The Places I've been

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Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



I have been to many places and had the audacity to call them home

home is such a atrange thing to consider these days.

what exactly is home?

This three-bedroom apartment?

The old house that we lost last year?

The friend's basement that I got evicted from just before we lost the house last year?


No, I can tell you exactly what home is to me now:

Talking to Brandon about poetry

watching TV with mom on a sunday afternoon

working on a costume with Melissa

Watching old movies with James

Riding around talking about life with Craig

Playing league with the boys

eating dinner and watching Supernatural with Christine.

this is what home is.


I hope one day they can understand how I feel.

brother, I want to write home in such a way that you are never cold and your table is never empty

friends, I want every hot glued fingerprint, every long ride to a mcdonalds, every late night movie screening and every joke about me feeding lane and cutting pineapples to be fireproof. I want all those memories made into glass so when the light hits the windows the right way it sends splashes of "Hey remember that time" spilling across you bedroom

Lover I want to cook you better meals to repay you for every meal wasted on ungrateful mouth,

I want my arms around your waist while we listen to Oh Wonder and fry bacon to be your fireplace because I don't want you to shiver anymore.

I wanna spill the anger from this heart of mine and I want all the reds to turn Christine's Cheeks Pink and I  want to love you better than anyone before me. I want that color to be the color of every room of your house.

I want the sound of my guitar to be the breeze through Jaden's bedroom window.

I want my loved ones safe and warm within the walls of my embrace.

I am home.




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