Between the Congratulated

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A very oddly worded fable, (Why?), I'm not sure, maybe just because it was fun, hard to write, and something different to try. I hope those that read it will understand what is being said without too much trouble. --- If you think it is too hard to read, or any other thoughts, please say so.

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



Well, seven Mondays to Sunday, if it is not my old acquaintance Bathrod Turnbuckle. Why for, you are traveling this lonely streak of roadway?


I am following the pathway to see the Monarch of Gondor, I have an appointment to be auditioned.


Great Gaseous Clouds, an appointment to be auditioned. Are you bringing jest to my mind?

I, too, am of the same persistence. Six times I have the petitioning to be auditioned but no announcement to the positive was forthcoming. You are to be between the congratulated.

I reason that you posses the informative acceptance paper?


That is the correctness!

However, I must make no hesitation now. We will have such conversations at a time much beyond the present, when time is not pressing me. OK?


Abso-tutly, my good man,  Abso-tutly! But before the proceeding of you, and your fine donkey, might I partake of your metal flask of wetness so that I do not parish?


Ah, that is water tasty, much appreciation! --- CLANK!!!


My sorrows to you Turnbuckle, for Clanking you abruptly on the head, but to take your place with appointment to be auditioned is a matter of my social elevation. 

No matter the position you have applied for in the Monarch of Gondor palace, your appointment to be auditioned is now mine.

To be of sureness, that job will be greater in social elevation than a lowly horse-stall tender, my present occupation.

Oh, and have fear none, I will tend your donkey as if it were my own. --- Good day sir.


Some days later.


Halt, which is approaching the Monarch of Gondor's, appointment to be auditioned, gate?


I am Bathrod Turnbuckle and appointment time is slotted me. Here is the informative acceptance paper.


Ah, I see a notation and reference; you may be entering among us.

You are the only petition noted for this appointment. So it is seeming that you have attained this coveted position within the castle grounds, and without interview. You are now in the permanent employ of the Monarch of Gondor.

Please, come in the out and pass this station. Then turn your donkey right at the first Oxcart and proceed to the end of the street.

At the end of that street there is a hut for you to live in and you will find the pigs and the pigsty to attend to.



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 06-12=2017



© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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