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Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



Those of us who need help may not ask for it in fear of being rejected or to be made feel like we are weak just because we can't cope with life as well as the rest. Mental health is a serious illness causing many to take their lives every year because they weren't listened to in time. We need to listen to those who need help mentally because it may just save their life and change their entire world for the better if they know that just one person cares to listen. It is not just a problem that can be cures by someone saying `` harden up, that's life, get on with it''. You wouldn't tell someone on their death bed to harden up so why do it to someone who could be close to taking their own life. Society nowadays has made it difficult for people to admit when they feel so low that they feel their is no return to a normal state of mind, made people in need feel like they are weak or a burden.That is why we need to let those in need know that someone is there to help them , you are not alone, you are strong. Dont give up on yourself because you deserve more and someone is here to listen .Next time someone comes to you to tell how they feel , listen as it may change their life , maybe save it. It is ok to not be ok

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