Romance and Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
WARNING: Not recomended for younger than 15 years. If you have wild imagination, you may see some disturbing pictures inside your head

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



I never taught it would happen to me. Still, it did. My name is Alice Dawn, I am 21 years old woman and I work as assistant of Lucius Han in his company. Atleast I used to. I always was single, and I loved read romance books and other love stories dreaming about my one true love. And finally my wish became true


“What do you mean you quit?” I sat in office of my boss. “Mr. Han. I do not believe you are very good boss for me. You keep hitting on me, you work me to the bone and I have to work every day of the year. I haven’t had vacation since I graduated from college. I am sorry, but I have to quit.” I stood up, handed few papers for Mr. Han and left.


I walked out of the building and called for taxi. I lived in big apartment in top floor of biggest apartment building middle of New York city. I pressed password 2234 for lock and opend the door. I went in, took of my shoes, picked up the mail from floor and went to livingroom. “Bill, bill, bill…” i threw everything on he table, when one letter caught my atenttion. I picked it up and opend carefully.


“Dear Miss Dawn. Me and my wife are holding a party on next Friday at Hotel Monoament exatcly 19:00. Do not be late.


Mr. and Miss Everglot.”


I read loud. “Yeah right.” I threw letter away and started screaching different holiday resorts from my laptop. “Hawaji, Japan, Iceland or Thailand?” I asked from myself and ended up choosing Japan. Mr. Han was Chinese, but since culture was different and so was everything else too, I thought it didn’t matter.


I bought tickets for flights, packed my stuff, got room from hotel online, called taxi and went to airport. In plane I had seat next to old copule. I fell a sleep and woke up when we arrived.


I took taxi and it took me to hotel. After that I dressed up nicely and at the evening I left to bar. While sitting at the counter young man came to chat. He was tall european with short dark hair and blue dreamy eyes. He had athletic body and he was in suit.


“What is girl like you doing in place like this?” He asked. Hes voice was soft and gentle. “I just came to drink a little.” I replied. “In that case, two Hennessy Paradis’s please. Its my treat.” He said friendly smile on hes face. “I’m Jack Ren. I own a hotel nearby.” He introduced himself. “Alice Dawn. Used to be Lucius Han’s assistant, but I just fired myself.” I replied and shook he’s hand when bartender brought our drinks. “Interesting way to say you quit.” Mr. Ren smiled. “Trying my best-” loud noise got my atenttion. Some guys were fighting. Clearly drunk.


“So are you on vacation?” Mr. Ren asked. “Yes.” I said and drank whole drink at once. “I just couldn’t take it anymore in Londin.” “I understand. Hey. Are you here alone?” Mr. Ren asked. “Yes I am-” even before I could finnish everything went black and I fell from chair.


When I woke up I was lying in weird place. Bed was made from net and it was like spider web. My weight was pulling it down, but it was least 20 cm to floor. I looked around me when I noticed I was wearing black and white evening dress with gray spots. It reminded me of one butterfly. I tried to move, but my wrists and ankles were tied to net.


Door opend and I saw Mr. Ren in deep black suit. “Mr. Han, what is this?” I asked with growing fear when I saw knife in he’s hand. “Don’t worry about it, my butterfly. There is no need to worry. And please. Call me Jack.” He smiled as gently as before, but now he’s eyes were colder than winter. “Jack, please. Let me go. I’m scared.” I begged while he was climbing top of me.


“Even if I would want to, I couldn’t. You see, spiders have to eat aswell.” He said and brought knife close to my neck. “Y-you are cannibal…” Tears were irrigating my eyes when I tried to escape. “Yes, but I have taste only for pretty things. You should be flatterd.”


I felt sharp pain in my belly, while he sliced it open and all my innards came out and my blood  flowed through the sides while staining the black dress and the floor. “I drugged your drink while you were focusing in that fight.” He’s smile and eyes were now all dead and hair was in mess.


“Please-” He slit my throat open before I could speak. Tears were running down at my cheeks while i was choking in my own blood. Mr. Han laughed like maniac. Blood filled my mouth. Everything got cold and slowly I was fading away listening that laugh.


Did I say this was romance? Sorry, but there is no happy endings.


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