Elizabeth and the Haunted Ship

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'Elizabeth and the haunted ship' is about a little brave girl who was curious to explore a haunted ship. There she needs to answer three riddles....or.......something horrible would happen.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Elizabeth turned around just one last time as she faded in the mist with her white long gown and her dim comforting lamp. Her dark hair swept across her face, hiding her nervous look. Elizabeth had a flower tiana on her head. It was beautiful and her only memories of her family. Her dad had gave it to her when she was a baby, it was a tradition and was meant to be passed on.

That night, Elizabeth had fled from the palace to explore the haunted ship. The haunted ship was a cursed ship in her village where nobody dared to go. Her  father had told her that more than a
Hundred men had tried to explore that ship but no one came out. This made brave Elizabeth curious about the haunted ship and set out to explore it. It took no longer than a second to find the ship because it was the only one at the harbour. 

As Elizabeth crept in, the wooden floor creaked as if they were warnings. It smelt absolutely disgusting inside the ship. “Ewwwww…it smells like dead cats!” Elizabeth thought. It was dark, damp and everything was broken and dirty. There were cob webs everywhere with massive tarantulas crawling around the floor. Black vampire bats were hanging around upside down from the ceiling. A wet drop touched her soft fair hands. Then, there was another and another. She looked up, the ceiling was so damp, that drops of water dripped on her.
She kept walking into different hallways until she found a locked door. It was dark brown and polished with gold intricate designs. It had a bronze complicated keyhole in the shape on the word ‘answer’.  Suddenly, something caught her eye. She looked up. Elizabeth was horrified. Her face started to get pale as paper. There were thousands of dead bodies pinned to the ceiling.  She realised it was all the explorers who came to explore the ship. Elizabeth was now shivering but was still brave enough to control herself. 

In a second, a white blurry text came up on the door. ‘ There will be 3 riddles...if you get them correct, then, you get the treasure and you get to be free, but, if  you get anything wrong...you will end up like others, pinned to the ceiling’. Suddenly the hallway closed with a grey door and she was stuck in the hallway, no where to go but solve those three riddles.

Another text came up on the door. ‘1. What can jump higher than a castle?’  A bronze key was placed on a golden plate. The key fitted perfectly into the keyhole but there was a black marker as well . Another writing came up on the door, ‘ write your answer on the key and then put then key inside the key hole.’ Elizabeth thought for a long time. “What can jump higher than a castle?” Then, she thought that this was a riddle so the answer must be something out-of-the-square. “Wait…..castles don't jump…so, that means anything can jump higher than a castle! So, the answer is anything!” Elizabeth finally thought. With her neatest cursive handwriting, Elizabeth wrote down ‘anything’ on the key and put it inside the keyhole. 

Suddenly, the door started to crack, and Elizabeth got freaked out. Then, a white door with a blackboard and a chalk emerged out of a mist. The next riddle came up on the door ‘2. What’s yours but everyone else uses it.Write your answer on the blackboard with the white chalk.’  “Why would everyone else use something that’s mine?” Asked Elizabeth to herself. “I wouldn't necessarily let everyone use my things, especially if there precious,” “Elizabeth, Elizabeth….think, think,” She kept murmuring to herself. “Elizabeth! That’s it! Everyone use my name!’ Again, neatly she wrote on the black board – ‘my name.’

Dripping on her was the blood of the rotten dead bodies. The overwhelming odour filled the hallway and was suffocating Elizabeth. She had gotten a bad headache in the hour. All she wanted was a relief and go back to her house. A ray of golden light struck her eyes from the door. The door amazingly ripped open as if it was 2D. Another door appeared in front, it was made out of paper and had a black pen  infront of it. Shaking, she picked it up. 

‘ 3. There was a man dead in the middle of  a desert. There were no footprints beside the man, only a bag with only one zip which was jammed and could not open. How did the man die? – write the answer anywhere on the door with the black pen.’ ‘Elizabeth could not think because of the horrible smell. She was on the ground, vomiting out blood and spit. Immediately, she had a flashback of how her uncle had died a few years ago. He was a professional parachute glider and one day, the parachute did not open. He splat on to the ground and a fem minutes later, people started crowding over the place. So, this time with wobbly writing, she wrote down, ‘The man’s parachute did not open so he landed on the sand dead. She prayed that it was the correct answer.

This time, the door slid open and a faint silhouette of a man could be seen faraway. As he was approaching to her, Elizabeth noticed that he was holding a sword. “This is your treasure and then you’ll be free!” The man cracked with an evil laughter as he lifted his sword up.


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