King-Wolf: The Newborn

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Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



It all started Fourteen years ago in two-thousand and three! there once was a wolf couple, their names are Magnus and Scarlet They lived in the dark forest, in a town called Dawnsville. A Newborn came to the family, it was a boy, they named him, Kane. Kane was a cute little wolf, his parents played with him! He rolled on his back, and licked his paws, they created a wolf pack and invited some more members to join. They got five boys and four girls to join, their names were Flash, Milo, Spike, Bolt, and Buzz the girl’s names were Angel, Zelda, Chelsea and Judith they go hunting every day, Morning! Afternoon! and Night! Magnus is the leader of the wolf pack! and known as the King Wolf. Kane wishes his dream to be the King Wolf, Magnus told him when he dies he can take over, Kane said! thanks Dad, Magnus replied anytime son! There was a man named Lenny, he was trespassing on their turf, Magnus asked the gang to stay here, and look after Kane! can I come dad? No son! it’s too Dangerous, Magnus Sprinted to Lenny and chewed him up. It looks like Magnus knows what is for dinner, Human Meat! He bought the dinner for everyone to eat, when they finished eating, they went to their caves and went to sleep. Magnus and Scarlet went wandering in the forest while the gang were looking after Kane, they spotted a man and women who were a couple and their names were Tyson and Valarie. Magnus and Scarlet attacked them it was so gory, they chewed their bones and left them dead in the forest, they made their way back to the cave, suddenly Kane was not there, he heard a snap echo, and left the cave, when he got to the forest, he saw kids on the wolf pack’s turf, he roared! and scared the kids away. Flash, Milo, Angel, and Zelda caught Kane sight-seeing in the forest, and said Kane we told you it’s too dangerous I must tell Magnus please don’t! you been warned, it’s for your own good, we need to keep you safe. When they bought Kane back to the cave, they explained to Magnus and Scarlet, Magnus had a talk to Kane and told him you didn’t listen to me Kane! Dad I wanted to prove a point, when I become king, I wanted to see how strong I am, Son you could’ve got killed, lucky I didn’t! I need to get some air; I mean it this time, stay here. Scarlet talks to Magnus saying if Kane wants to prove to be king one day and be strong I think he should learn, Yeah! I think your right; I will train him, Magnus went to go tell Kane the good news, the training starts tomorrow. What a bright sunny morning Magnus and Kane starts their Training, the first lesson was roaring, as Magnus roared first then it was Kane’s turn! They both passed, the second lesson was speed and jumping, Kane was in position and he was spot on, the last lesson for the day was hunting, Magnus hides near a tree, Kane then spotted a deer on their territory, Magnus gives Kane a Signal, which made Kane speed after the deer, then chewed him, the poor deer was covered with too much blood, what a gory thing to do! Congratulations Son! You passed! Thanks, Dad!










Magnus and Kane returns home, telling the pack his Training went good, and he passed all three tests. They Celebrated and singed a song around the fire the name of the song was called Zombie by the Cranberries, the pack was asking why Magnus Trained Kane he explained to them when I’m not around anymore, he wants to be king, and prove how strong he is, and scarlet thought I should train him, so I agreed. From the cave, Magnus saw two men entering the Forest, he asked his son Kane to come along, when they got to the forest Magnus and Kane Approached them, they were running as fast as they can, Magnus and Kane bolted straight to the men and attacked, they used their sharp teeth to bite. Blood spurted all over Magnus and Kane, they dragged them back to the cave, and had the bodies for dinner. There was a thunderstorm and earth-quake it shake and flew Magnus off the cliff, Scarlet, Kane and the pack shouted! Magnuuuussss! Daaaaaadddd! As Magnus fell over fifty feet, he roared and his body hits the ground. the sad news is Magnus died but the good news is Scarlet is in labor what a shame Magnus had to miss out, everyone was happy that a newborn is welcomed to the family, it turned out to be a girl, and she named it Raven. Raven is still a baby wolf when she grows up a bit, she will be part of the wolf pack, it will be sad for her when she finds out she never got to meet her dad, at least she has her mum her brother and the pack, by her side. They all showed love to Raven spending time and playing with her, Kane made a promise to Raven saying how he got trained, when she gets older, she will get trained too. Kane witness a trespasser on their turf, he told his mum and the pack to look after Raven I will be right back! He roared to the man and woman when Kane attacked and killed the man the woman screamed and chucked a rock at Kane, wrong choice she made, she made Kane angry he roared again, and chases the woman! He jumped straight on her, and chewed her bones. Kane made his way back to the cave he says goodnight to his mum, his sister, the pack and went straight to sleep, to have contact with Magnus, Kane woke up looked at the sky and howled at the moon Magnus gave Kane a message saying to look after everyone, especially Raven! He replied I will Dad!

The story to be continued…………… 

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