The Meaning of Life... And Death.

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Would you give up everything to save someone you love?

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



‘Goodnight and goodbye’ read the sole text preview on my phone.

It was 11 am but the sun was barely peeking through the blinds in my dark bedroom. I rolled my eyes as I opened my phone. At seventeen you don’t need this shit. Especially in my condition and from a boyfriend of only a week.

There were 7 missed calls from you last night. A little figure of 8 over text messages too.
My cancer treatment knocks me out. You get it. At least you know I wasn’t ignoring you.
I checked the voicemails and they were all the same; you calmly asking me to pick up the phone. How much I meant to you and couldn’t live without me.

Then I got to the last, the one from your mom. The only thing she said was you were gone and you had left me a note. Her voice cracked before she stopped talking and I could hear her heart wrenching sobs before the phone cut out automatically. Click.

My heart stopped as my blood raced. The phone fell from my hand and the pillow swallowed the screams pouring from my soul. Eventually I got up, threw some clothes on and ran a few doors down to your house. I found your mum sobbing at the bottom of the stairs.

I burst into your room but didn’t scream as I couldn’t breathe. You were still hanging from the beam; your mum too weak to cut you down. You looked so peaceful, almost sleeping in the air. It was then I noticed the note stuck to the overturned chair. I grabbed it as I heard the paramedics arrive.

Dear Phoebe,
I’m writing to you because tonight's the night that my life will come to an end and yours will begin. I want you to know how much I love you and how much you have meant to me. I know these past few days were hard. Chemotherapy’s a bitch. It was my third session. And I’d hated the other two. Then you came in to the room and my life. We sat side-by-side in those communal, lung cancer chemo “therapy chairs”. We chatted, laughed and played together. I’d never had a girlfriend, being born with genetic lung cancer will do that to your face and body, so you kindly said I could call you mine. You gave me my first, and final, kiss. So you should never ever blame yourself. It wasn’t your fault. Your parents smoking around you from when you were born was your cancer. And now this gives you a chance to live. We are the same blood-type so my Will states you can have my non-diseased lung. I do this for you so make sure you live your life to the fullest for both of us.
I love you so much and until we meet again.

Forever and always,




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