The Limits

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A young man is slowly drawn into alternative sexuality.

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Doug was in second grade at the Tri-Hamlet elementary school when he first encountered the formidable Ms. Christiansen, a striking woman in her late-twenties.  She dispelled any myth about the unattractive schoolmarm, though she was still stern and brisk in her manner. His face would tighten and his heart would flutter slightly when he would see her.

On a cold windy day lithe Ms. Christensen wore a flattering navy blue mini-skirt, stunning but inappropriate for a grade school teacher.  Truthfully  it would be improper for a teacher of any grade to wear a skirt of that length, academia has a conservative tradition.  Boys lacking in age are quite impressionable, not understanding what they’re feeling.

.  She had the children line up according to height, and they were dutifully shuffled in single file like good little soldiers.  Doug though it would be a good idea to jump out of line.  What was the capricious young man with the cheeky grin thinking by waving his outstretched arms like an airplane while chanting zoom, zoom, zoom?

This wasn’t that serious an infraction to incur such wrath, but Doug undermined her authority.  She spent a few years in academia and she wasn’t going to have a stain on her reputation.  Teachers often feel challenged by the slightest infraction of the rules that they impose on their class, especially in the younger grades where rebellion is merely a rite of passage.

 Doug became aroused when the furious educator pulled his hair, lust glittered in his eyes.  The reflection of the sun off the sheen of her legs elicited feeling he couldn’t describe..  She was paying him her undivided attention, she could pull all he wanted.  Eyebrows were raised all around when he didn’t even twitch a muscle, could it be that he actually enjoyed it?

His short lived euphoria was cut short by her intention off telling his parents.  Tears welled up in his eyes and rather than sympathy was scorn from Ms. Christiansen, He felt ashamed, he bowed his head down.  Perspiration built up on his forehead, how would his mother and father would react.


To say his parents weren’t furious would be to say Doug wasn’t going to be punished.  As he sat in an uncomfortable chair like the ones found in an interrogation room, he took his verbal lashing.  His father wasn't just angry at his mischievous stunt but his crying, boys don’t cry.  He would be doing chores for the rest of his natural born life in addition to extra credit on all his homework assignments.  This was still not enough, he had to make a man out of his son, football would do that.  He’d talk to the coach, see what position he’d be best at.


Despite his distaste for sports, Doug found himself at pee-wee football tryouts on a dusty field of worn green turf.  The coaches lined  the young men and tested their ability to run, kick and pass a football.  Doug didn’t fair well running and kicking but much to the coach’s, his father and his own surprise, he threw a mean pass.  While the coaches were ecstatic, a find like this fed their win at all cost mentality.  Doug was less than thrilled, if he didn’t make the team he would be spared the agony of playing football, now he was stuck.

Now that he was a senior in high school, his opinion of the All-American game had not changed.  The fact was it was worse now, he had to endure practice. Not only were they grueling physically, but the constant lectures from the coaches on motivation and going past one’s limits.  He had heard enough about pushing the boundaries and exceeding limits from his overbearing father.

The big game had come, Tri-Hamlet High was behind six points to Southside’s dominating offense. They had scored two field goals but were in desperate need of a touchdown.  The ball was snapped and the defense rushed in and brutally sacked the quarterback, he wasn’t getting up.  The concerned crowd rose to its feet, the coaches and trainers dashed to him. He wasn’badly injured but was taken out of the game.

“You’re in Doug, don’t disappoint me.”

“I won’t Coach,” said Doug without conviction.  

There was some groans from some of his teammates and encouraging words from others.


No victory would be complete without a celebration and that’s exactly what the football players and the cheerleaders did.  They attacked the local ice cream shoppe with the fervor of black friday shoppers.  The young athletic supporters didn’t carry Doug off the field in triumph,  but they treated him like a celebrity.  They toasted his accomplishment on the gridiron with milkshakes and soda.. The kid had commanded the game.  There probably would have been a chorus of  “For he’s a jolly good fellow,” if any of them were old enough to have know of that song.

“Maybe this football thing isn’t so bad,” thought Doug while basking in the attention.

He had never been the center of attention before and it felt good, especially the pretty girls looking to garnish his favor by flirtation.  He’d have to push his limits more often, maybe the coach was onto something. One young lady with remarkably shiny, full golden hair and an infectious smile was leading the pack in cozying up to him. Cindy found his 200 pound, 6’2” well crafted large build frame very appealing.  She ask for him to meet her in front of the cafeteria the next day between fifth and sixth period.


That night sat Doug sat at a messy student desk at his computer. He didn’t cruise for pornography often but once in awhile he did, and after spending all that time in the company of attractive females he was in the mood for romance.  What caught his attention was a flashing pop-up with an advertisement for a S&M website, he decided to take the free tour.  He clicked on it and his life was forever changed.

The clouds disappeared, and the Red Sea parted a second time.  He found the promised land.  It wasn’t the price of joining this website that was the issue but the virtual paper trail, could be an issue for Tri-hamlet high school’s newest star quarterback.  There was several free amatuer sites that would have to do, he would clear his browsing history nightly.

He brought up a graphics program he learned how to use in his industrial arts class, he created a picture of his sexually alluring second grade teacher.  What’d she look like now he pondered, he’d have to pass by his old school.  She was probably weathered by the years.  He placed her in a dominatrix outfit and printed it out, he’d only keep it temporarily and make sure to dispose of it after establishing the mental picture clearly in his mind.  After checking the door he laid down to pleasure himself with the picture of Ms. Christiansen, soft music, and an active imagination.

Doug was right on time, he wasn’t going to miss out on this.  Cindy made him wait being unfashionably late to the point he thought she might not show, good thing he didn’t have a class.  When she finally arrived she was had a smile that had a hidden agenda.

“My parents are going to be out, come over and you’ll be lucky tonight.”  Doug dropped his books, what does one say to that?  “That’s fantastic,” he muttered sloppily.  

“I’m so excited Doug?”

“So am I.”

“See you tonight lover boy!”


Her bedroom was adorned with all the familiar trappings of a teenage girl, canopy on the bed, rock star posters on the wall and an assortment of feminine trinkets on the dresser.  Cindy peeled off her clothing, and displayed an alluring body with delicately tapered legs.  Cindy slowly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a finely sculpted chest, she wet her lips in desire.  He finished undressing, she had penises  before, but she was especially impressed with his.  He then kissed her neck, her pulse quickened.  He placed his hand on the back of her thigh and drew her leg up around him.  She caressed the back of his neck and brought him in closer.  She would gladly drown in the warmth of his embrace.

They  kissed lightly and explored each other’s bodies as the passion ignited.  He placed her on the bed and fondled her breasts till the temptation was too strong, he must enter her.  He inserted his penis, and she screamed as she had never screamed before.

Cindy never knew this type of  pleasure, the other guys were just children.  Doug was a man..  He pulsed his hips repeatedly and moved on to her nipples as he sucked them gently.  They continued in unbridled passion till he came, he laid down beside her.  They could barely caught their breath, she basked in him holding her.

“That was incredible lover boy.”

“My first.”

“How was that for you then lover boy?”

“Fantastic,”  replied Doug without conviction.  It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy it, he certainly did.  It didn’t give him the pleasure that he expected, he dug deep into his mind why he didn’t  explode with joy.  ”Cindy, would you be interested?” he paused abruptly.

She inquired to what he was interested in but he just answered it was nothing, she accepted it without question.


Doug retreated to the comfort of his bedroom and sought solace on his computer.  He felt disappointment hang like a fog lingering around him, shouldn’t he be thrilled that he scored with the prettiest and most popular girl in school?  He went back to the S&M site for curiosity, it had a magnetic attraction that he couldn’t break free from.  He shut down that site, but it wasn’t long before he went back to it.  Maybe that was what was missing from his first sexual exploration.  

He couldn’t understand why he was interested, why him he pondered.  It’s physically painfully, you’re humiliated just when you’re at you most vulnerable.  Maybe it was he had to push past his limits and S&M was the way to achieve that.  It still didn’t explain why it gave him a hard, made him dizzy and weak in the knees.

He was a star quarterback and he just couldn’t go to fetish club or parties, what would his parents think.  What would the kids at school think?  They loved to gossip more than snacks.  The solution was to go see a professional dominatrix, it would be discrete.  It would be anonymous and no one would know.  She’d push him past his limits and he’d enjoy it as well.  He jotted down the phone number of a Mistress Katrina from an online ad, he planned on calling her from someplace he could be totally alone.


The heavyset receptionist with bad skin collected his money, and told him to go in the room.  Doug was told to get undressed, and wait for the Goddess.  He did as told and was brimming with anticipation, every second he waited was grueling..  The door opened and out of the darkness emerged a thing of beauty, shiny black patent leather stilettos, tight black leather mini-skirt and sleek black bra.  Mistress Katrina’s skin was silky, her jet black hair was full and her mouth was delicately outlined with cherry lip liner highlighting her intoxicating dusty rose lips.  “I want you to push me past my limits.”  She lightly slapped his face.

“I’d do what I’d like and you’ll address me as Mistress, is that understood slave?”  She said in a voice that whispered despite it was loud enough for him to hear perfectly.

“Yes Mistress..”

“Better slave, what is your purpose in life?”

“I don’t know Mistress, play pro football maybe.”  She slapped his face again, it was almost playful.

“You exist to serve me.”

“Yes Mistress, forgive me Mistress,” he said enthusiastically

“You are not a boy, you’re a girl.  You’ll dress like one.”  She pointed to clothing on a hanger, he didn’t need to be told to put it on.  He donned the slip, dress and stockings.  She commanded him to walk a straight line, she observed carefully.  “Go get the cat-o-nine tails off that rack.”

“Yes Mistress,” he retrieved the instrument of his own torture.  

“Lift your dress in the rear.”  She whipped his backside for his clumsy unladylike walk.  Doug wished it was harder but he didn’t dare vocalize those feelings, he was warned.  “Sit down on this chair,” he obey dutifully.  She had him lift his dress again so she could whip him as punishment.  “Fold the dress underneath you as you sit Priscilla, yes we’ll call you Priscilla.”  She demonstrated first and then motioned for him to sit, he did it clumsily but she let that go.  

“Face down on the floor slave,”

“Yes Mistress,” he did as told.

She instructed him to kiss her feet and ankles, as he tried to she walked away forcing him to squirm to do so.  She laughed as he struggled to touch her, the ultimate prize.  He succeeded one time, it doesn’t get any better than this he thought.  She ordered him to stand and lead him over to an piece of apparatus where she could whip him where he could see  her doing it.  It was time for him to taste the sting of the whip.  

The first few strokes were exhilarating, he could handle that.  Watching her complexion darken and that fabulous  body move to rhythm of the whipping hypnotized him, he had her undivided attention.  She stopped, what was she stopping for?  “I can take more.”

“This is your first time isn’t it slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” he state ruefully.  How did she know?  

“I don’t want to ruin it for you sweetie, let’s make this magical together.”  Sweetie, sweetie!  She sure had a gentle demeanor for a dominatrix.  He was disappointed,  wanted to test his limits. He couldn’t deny he was enjoying this despite that.  “Lay down on the floor, stimulate yourself.”  She placed her shoe onto his chest, this was heaven.

He was back on the field after restful night’s sleep.  The ball was snapped and Doug faded back to pass, but not with the with his usual agile form.  The defense was more than happy to take advantage of this situation and crush him, leaving him mangled and twisted.  Despite his protest that he was fine, he was taken to the hospital.  This was not before the coach chastised him for not concentrating on the game, it was obvious that his mind was someplace else.

The x-ray room was cold and the surface of the table was even colder.  The technician told Doug to lie still and take a deep breath.

“Mind if I ask you a personal question?”  

“No, go ahead.”

“What are those marks on your lower back?”

“Please don’t say anything to anyone,” pleaded Doug with worry straining his features.  The young medical worker assured him that he his secret was safe with him.  There was nothing wrong physically, he be sore for a few day.  He went home dejected, fatigued from the events of the day.

Ms. Christensen’s kitchen was messy, Doug didn’t do a very good job of cleaning it.  He would pay dearly, this time he’d scrub the floor on hands and knees.  She stood over him with a riding crop, she placed her high heel shoe with the stiletto digging into his back.  It didn’t hurt and it even aroused him, barely unable to keep from touching himself.  He wouldn’t dare do that, but wished he could.  He scrubbed harder thinking that would please his queen, but apparently it didn’t.  He would be punished for this offense,  she treated him to 50 lashes of her crop.  Doug thanked Ms. Christensen for disciplining him, and vowed to a better job in the future.  

The sunshine broke through the curtains, and the sunlight blinded Doug’s eyes.  He jumped out of bed, his heart raced.  Perspiration built up on his forehead.  The decision was made that he wasn’t going to go to school, he had research to do.  He hurried to his computer, he typed in “S&M, why do people do it.”  It came back with hundred of hits with various articles from many psychology websites, he had to get to the bottom of it.  The phone distracted him from his knowledge quest, the caller ID informed him that is was Cindy.  “Hi Cindy.”

“Hello lover boy, heard you got banged up,”  come to think of it she wasn’t at the game.

“I’m fine.”

 She informed him that she wasn’t going to school, that was a strange coincidence. “Let’s go to breakfast then come back here.”  That’s a dilemma, if he didn’t go she’d suspect something.  If he went and appeared uninterested,  she might know his new preference.  As unlikely as it was that she’d know, he believed she would.  “Alright I’ll go, I’ll imagine she’s Mistress Katrina.”, he dressed and left for Cindy’s house.

After breakfast there was no debate, they were going to do it.  Doug was anxious to see how sex would be from his new found perspective, using his imagination as his guide.  It went better than he expected, evoking screams of pleasure from Cindy.  Though he had never been drunk, he imagined this is how it felt because he was on fire.  He felt that it was the time to ask her, she would definitely go for it.  ‘’Cindy?”

“Yes Doug?”

“Will you whip me?”

“What did you say?” she replied in shock.

“Whip me, dominate me.”

“Get out, get out now.”

She popped up out of bed to put her clothes on.  He pleaded with her not to say anything  at school,  she responded by taking out her cell phone.  “Hello Melissa, you’re not going to believe this.  

It didn’t take long for this bit of news to travel around a school full of meddling teenagers.  Doug endured taunts all day.  He took books out of his locker, it was littered with post-it notes filled with derogatory remarks.  Cindy’s BFF Melissa of all people came over, he didn’t need this. Fully expecting further torment he firmly stated “Melissa, don’t!”

“Don’t what my pet?”  She enticed him with a come-hither look. Shock would only barely describe  at that moment,  she enjoyed watching him choke for words.  She handed him a piece of paper with the name, address and the price of the rental of a commercial dungeon.  She told him the cost of the rental was on him and don’t dare be late.  She stole his breath, then she walked away nonchalantly.  Every cell in his body craved to serve her.

She entered the room dressed in domination gear, she strode in with the grace of a trained ballerina. If Mistress Katrina was breathtaking, Melissa was heart stopping.  This teenage girl had never looked this good while walking the halls of Tri-Hamlet High School, her alternate persona brought out a divine quality in her.  She exuded the sweetness of an angel, and the fierce essence of a seasoned dominatrix.  An aura around her oozed with her power.  “On all fours pet,” she commanded.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Address me in French, Maîtresse.”

“Yes Maîtresse , I exist to suffer for you”

“Suffer you will.”  Melissa kicked him between the legs, it wasn’t hard.  It  aroused his attention, and he needed an extra breath .  Maybe this isn’t what he wanted, but he wasn’t going to back down.  She sat down on a chair resembling a throne.  “Kiss me from my heels to the hem of my skirt.”  This was the heaven he sought, the glow of her light skin contrasted against the black of her clothing.  Why couldn’t all of S&M be this. As he gently touched his lips to her glorious legs he let a hand touch her.  “How dare you touch me with those things?”

She then instructed him to stand up, she stood behind him and took her whip and delicately placed it around his neck seductively.  She choked him very slightly, but enough to make his eyes bulge.  “Something wrong my pet?”  

“No Maîtresse,”  he lied.  This was making him very uncomfortable.  The once innocent cheerleader delved into a monologue of what she was going to do to him, his level of trepidation rose sharply. The saving grace was that she was giving him her full attention, and the rental fee was still less than Mistress Katrina. “Give me your hands,” he quickly put them out.  She put padded cuffs with hook attachments on him, and tied him to a tether suspended from the ceiling.  Melissa started whipping his backside with heavy momentum in her swing.  “I going to  enjoy exploring your boundaries.”  

“I can push past my boundaries.”  He said more for himself than for his Maitresse, the physical pain wasn’t as sexual or fun like he imaged.  He needed to do it to prove to himself, and in some strange way to the coach and his father.

“You’ll have to pet,” the whipping stopped and she put nipple clamps on and twisted slightly.  Doug shook and danced in his shackles.  “You can do better, I expect more out of a star quarterback.”  How would he do better?  During the punishment he could barely take it, he’d give the world for it to stop.  Afterward though he felt an intense elation.

Getting through the ordeal was the obstacle and the boundaries were still far off.  “Ready to continue?”

“Yes, Maitresse.”  He believe he could take more, unfortunately the XX cheerleader found her pet not up to her standards up to now.  She went back to her task, he didn’t fare much better as he begged for mercy.

“You’re wasting my time Doug.”

“No, I’ll be OK now.”

“We’re wrapping it up, I never want to see your pathetic self again.  And heaven help you if you say anything to anyone.”  He assured her that no one will know.  While everyone except his parents knew of his preference, it wouldn’t matter if he told the world.  It was pride and honor that he’d protect Melissa’s anonymity, and do everything in his power to shield his parents from this knowledge.  If they found out they’d be the last to know.

Maybe it just wasn’t the right person was it, they weren’t inspiring him to go past his so called parameters.  Ms. Christiansen would work for that, too bad she would be old by this time.  “I would do anything for her,” he thought.  Since he couldn’t have Ms. Christiansen he’d have to find what he was looking for elsewhere.  He knew what he needed was a woman who would take him past his limits, a domme that wouldn’t accept mercy.  Katrina and Melissa gave in too easily, he could take anything now that he would set his mind to it.

Doug took to the chat rooms in search of the fearless mistress who would put him to the test, he took the screen name Star QB.  There were people with names like Submale 12, Flogger 30, Whip 74, and several others with similiar names.  The conversation circled around the BDSM lifestyle, full timers discussing the various aspects of their interest.  A strange beeping came out of the speakers that attracted his attention, a flashing icon appeared at the top of the chat room box.  He clicked on it and a private chat room box opened, there was a message from NY 44.  “Hello, are you new to the lifestyle?”  Who was this guy and why is he asking why Doug was new?

“Yes, who are you?”

“Just another enthusiast.”  Doug didn’t know what to make of this, was he an enthusiast?  He hadn’t demonstrated much ability to go past his limits despite his keen interest in BDSM.  “What are you looking for Star QB?”

What was he looking for?  He wasn’t sure why he wanted to go past his limits, certainly not because the coach said so.  And why was he interested in achieving his goal through such an aberration like a fetish, why couldn’t he just exercise harder?  “I’m looking for the ultimate mistress.”

“I’ll check the fetish websites for you, you won’t find her on a generic search engine.”  Less than a minute later.  “Based on your IP address I found Mistress Storm, she’s far from you and expensive. She’s worth it” Doug was enticed.  Katrina, Melissa and now Storm, less than a month ago his world was innocent,  He had never given bdsm a second thought, lead astray but a pop-ad.  Could there be anything that was a catalyst for this new found love of distorted sexuality, maybe Mistress Storm would be able to help him figure that out.  It didn’t take long to find her advertisement once he knew where to look, an appointment was booked online.  Someone would be blowing off football practice that saturday.  

That Saturday he took the picture of his favorite teacher and shredded it, he then cleared out his temporary internet files, cookies and browsing history.  No one will ever know!  Doug drove his car to the station to take the train, he didn’t want his car parked in front of a commercial dungeon.  The train ride took forever, it certainly wasn’t an express train.  It lingered longer than it should at each station,it seemed that way.  Strangers wanted to talk but he wasn’t interested in idle chatter, he was lost in his thoughts.  He found his way the the door of the mysterious Mistress Storm, the name Betty Aaron used professionally.  She lead him inside and instructed him to disrobe.

“Can we roleplay?”

“That’s what this is, roleplay.  Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to be my second grade teacher, I want to go past my limits.  Prove I am a man.”

“You’re not a man, you’re a worm.”

“Yes Mistress.”  

“Did I say you could speak worm?”

“No Mistress.”.
“You’re a bad boy and you need to be punished.”  She put fuzzy wrist restraints on him, and tied him to a tether from the ceiling.  She then laid into him hard with her whip, his terrified eyes bulged.  “Can’t take it worm?  Your limits are pathetic.”  The whipping continued till tears started to flow.  “Your crying?”  Her tone was harsh, she then laughed at him.  The scorn stung like a scorpion’s bite, he was a child all over again.  Why wasn’t this fun he questioned.  Despite that he would take whatever she had, he would finally go past his limits for real.

“I can take it, take me to the edge and beyond.”

“You can’t take it worm.”

“Do it, gag me.”  She applied the gag,  then resumed whipping him with a new resolve to put him past the boundary.  He grew pale, perspiration grew on his forehead.  She took off his gag and asked if he was alright, he needed to catch his breath to answer.  He claimed he was fine, she insisted on stopping.  “Keep going you bitch,” purposely angering her.  She kept on going, he was going to go past his limits now whether he could or not.  It was terrible and horrible, yet he was elated and energized.  He did it, he can do anything.

That evening he went on his computer.  “Are you there NY44?” typed Doug, he wanted to tell someone about his triumph.  NY44 was there, and was proud of Doug.  “Took a lot of nerve to do that, especially with her reputation for being the Priestess of Pain.”  Doug laughed, he experienced it firsthand.  “It was being a kid again in second grade suffering for my grade school teacher.”  NY 44 told him that he should go see her, maybe Ms, Christensen was into this thing of theirs.  Though highly unlikely he thought it would be quite exhilarating if she was, he would approach her since he could do anything now.  

She would be older yes, but not by that much.  How long has it been, maybe ten years?  Thanks to Cindy everyone except his parents knew about his preference.  It would be doubtful that the news reached her, but it might have.  He decided he’d go see her on the outside chance she’d would also be interested, and it would good to see her nonetheless.

There she was in the school courtyard with the kids, could it be she was wearing that same sexy skirt?  Her legs still shone like diamonds in the sunlight, they still made him weak in the knees.  School would be letting out soon, he’d catch her at her car.  He waited in his car at the edge of the teacher’s parking lot so he could see her coming, and there she was.  She took out her keys and opened the door of her sleek BMW Gran Coupe, even her car was stunning.  He took a deep breath and set forth to talk to her.  This was harder than taking that whipping at Mistress Storm’s, he had second thoughts.

 Would it be grandiose of him to think that she would remember him with hundreds of kids having passed through her classroom?  He didn’t seem to think this was the case, he expected instant recognition.  Surprisingly enough that happened, she spoke to him first as he approached.  “Want me to pull you hair sissy boy?”  Apparently she has heard and clearly remembers him.

“Yes my Queen.”

“Have you come to be my servant for the rest of your life?”  Could he be this lucky? She looked as good as the first day he first laid eyes on her.  The hair, the defined jaw line, and delicate features of her face made her irresistible not to serve.

“Yes my Queen.”

“You’ll have to prove yourself to be worthy of serving me, you better be well trained.”

“I am mighty Goddess, I am,” he was delighted to say.

“Than maybe I’ll try you out.” she smiled and pull his hair.








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