By the Light of a Fire.

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A poem about the joys of family.

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



When the night turns  dark and the cold winds blow,

I sit beside the fire’s glow,

A deep red jewel amidst dancing flames,

The heat of the fire and the  sweetness of dreams.

I dream of days of joy and laughter,

Of sheltering arms and cheerful banter,

Of childhood  memories so full of light,

A mother’s arms that hold us tight.

The cosy harth that beckons us home,

The safety and seclusion of our childhood bedroom,

The  films we watch on Christmas day,

The comfort that wipes our tears away.

 A kiss goodnight before going to bed,

Hot chocolate’s made and stories are read,

The sunny picnics on the beech,

The morels that you love to teach.  

The only ones who will never judge,

The people who will never  bear a grudge,

Are the  people who will always keep you safe,

Family, the best thing in life.

© Copyright 2018 Murron Cain. All rights reserved.

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