Middle Aged, Mind Raged

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This is a poem about overcoming hardships and life and forgiving oneself.

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



Middle Aged


Mind Raged


And just a little bit crazed


 As a youth


I knew and understood the truth


The ones who pretend the most to care


Are the ones who won’t be there


They say you can call me anytime


I learned a long time ago pay that no mind


It’s not about you, it’s about them


They want to look better than the ones they condemn


Write a check for respect


But heart be so cold


You wonder if they even have a soul


As a kid I thought deep


Had to block out the things that kept me from falling asleep


Like seeing my father strike my mother


And feed alcohol to my brother


Til he was so drunk he couldn’t stand


Telling him to handle it and be a man


Grew up surrounded by brainwashing and confusion


Forced to play a part of the illusion


Thank GOD I didn’t break


But it taught me to never respect anything fake


It didn’t make me bitter


And having less than didn’t make me a quitter


Always had big dreams


But no one cared to hear them it seemed


No encouragement


Led to complete discouragement


Discovered that lack of self-worth


Will make you feel lower than dirt


Will make you seek out things you aren’t ready to handle


Grow you up loose like a worn sandal


Then who’s going to want what you don’t want


Then who’ll be running from a past that’s determined to haunt


It doesn’t go away as you age


You grow up full of rage


Yet you are unfazed


Because you are amazed


That after all you’ve been thru you aren’t totally crazed


Took you half of your life to forgive yourself


For the cards in your hands that life had already dealt


You may refuse to be a victim but you aren’t to blame


For being a pawn in life’s unfair game


Hold your head up even if others feel you aren’t worth it


Live life happy even if they feel you don’t deserve it


The past doesn’t define the present


And seek only what you need-  GOD’s consent


© Copyright 2018 Cindy Dancy. All rights reserved.

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