Transparent walls

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My first literary work, this was written for an english exam and took me 40-50 minutes to come up with, please let me know what you think.

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



The reception area of the hotel was strangely silent, and even though he rang the bell several times, nobody answered. He was not at this seaside resort just for leisure, no, he was there because he had been the one responsible for the construction of the hotel, therefore, the most logic thing to do was to call him, since there had been a problem in a room, or so he was told. But when he arrived there were no signs of life, so he decided to give a ring to the hotel's manager. He had to call twice before the manager picked up the phone and told him that she would send someone for him. A few minutes later, a young lady, wearing the luxurious receptionist uniform from the even more luxurious hotel, arrived and told the man to follow her. They went up some floors and walked past several corridors before arriving to their destination, where the manager and her staff were already waiting.

–"Finally, it was about time for you to arrive, we have been waiting here for hours"– Said the manager.

–"And... What is the matter?"– Asked the man.

–"See for yourself, but be careful"– Answered the manager while opening the door to room number 433.

What the man saw next shocked him: There was no room 433.

There were no walls, ceiling or floor in the room. He could even see the adjacent rooms through the missing walls and the sea through the back of the room. But what was even more shocking than that, was the fact that everything was still there, the bed was still in it's place, seemingly floating above the room directly below them, and so did the tables, sofas, night lights, and even the shower. Like if the only thing missing on the room where the walls, as if they had become transparent.

–"Has anybody tried going in?"– Asked the man.

–"Not yet"– Answered the manager.

–"I will"– Said the man while walking towards the inside of the room.

–"Fine but be caref..."– The manager was saying as the man approached the room, but she was unable to keep speaking due to the shock that had been caused by what had just happened: as the man gave the first step into the room, he disappeared.


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