blood under moonlight

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an old man finds more than he bargains for on a dark beach in mexico

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



Blood Under Moonlight




At a Mexican resort outdoor bar. an elderly Caucasian man sits on a stool listening on a pay phone. He wore jeans and a red flannel button up shirt under his members only jacket. He sits there expressionless answering questions.


"Uh huh"

"Uh Huh"



He hung up and went and sat back down at his table. A few people cast a curious glance at him. He sighed and opened an old pocket watch out of his jeans. Inside was a photo of his wife and daughter from many years ago.

A beautiful dark haired waitress approached him with a smile. "anything else for you sir?"

The old man looked up startled. "Uh... no dear that will be all for me thank you." He threw down a couple of pesos to cover his drink. Gave the waitress a smile and headed out. There was a boardwalk path that leads down to the beautiful white sands. The old man removed his shoes and wiggled is toes in the sand. It was cool. A big white moon dominated the sky. Casting a fairy tale gleam across the still dark water. Deb would have liked it he thought rubbing the pocket watch in his jeans.

He decided to take a nice stroll down the beach under the moonlight. With the glow it cast down upon the earth he figured it would give him enough light to find his way back. So he headed north up the beach into the twilight zone of the dark blue ghostly glow of the moon.  lost in thoughts and regrets, the beauty humbled him. How can such a beautiful sight present its self to someone like me? After a while, he stopped. The air began to become cooler. surroundings became dark. there was a deep presence of isolation. he looks back in the darkness wondering how far he walked. couldn't see the resort light anymore. for some reason, he felt this where he needs to be. he turned back around. He could faintly see a darker shape among the little light the moon offered upon the beach. There was a sound of shuffling. it was a person moving slowly. Any person moving around in this area at night can't be good. The old man stood in his place waiting for the plot to unfold. intuition telling him this is where he needs to be. The figure finally came into view of the dim light. It was a man.

They stood and stared at each other for a moment

The other man was a young Mexican with a bunch of messy black hair and fierce brown eyes. He wore a black Adidas jogging suit and white sneakers. His left arm was tightly wrapped in a  blood-soaked green bandanna. He looked like he was in pain. There was a duffel bag in his left hand. 

The young man slowly drew out an automatic pistol from the inside of his jacket. This could only mean one thing. There was money in that bag and probably a lot of it.

"No te muevas"

The old man slowly raised his hands and stood absolutely still.

"Quein eres tu" 

The old man said nothing

"Qein eres tu"



"I speak Spanish just fine." the old man said. "But I prefer to speak English if you don't mind."

"OK but ill ask again, who are you?"

"An old man"

"Doing what?"

" On Vacation"

" An old man on vacation, on an isolated beach, at night, in Mexico?"

" There's a resort, not too far down that way." said the old man twisting around and pointing south down the beach. " I wanted to take a walk, under this moon. If you haven't noticed its fucking big tonight."

The young man threw a worried glance past the old man as if he wasn't as isolated he thought.

"What happened to your arm?"

"Whats it to you?"

"I don't know. whats in the bag?"

"Whats it to you?"

"OK fine. But from what I can guess you have a pistol, you have a bloody arm and a duffel bag. It's full of money. So what's your plan right now? Shoot me?

"I don't know"

"You don't know?" the old man said with a smirk.

The young man's eyes glazed

"Why are you not scared!?"

"Scared of what? You? I fought gooks in Korea with more balls than you. As far as I'm concerned your terrified, lost and up against some pretty dangerous people. I don't think you're going to shoot. Hell, i don't even think you've thought that far. have your even ever killed a man?"

The young man pierced him with vicious eyes but said nothing. the gun was shaking in his hand. 

The old man took a deep breath and started to edge closer. 

"Don't you fucking come any closer!" And in an instant the old man had his forehead pressed Against the barrel.

"so whats it going to be chief? You going to shoot a poor old man?"

The young man stood frozen. Gun shaking in his hand. Perplexed by his current situation. Then all as if in the same movement his arm was swatted away and a fist came across his face. He came crashing into the sand. He got back up in a daze. To his astonishment, the old man had his members only jacket unzipped and a revolver pointing at him. He raised his hands.

"Knew you were a pussy," the old man said with a smirk.

"Seriously who the fuck are you?"

"Like I said an old man..... But here for you."

"What? here for me? What the fuck are you talking about?"

The old man sighed.

"About 3 miles up north of here there was a drug deal gone bad. A shootout, between the Mexican cartel and some Americans. The Mexican cartel being barrios. You were there and you work for Barrios."

"How do you know all this? You a cop or something."

The old man smiled.

"No, I happen to work for Barrios to. And he wants his money."

" You Work for Barrios? No Fucking way. Why would he send a one-hundred-year-old man to find me? How did you even know to find me?"

The old man chuckled. "Well first off I'm eighty. Second, there's a tracking device in the bag. This isn't rocket science kid. So you survive this shoot out, what was it seven on seven? your the only one that lives right? A bullet probably glazed your arm but that's about it. OK, so everyone is dead and you think it's a grand idea to grab the bag which many or may not contain 2 million big ones. I Mean Don't get me wrong, this doesn't happen often. But do you really think you just got lucky? Like People like Barrios don't anticipate stuff like this?"

The young man stood in shock.

"I know, I know it's a lot to process. My legs are getting tired. let's sit down for a bit."

The old man crashed down on the cold white sand with a plop. Damn, i'm getting too old he thought. He let out a big sigh. The young man still hasn't moved.

"So what? just going to sit and talk? ain't you here to shoot me or something."

"Just sit the fuck down. Happen to be in a generous mood and I never said I was gong to kill you."

The young man plopped down. "you're not going to kill me?"

"Well, I never said that either."

The old man looked dreamingly out to the silver ocean. "Beautiful night."

"So what now"

"I'm going to retrieve the money and be on my way."

"what about me?"

"Barrios, Wants the money. He said nothing about you. But if I do know him correctly, he'd probably consider you a traitor. Maybe just assumes it's common sense to kill you. Kill you and bury you. You should have stayed at the site."

The young man stared at his feet. "Have you ever killed a man?"

"Yes many." The old man took a deep breath and kept staring out into the vast gulf of the ocean. " I fought in Korea for two years. Then..... well this."

"Why are you still doing it? Your eighty?"

The old man laughed

" In this business, you're in it forever. You don't just stop. The more your in it the more you know. I'm in it till I die. I know too much. I got a wife, daughter, and granddaughter. Think you would just retire? "

"What exactly is it that you do?"

"Oddball stuff, things like this. maybe find men kill them. Or maybe clean up a situation. I've killed many men like you."

"Have you ever....?

"Killed women and children? No, never. I'm not one of those snuff filmmaking animals. I kill men like you. Street men. easily disposable no significance. Also, make a pretty penny doing so."

"So you going to let me go?"

"you ran away with money that doesn't  belong to you. The Mexican cartel for Christs sakes. What do you think?"

The young man Started sobbing

"How old are you kid?"


The old man took a big sigh

"Look, kid, it's an evil business. There's no I should or shouldn't kill you. There's no moral conscience. We are all paper thin with no substance. Once you enter this type of world your dirt. you can die anytime and there might be no reason behind it. Only perhaps you're in the way. You made a bold move you walked away with that money. That money belongs to dangerous people. There wasn't a meeting on whether to kill you or not. I'm just here to retrieve the money. That's what I was told to do. Now you're the baggage that comes with the bag. You're not going to die cause you necessarily did something wrong. It's just because you're here in the way and you have no significance so don't take it so personally. it's just the way it is." 

The Young man still sat there still sobbing.

Do you still have moral compassion? He thought to himself. How many people will you kill by the time it's all over? he looked over at the kid, youth wasted. Being that young and knowing you're going to die. He sure thought he was when he was eighteen. But he lived somehow and watched is best friend die in the process. A guy who could have been a teacher or a doctor. a man who would have gone and done something. Why did he die and I live?  he thought. he lifted up his arm and shot the young man in through the head. the kid crashed down with a thud. Just like that, a life was gone, and no moral compassion either. 

The old man stood up and looked down at the body tucking his revolver back in his jacket. He could just see a thousand more cartel men spawning. for every one you kill a hundred pop up. Hardy anyone knew this kid and hardly anyone knows he's gone. He walked over to the duffel bag and zipped it. Inside were crisp tightly fitted fifty dollar bills. He put the duffel bag around his shoulder and walked into the ocean. about waist deep he stopped. No more. I'm done. and just like that, he becomes certain of an idea he has been contemplating for years. he flipped the duffel bag upside down and let all the money fall into the water. Barrios will be here soon to retrieve his money. He will probably kill him and find what's left of his money floating in the water. But it doesn't matter life is done. he's done. A big smile formed on his face. I'm done!!! a feeling of peace warmed his body. He Took out his pocket watch kissed it, and put it around his neck. He thought about his daughter and granddaughter on their plot of land in eastern Kentucky forever safe and sound from all this. They will be safe. Barrios won't be able to hurt them. As for his wife she is dead also at peace from all this. the old man laid back and floated in the water. yearning to reunite with his wife. he will be dead soon and he will be sitting on top of that beautiful moon embracing his wife and looking down upon the beautiful ocean. Not so bad for a guy like me he thought and smiled. Then he closed his eyes and floated in the presence of beauty.


© Copyright 2018 Brandon Scott. All rights reserved.

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