A failing system

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Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



The education system in South Africa at primary and secondary level is problematic. The education system fails those who are unable to work according to its methods. It’s not that we are stupid. The system is set up in such a way that only those who are able to cope with its methods are able to do well. There are thousand, if not millions of intelligent students in South Africa, but not all of us benefit from the method of teaching in Primary and High School.

The method I am talking about is one where you are taught something, asked to cram that information into your mind and regurgitate it during a test or exam. Students fail to learn anything this way, in fact, this method only serves to damage your memory. The education system is beneficial to those who are able to adapt to a particular system and conform to its methods. Those who are unable to conform are considered uneducated. The education system must change. All students are tested the same way; we study for a test and write it. This seems fair, but it isn’t. It is unfair to those who cannot learn by consuming information through reading. Some students are much better at learning through practical methods. Education at the Primary and Secondary level must accommodate for this. It is their duty to accommodate to the needs of the student. Students are forced to rebel and seek other methods of passing an exam. The current system we have in place does not work. A different approach needs to be considered if we wish to move forward as a nation, and produce outstanding students, students who are not marginalized by our current education system. Accommodate for the students who require practical methods of teaching and test these students with practical exams. By implementing changes that suit the student's needs, we will reduce the failure rate and better equip our students to cope at University. Proper education in Primary and High School, with various methods of teaching, will equip students to achieve better results.

Students are forced to make use of a system that is flawed, that does not accommodate for every student. It accommodates for a select group of students. English is an example of a subject that requires drastic change. In Linguistics, we call it “applied linguistics”. This is language in practice. English should be a subject that involves language in practice as a separate subject from English theory. Applied English. Students should be taught to speak and write in English before being promoted from Grade 12. Our Universities teach in English and requires students to present their work and write their exams in English. When our students are well-educated in High School, it makes adapting to University easier and boosts overall performance.

Students who protest are called “uneducated”. But who is uneducated? A group of individuals who spend recklessly and make empty promises or a group of individuals who have grown tired of the status quo? You ask students to change their methods of resistance? Change the system that forces students to learn by “force feeding”. Change the system that marginalizes students. I believe that the difference in academic achievement is not a result of how much one studies. It is the result of an education system that fails to accommodate for all students.

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