Extraordinary acclaims On The Intellectual Saviour

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This covers extraordinary acclaims and comments on the Author and the book The Intellectual saviour by Meshach Terfa

Comments on the Author and the Book

The Intellectual Saviour by Terfa is unique by its keen psychological insight and use of various literary techniques – most notably stream of consciousness. This is his deliberate attempt to write in the manner in which the reader’s thought and memory works in their inner minds. Terfa seems to be the James Joyce of our contemporary era.

 – Professor David Ker OON

Former Vice Chancellor,

Benue State University, Makurdi, and

 VERITAS University, Abuja


The short stories in this collection are distinguished by Terfa’s unique inventiveness besides his superb plot rendition. The author seems to be unequalled in evoking an all-encompassing mood of terrifying intrigue through the weaving of setting, theme, and atmosphere.

 – Professor Charity Angya

Vice Chancellor,

Benue state University, Makurdi.


Terfa’s creative output about Nigerian scene is remarkably captured in a flawless literary construction with haunting themes and metres laced with biting satire. He certainly holds the key to creative writing.

– Victoria Collins

River Path Associates,

United Kingdom.


Terfa’s stories, especially “Bagu Vaa Imiura” is a spine-tingling tale of satirical cruelty and intriguing revenge which silently awakens the readers’ conscience to rise up and stand for their rights. I foresee up-coming Nigerian writers professing their artistic debt to him.

 – Yisa Moses Terfa

Police Force Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria.


Terfa’s short stories capture the imagination with their dark imagery and undying fascination with the inner psyche. This is seen in his extraordinary manipulation of rhythm, sound, and literary devices that suspend the reader till the last page is turned.

 – Professor Joseph Earnest Iyo

Senior Lecturer,

University of Belize, Central America


This is the voice of an angry young man; angry at the state of the nation, at the way the politicians rip off the masses. His voice is both Orwellian and Achebean, in tone, pointing out in bitingly satiric terms, what the trouble is with Nigeria. He is so angry that at times his language raw, bleeding, is eighteenth century naturalistic in orientation as he burrows down to the level of the basest in human nature to depict the murder of a base character in “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” the language moves near to Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment depicting in crude terms, the murder of a gross and base politician in “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”. No subject matter is too sacrosanct for the author, no slang too sacred for his use as demonstrated in the story “When a Woman Loves: She Loves for Real”.

Terfa by all indications is proving himself to be the George Orwell of our times. His bitingly realistic oeuvres are doing what Nigerian historians have been unable to do. He delves into the heart of the matter, exposes the culprits that are defiling the socio-political landscape of Nigeria and in the process revealing the evil in the human heart. This is what literature should do. Politicians must be forced to read this book. Let us begin to address where the trouble with Nigeria lies, so that the festering can be cured.

 – Maria Ajima PhD

Lecturer, Department of English,

Benue State University, Makurdi


Meshach Terfa’s The Intellectual Saviour is not just a piece of writing, which only entertains, it is equally, at the same time too, expresses ideas, views, opinions, experiences, feelings, body of knowledge, cultural value as well as teaches moral lessons and heals souls.



When he wrote The Local Champion, Terfa Meshach took the literary world by storm by not only displaying his narrative and grammatical competence, bathed in didacticism and suspense, but by also bitingly satirizing the social phenomenon of his time. Meshach's passion for relentlessly correcting the social ills bedevilling his society sees the emergence of The Intellectual Saviour, a collection of short stories. Opening with a chapter dubbed, "Bagu Vaa Imiura", which literally means, "a monkey is tasty", he satirizes selfishness, poor accountability and administrative ineptitude of politicians in our society. In a similar vein, aggrieved persons bemoan the excesses of a former senator and presidential aspirant, who has repeatedly failed to keep campaign promises. He is silenced with the bullets. This book is a must-read, especially for politicians. Meshach, you are indeed the Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe of our time.

 – Adagu Moses


Terfa Meshach is a writer to admire. He is prolific and writes with so much power that one feels totally absorbed in his words. The Intellectual Saviour is a collection of short stories that further buttresses his gift of the pen, as he explores the daily societal experiences through his unique style. Terfa is fearless. He writes without holding back anything. His sense of humour is amazing, and how he weaves it around, easily easing tensed situations is what gives the reader great satisfaction. Not to sound like a cheerleader, but this book is worth reading and keeping!

 – Anyo Leah Sewuese


  Terfa Meshach’s The Intellectual Saviour is an acme of descriptive ingenuity; a ‘one-way’ solution to political cum social-cultural malaise, too dangerous and appealing to resist.

– Adoga, Eje Friday

Abuja, Nigeria.


Whoever reads Terfa’s The Intellectual Saviour is entranced by his astute ability to stimulate the imagination. His manipulation of artistic techniques in mature style, harmonious composition, and reflection of the human soul are depicted with care and unblemished precision.

Terfa Stephanie

Abuja, Nigeria.

Submitted: June 12, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Terfa Meshach MC. All rights reserved.

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