When Midnight Strikes

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Read about before she was famous.

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Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



Every night for the past 4 years the same thing has happened:

At exactly midnight I get a headache, then I lose control and walk out of my apt and to Park Avenue and climb up the clock tower with incredible speed, then I jump off.

The next day I always wake up at 7:00 A.M or so, and have a normal day like nothing happened.

I have tried many things: going to bed before midnight, fighting it, waiting to get hit in the head, No luck, never.

It always overpowers me.

Today I am going to solve my problem, I am going to go to the world’s best Doctor of Genetic Mutations: Dr Sapphire Zeyne.

I have reasons to believe she has a problem like mine.

Here is my ‘proof’

1: She has these amazing unnatural blue eyes,

2: she became a doctor at 18.

3: She doesn’t touch people, and winces when focusing on people too long.

4: She NEVER tells reporters of her past.

5: the genetic mutations she studies is not, two-blue-eyed-parents-make-a-blue-eyes-kid it’s “Is it possible to have mutated DNA, that can cause evolution into stronger, better, humans?”.

6:  to have blue eyes you need 2 blue eyed parents; both of her parents are brown eyed…and both died before she was 11.

7: I saw her shoot ice out of her eyes and into her water once, so I am sure of this.

I arrived at her office at roughly 10:00 A.M

"Hello" I say to the young male clerk, "I am Ruby Trillis and I'm here to see Dr Zeyne" he looks up at me, mutters something and picks up a phone on his desk "Um Dr Zeyne a "Ruby Trillis is here to see you, should I send her in?" he says glancing up at me.

He hangs up the phone, "You can go in" he says.

I walk through the door into the messiest office I have ever seen, there are papers littering the floor, books open, and so much other stuff, I'll admit when I heard huge scientist I expected neat office with a couple secretaries and assistants,

A head pops up from under the desk. "Uh, hi" pops back under, then she yells "ah here it is!" and sits back down in her chair,

"Oh...ah...take a seat" she says trying to fix here disheveled hair, and straitening her jacket.

I sit down "Hi, I am Ruby, it is a huge honor to meet you Dr Zeyne" I say politely.

"Oh…and…uh, cut the formalities, it's really fine" she says, "now Ruby, what can I help you with?" 

"I have a theory," I begin, ok here goes nothing " I think you have an ability to do extraordinary things, now don't get upset I have one too, I think."

She looks panicked. she rips out a gun and aims it at me "how did you know?" she asks her eyes darting around the room, "who else knows?" 

"Woah!" I lift my hands up "no, nobody else knows, just me" she doesn't put the gun down "really, only me"

"Why should i trust you?" she asks her eyes narrowing.

Great now she won't believe me, i guess I rushed.

"I can show you my ability but it will have to wait until tonight"

"I can't afford for some kid to come along and claim to have a uniqueness just to get a story, what are you a news reporter?"

"No please I need help with my ability" I am almost desperate.

"What ability do you have" she says while putting the gun down

“I don’t’ exactly know” I start “but I think it’s an alter ego”

“tell me everything” she says.

So, I tell her everything.

And she confirms that it is probably alter ego and that my subconscious mind takes over and that is why I don’t have a long-term memory of it, and those dreams are the short-term memory kicking in.

She gives me a card with a phone number, and tells me that she will meet me at 11:30 at my apartment to see me transform.

At 11:30 she arrives, "hello Ruby,” “Hello Dr Zeyne” I start, she cuts in but she interrupts me saying: “and you can call me Sapphire, I will film it " 

At 11;59 exactly I get a blinding headache "Sapphire, I have a headache, it will co--me...soon. ah" I barely gasp out.

She picks up her phone and starts filming.

Then I pass out cold.

I open my eyes and she is standing over me grinning.

‘Well, that was an experience” she says through her grin, “your alter-ego is a real jerk” she laughs then says in an exaggerated angry tone “get out of my apartment, you half witted, creepy-eyed dope! I’m drinking my tea!” she tilts her ehad back and laughs again.

“Did I really say that?” I say hoping that she is not offended.

“Yup, you said exactly that, and a lot of other annoying comments” she says still giggling ‘like ‘you know you are actually very dumb and messy for someone with a Ph.D’ or “Do you ever clean your office? It looked like the bedroom I had when I was five and was sh*tting my pants regularly”

I cover my mouth “I really hope I didn’t offend you’

She waves me off and laughs so hard that she wipes her eyes with her sleeve,

“You know I am only 21” she says when she has stopped laughing enough to say something intelligible.

“Really?” I am surprised “I thought you were like 30”

“I guess all my research has made me look like a grandma, who knows maybe by 45 I will be mistaken by my great grandma’s picture, considering the fact I am her look-alike from when she was like 25” she says and rolls her eyes.

‘Sorry, that was rude’ I apologize.

She shakes her head.

“So wanna see the video?” she asks waving her phone in my face.

I nod.

She hands me the phone, I scan through the video, In it I am basically insulting her and blabbering, “I seem like a completely different person” I can’t believe it.

“That’s because you are, it’s your alter ego” she says, “did I ever tell you that I sense emotions?”

I jerk my head up ‘What? How? That’s so cool!”

“Yeah it’s convenient” she says quietly.

“What else can you do?” I wonder if she can reads minds.

“Shoot ice from my eyes, see through walls and objects, see up to miles away that kind of stuff” she says.

‘Wow, that’s really cool,” I am surprised.


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