Trapped in the Closet Part 1

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Charity and Naomi are best friends until a secret is unleashed between them.

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



Charity had always loved industrial Atlanta with its old-fashioned, outrageous oceans. It was a place where she felt ecstatic.

She was a predatory, virtuous, brandy drinker with a curvy body and charming face. She was very manipulative and could get people to do just about anything, especially men. Her friends saw her as an old-fashioned, outrageous ogre who took people for granted. She was very promiscuous and caught the eyes of a lot of men who fancied her. Once, she had went as far as to sleep with her best friends boyfriend Hakeem and still saw him on a regular. That's the sort of woman she was. 

Charity walked over to the window and reflected on her rural surroundings as she drunk a few glasses of brandy! 

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Naomi . Naomi was an average sized woman with brown shoulder length hair and a petite figure, unlike Charity who had pretty eyes and a curvy figure. Naomi had previously found out that her boyfriend Hakeem was up to something suspicious but just couldn't put her finger on it! 

Charity gulped nervously. She was not prepared for Naomi, whom she had been best friends with since middle school. Little to Naomi's knowledge, her boyfriend Hakeem was rushing to hide in Charity's closet as she rushed before she could answer the door. Hakeem was 6'5, muscular, pretty wavy hair, and caramel complexion. Naomi and Hakeem have been going through it lately with him coming home all hours of the night, having late private phone calls, and sneaking off. 

As Charity opened the door, Naomi came closer, she could see the tiny glint in her eye.

Naomi had a glare on her face that could set the whole apartment on fire. "Have you talked to Hakeem"? she said, in a frustrated tone. Charity shockingly replied "No, I haven't seen him since y'all was together the other day". Then, Charity's eyes slowly gazed upon Hakeem's clothes as she  found herself trying to hide his clothes without looking suspicious. 

All of a sudden a loud noise came from the closet! Charity stood nervously as she watched Naomi turn her gaze towards her then to the clothes that Charity stood in front of! Charity looked even more surprised. "Charity what was the noise and who clothes are those on the floor behind you! Let me find out. Those clothes look kinda familiar. They better not belong to who I think they belong to. So help me God". Charity stuttered, the words barely making sense. Naomi picked the clothes up then started searching around the apartment! "Where this fool at?" 

As Naomi got closer and closer to the closer, Hakeem began sweating bullets. "Lord I'm trapped  in this closet. Please don't let this woman open this closet".  Soon Hakeem's phone goes off loudly. Naomi turns her attention to the closet and opens it with full force.  

Naomi yells, "I should have known! Naomi slaps Hakeem leaving a bright red hand mark across his face. She then runs towards Charity, knocking her over while ripping her freshly done sew-in out of her head. "Charity you're always with someone else's man! You ain't worth a penny! You and this cheap Dollar General ass weave! Clearly, hoe gone always be a hoe no matter what. I should cut both of y'all"! She pulls out a pocket knife swinging it while she threatens Charity and Hakeem. 

Charity looked back, even more surprised as Naomi still had the knife in her hand. "You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. I'm shocked you don't have any yet, Charity". That we know of. You should be itching right about now." 

Charity looks at Naomi. "I'm so sorry this wasn't supposed to happen. But I have to admit a secret to you". Naomi rolled her eyes, "And what is that? Cuz some bullshit is going down." Charity tries to spit it out. "Girl spit it out before you get it again!" "Naomi, your boyfriend is the father of my child," she replied. Naomi looks shocked while Hakeem looks in disbelief.

 Hakeem stutters, "Wait what the hell you talkin about? I don't have a baby dog you lyin. You just saying that to get me to be with you. I know I messed up but my heart with with you Naomi." Naomi laughs hysterically, " Nah dog your heart is with Charity just like your "lil" Vienna sausage was with her as well. It ain't no love here"! 

Charity studied Naomi's actions. Eventually, she took a deep breath. "I'm sorry," began Charity in apologetic tone. "Well so am I. I can show you better than I can tell you," Naomi said. 

Naomi looked puzzled, her emotions all over the place. She's yelling and cussing as she pulls a hand gun from her Michael Kors purse. Meanwhile everyone is scattering across the living room and the gun goes off, as blood splatter the white walls! Not even a glass of brandy would calm Charity's nerves, especially not after tonight! 

TO BE CONTINUED....... ????????????????

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