless

A grandmother who is too tired to know

How to act like an adult

An aunt who is unstable

Though she loves them as much as she is able

A mother who just cannot be

A good person even if she wanted to be

Or rather a good mother just isn’t there

Being born to this family just isn’t fair

To those children

What did you do?

God I am calling to you

What would you have a man try

For those children who will soon die

Their models for life are broken men

Shattered woman

They act like children

There is no one who they can respect.

Not even their uncle

Now older

Even if he tries his best.

Perhaps it is time to let them rest

Leave them be until they are dead.

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