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Chapter 2 (v.2) - X-RAY OR IS IT PROF. X

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017





In 2002, at the age of eighteen, I enrolled to join Kenya Army. My dream of being a part of this elite group started way back when I was in primary six. Having an uncle in the defense force made me want it even more since I got the opportunity to observe their training as he would take my cousins and me to the training grounds sometimes. I loved the discipline impacted on the recruits. Raw as they were from different experiences, they would be shaped up into one unit of discipline and courage. My oh my! This tickled me to the bonne. My broad character was of discipline. The way I dressed, kept my bed, talked to my juniors, peers or elders, my gusto to details and even my respect for the country. No place would I feel at home more than in the army. Those days, recruiting was based upon ones dexterity, suppleness and corporal ability, traits which came to me so naturally. After a long day of trials at 64 stadium in Eldoret town, thousands of us who turned out for the training were recruited. Thousands more were sent back home. My heart skipped a beat for my lifelong dream was shaping up. This was followed by rigorous training that took a full year. I can only say at this time, if you want to join the army just to make a living then I suggest you think otherwise. Quite a number dropped out, some ran away and others died during that long year. Those of us that graduated were celebrated during the graduation function held in our honor and it felt really good. A small group was selected to go for a further thirteen weeks of marksman training at theCommando Training Center Royal Marines . I was the group leader since my abilities exceeded the rest of my colleagues.


2010, my unit was sent to Somalia for mission 'Linda Inchi' against the Alshabab radicals who had threatened the security of Kenya. Just like the Al-queida, this group is merciless and has no honor. They kill whatever they find just to make a point. I was ready and willing to kill as many of these crazy extremists as possible for the sake of my people. That evening before we were dropped at the boarder of Kenya and Somalia, I went down on my knees and whispered a prayer,

'Oh Lord, creator of heaven and earth, use me as your extended arm of justice, make me a shield for my people and all Glory and Honor shall be unto you in Jesus' Name, Amen!'

Our mission was to infiltrate a weapons camp in Kismayu. The team of six included a communications specialist, bomb specialist, medical doctor, weapons and tactics specialists and two snipers. Having prepped the whole night, we were ready to depart at 0200hrs. Landing at the base, 10miles from the boarder, colonel Sang, a tall and sturdy bloke meets us.

"I suppose you had a splendid flight captain", he told me.

"Sir, yes sir!" I responded while saluting.

"You shall be briefed at exactly 0230hrs and at 0300hrs you depart for Kismayu, is that clear captain?"

"Sir yes Sir!" I retorted even gaudier than before.


During sniper training, eight years ago, our instructor emphasized on accuracy, reflex and speed.

"Once you have your target locked, take that shot, do not blink nor hesitate, is that clear," he would say.

"Every second counts and remember, your colleagues' lives are in your hands", he would add.

"Your rifle is your woman, treat her like you would treat your wife. Caress her gently, keep her clean at all times, oil her like your life depends on it and remember, whatever you do, never let her out of your site."

These he kept saying over and over that my entire being had become one with his words. Every morning ever since, I would wake up, make my bed, clean my rifle and oil it before engaging my normal workout routines and finally take a cold shower. This kind of discipline was food to my soul. My mind was always sharp and vigilant, nothing caught me by surprise. I would go to a place and immediately scan the environment-the cars and their plate numbers, the trees, people and how they are dressed, shops, offices, vantage point locations etcetera. My team mates called me X-ray or Prof. X.


At exactly 0230hrs, the briefing was on.

"Target location, Al-wahid camp, 35° east 40° north, 200miles south of Ethiopia boarder. Mission, infiltrate and destroy the camp, make it a clean sweep. Departure time, 0300hrs. ETA 0330hrs. Any questions", concludeed the instructor.

"No sir," I respond as we stood up and headed for the chopper.

Thirty minutes later, we landed at the drop point and the moment the team touched down, the chopper made a U- turn back to the camp. "T, get the map and point us to our Itinerary." I instructed our communications specialist whose real name was Ole' Tip.

He checked his map and then pointed towards the hills far east from our location.

"Ok Rangers, we have exactly three hours to complete the mission, let's roll."


flash back

Mr.T was born in September 11 1980. He is the twentieth son of chief Ole Sanguli. The chief had married five wives and T's mother was the fifth. She was his latest trophy and the most loved of all the women in the homestead. The other women were always invidious but very loyal to the chief. Mr. T had a deformity that made him weak all the time and so he would spend most of his time snoozing.

'Why do you sleep all the time you lazy bones?' his father would ask.

What would he tell him, he himself dint even have an answer to this question.

'You will amount to nothing, all your brothers are warriors and they protect and provide for their families but you sleep all day,' his father would add.

This negative sentiments from his father made him burn with anger and rage and all he wanted to do was to prove to his father that he wasn't useless. At the age of eighteen, he enrolled to join the army after completing his form four successfully with a B+ but couldn't pass the physical test. He joined a college to pursue a diploma in education, his focus being Geography. His love for the subject started way back in primary school where he would be fascinated by maps and coordinates. Little did he know that he would make his father proud as a combatant.


Scouring through the rough terrain, we kept silent. Hand gestures were used to communicate and as the team leader, it was my duty to guide my team to battle. We had moved approximately 3.1 miles and had about another 5miles to go. I summoned the team to halt. I signaled Mr. T to check the latest satellite image of our location. The image indicated that we were now entering the enemy's camp. They had set up a five mile radius frontier to prevent an attack. There were militia men patrolling the entire area at all times. Using the real time satellite image, we could be able to spot where our enemies were and neutralized them. Soon, we were entering the red zone.

"Peter and I will take the high ground over there, Sgt. T, Sgt. Rech, Sgt. Lucas and Leut. Rogers will infiltrate the camp through the eastside. We shall be your Eyes. Neutralize anyone that comes your way silently. Sgt. Rech shall plant the C4s in the locations indicated on the map. Ok, move out." I commanded.


flash back

Rachael was in high school when her father died. She was four months away from siting for her GSE finals when the call came in.

"Rachael, it is about your dad, he has died." Said her aunt.

"No! This can't be, it can't be," she said as tears gushed out of her eyes.

Two years later, during her senior six graduation, her mother bought for her a BMW convertible, her dream car at that time. She always had a fascination for science; physics and chemistry being her favorites. During her holidays, her mother had gone for a tour to Dubai and on their way back, the plane she was in blew up in midair. During the 7 Ocklock news, it was announced that terrorist linked to alshabab and alqueida had a hand on that explosion. The following morning, Rachael receives a phone call from her aunt Rebecca,

"sweetheart, I have bad news, your moth......your moth...."then she burst into tears.

Rech immediately sensed that her mother was dead and hang up the phone. Running up to her room, she cried herself to sleep. Rachel's father had died years ago during a bombing that occurred at the American Embassy in Nairobi. Burning with rage, she swore to avenge her parents' deaths; little did she know that her wish was on its way.

Two years later, she was a big mess, having run away from home; she had engaged herself into prostitution and drug addiction. This careless life led to her arrest for drug peddling and was to serve a jail term of ten years. During her term, a gentleman from DOD came over to visit.

"Hello Rachel, my name is Major Birgen, I was sent to take you into the custody of the Kenya Army where you shall serve the remainder of your term." He hit the point home.

"And what does the army want with me? Don't you see that I am a big mess? Just leave me to die here for I have nothing else left to live for." said Rachel with a lot of anger and resentment.


The decision

2010, his Exellency President Mwai Kibaki calls for a meeting with the joint chief of staff to discuss the eminent threats facing Kenya. Two weeks earlier, a bomb had exploded at machakos bus stage killing four and injuring twenty. Before that, there was an attack on a bus in Eastleigh which ended in a fatality of one child and a dozen others injured seriously.

"weee wiiil not stay put, theeese al-shababu haaave to be dealt with riiiight now", spoke the president.

"mavi ya kuku kabisaaa", he added.

"The troops are ready to be dispatched sir," general Kiangi responded.

"sooo tell me, whaaat is the game plan?"

The general stood up and walked to a projected map of Somalia indicating the hot zones that were in urgent need to be neutralized.

"These are our targets; they represent the camps where Al-shabab militias are including their training camp and their weapons arsenal. Our mission is to vaporize them and render the militia powerless."

"First we shall start with this camp 20 miles from the boarder, it is the communications camp, meanwhile, a special team shall be headed to this camp which is 200 miles south of Ethiopia boarder, their mission being to infiltrate and destroy it. This camp is their arsenal."

"Finally, our troops shall be divided into five Battalions and they will march towards the remaining camps, mission being to infiltrate and destroy all Al-shabab militia men and rescue any hostage they find."

"Veeery weeel then, you haave my permission." "Gooo get them", ordered the president.

Turning to the Inspector General of Police he said,

"Now that weee are going to attack, I aaaaam sure that the Alshababu are going to retaliate hard, whaaaat is the contingent plan?"

"We are already doubling the police force in the city, Somalia boarder and the coast. We believe they are going to attack those three major places. We have also dispatched an investigative unit to flash out Al-shabab sympathizers in a bid to crack down on their movements within the borders."

Soon the meeting was over and it was clear that the long awaited Kenya military showdown was on.

One day latter, the mission was on. That evening, my men and I were already waiting at the camp to receive directions.

"Gentlemen, you have been training for a long time and now your skills are going to be put to the taste. We are going head to head with the one of the world's most dangerous militia group and it is not going to be a walk in the park. Remember, we are the most elite team in the armed forces and we shall be counted upon to deliver with precision. Sgt. Rachel, you are the best bomb specialist in the entire bomb squad and that is why you were chosen to join my team, I am counting on you to blow whatever shall be needed to be blown to kingdom come. Sgt. T, there is no finer communication specialist and am counting on you to lead us to our mission. Liut. Rogers, you are the second in command and the best specialist in weapons and tactics, I expect you to be our eyes and ears in the field and whatever thing that tries to crawl anywhere near us, shoot it first then ask questions later, and that goes to you all. Sgt. Lucas, in case I get a bullet wound, am confident that I am in capable hands and finally Sgt. Peter, my long and trusted friend, the only one I know who can challenge me in any snipper competition, am sure we shall have fun together." I inspired my team for the coming mission. At exactly 0200 hrs, we departed for the mission.


flash back

"What am I going to do with you?" asks Mr. Richards.

Rogers had flanked yet again in his senior four final exams. This had happened again during his Primary eight finals and his father had to pull a lot of strings just to get him to a good secondary school.

"Do you even care about your future?" "Or you think things are always going to be easy on your side. I have done all that I can as a father but you keep letting me down."

Those were his father's last words before he was gruesomely murdered by thugs on his way back home. Back in school, Rogers was always in trouble. He would either sneak out of school or would beat up other students and his father couldn't understand what he would turn into. Now that his father was dead, Rogers felt a sense of guilt and anger. He was guilty that he had let his father down and angry that his chance to prove to him that he can be responsible had been snatched from him. Now all he had left was to prove to himself that he could actually do something that counts. One year after his father's burial, he enlisted to join the army and just like it was meant for him, he got recruited.

"This is my chance to do something worthwhile", he thought.

Immediately after his training, he was accepted to join a program with the US Army for a special forces training. This lasted another year and he came back.

"Captain John, this is lieutenant Rogers, he is going to join your team," said major Birgen.

"Sir yes sir," I responded. And that is how we met.

One week before our mission to Somalia, Rogers had asked me to accompany him to his father's grave.

"Dad, I know I have failed you a million times but this one time you shall be proud of me, I love you dad and I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to come around." He said amidst tears.

My eyes were filling with tears but I stayed strong.


There were few militia men guarding the camp since most of them had been sent to engage the Kenya Defense Forces near the border. Their intention being to prevent the KDF from entering into their zone. Peter and I had taken a high ground east of the camp giving us the best vantage point. Looking through the binoculars, I saw twenty tracks being loaded with weapons; AK 47s, bullets, rocket launchers, tankers and grenades.

"T, I count three men approaching you from the east entrance, do you copy?"

"Loud and clear sir," he whispered.

Hiding behind a tent, they stealthily ambushed the militia men and neutralized them. There was one guard at the watch tower.

"I am going to take down the guard at the watchtower to your left; you will then make a run for the artillery unit,"

"Copy that," he replied.

I took a clear shot and down went the guard. Liut Rogers and the team made a run for the arsenal unit but before they could get to it, they were dappled. The enemy fired his gun and all hell broke loose. Over thirty militia men sprung out of nowhere and started to close in on the team. Peter and I decided to create a diversion. We both took aim at a fuel tank to the west of the team's location and there was a big explosion. In the midst of this confusion, the team made a run towards a fleet of tankers packed at the south entrance of the camp. Sgt Racheal planted more bombs before heading towards the exit point. When they were way off danger zone, she triggered and there was a mighty explosion that shattered the entire camp. Mission was complete. Peter and I met the team at the extraction point.

"Chopper one, chopper one, come in," T called out.

"this is chopper one," came the response.

"Mission complete, we are ready to roll," "chopper one on its way, ETA 15mins, over and out."

15 minutes later, we were airborne.

"That was awesome lady and gentlemen."

"Yes sir, I am glad my services as a doctor were not needed much".

"It serves them right, now they can go meet their maker for their judgment."

"Rachel, I know the pain they have put you through but don't let it get too personal is that clear?"

"Sir yes sir."

"What about you Rogers, you are rather quite."

"No sir, I am just down. I wish my father were here to see me today, he would be a proud man."

"Am sure he is proud of you wherever he is, hey T, did........."

"Mayday! Mayday! We have been hit, we are going down", came the pilots' voice.

"Everyone, assume a crashing position." Commanded the pilot.

Regaining my conscience, I found myself lying on the ground, face down. I tried to stand but there was a sharp pain emanating from my knee. I forced myself to stand and there it was, the wrecked chopper. I limped towards it and saw the horror. Limbs were scattered everywhere and the smell was chocking.

"T, Rech, Peter, Rogers, any one," I called out in a low coarse voice.

"Here, captain", called out peter from within the rubble.

I followed the sound and found him a few meters lying down.

"Where is Rech, Reeeeech! Rogers, T," I called out the more while helping Peter on his feet.

He had a deep cut on his thigh and so I had to perform a quick first aid to reduce the blood flow.

"We are here sir," came a voice from Rech as the trio walked slowly from behind the wreckage.

"Are you guys alright?" "Yes sir, we are not badly injured." Replied Lucas who was slowly walking behind them. "Help Rogers out then", I commanded. Before long, we heard sounds of vehicles approaching our position in haste. T quickly rushed to a small hill to our right, "guys, there are four heavily armed Geep vehicles coming from the east, ETA fifteen minutes."

Time was of the essence and so we rushed out of the crash site as fast as we could. T and Lucas assisted Rogers to walk as we struggled to move. Taking a vantage point on a small hill to the west of the wreckage, we waited. Soon, the fleet arrived and started scouring the place. I had planted a bug before leaving the site and so we could clearly follow their conversation.

"The special unit team has been shot down and we are now counting the bodies."

After a short while, I saw him direct his men towards different directions. One team of ten headed towards our position and so we prepared to take them down.

"Rogers, shoot down the vehicle to the left while Rech shoots down the one to the right. Peter, you and I will take down the team heading towards us." I directed.

Soon there was chaos all over the place as the vehicles exploded, bits flying in different directions.

"y'Allah, y' Allah," shouted the commander while pointing towards our direction.

The entire platoon turned toward us and started firing while advancing like a heard of angry buffalos on a revenge scheme.


White house flash back

"You have done a commendable job Mr. President. We shall finally teach those bastards a lesson. No one messes around with us and goes away with it. There are rumors though that the republicans are going to use this to sabotage your presidency. With the shrinking economy, the public shall look at this as misappropriation of funds," spoke the chief of staff at a closed door meeting at the white house.

"Of course they shall, but America is at war and the al-shabab is one of our sworn enemies and we cannot turn a blind eye on that matter. The citizens can make noise all they want, but this is to their best interest. After all, they elected us to take care of their interest, didn't they?" asked the president.

"Of course sir, but we should be prepared to fight a political war. Those republicans are out for blood and anything they can use, they will use."

"Very well then, ask sherry to prepare a statement. We should use the element of surprise. Before they go public with this and confuse the citizens, we should be the first to set them at peace." Concluded the president.


Black hawk down flashback

1994, project dark shadow was unveiled. Mission being to infiltrate and rescue trapped U.S citizens who were working with the UN. They had been captured by the most powerful and corrupt war lord-Mohammed Fer-iddid. This war lord profited from the suffering of Somali citizens and the relief aid from UN did not come as pleasing news to him and so he had kidnapped some of the volunteers in a bid to end the mission. When America sent the seal team to rescue the kidnapped UN workers, Fer-Iddid used the opportunity to insight the citizens against the American forces. Hell broke loose and there was shooting all over Mogadishu. The US seals were overpowered since they were fighting 'ghosts'. There was no clear army or rebel group to combat and so many US seals lost their lives during that uprising.

Over the years since then, the US government has been training different armies, Kenya included and supplying them with modern weapons. As the saying goes, 'we might have lost the battle but the war is not over', Americans stand by this to the last word. They never give up nor back down even if it takes them forever to accomplish their mission. The Somali battle might have been won in 1994 but the war against terror was still on. Training Kenyan troops was part of the American government plan to crash her enemies. Since the beginning of America as a nation, it has had enemies trying to shake its foundation and it has been her policy to protect her boarders from her enemies both local and foreign by using any means necessary.


"Command, we are under heavy direct fire, we are being flanked, immediate air support needed, over and out", shouted T as the enemy kept advancing from all directions.

Where they came from only the heavens know.

"This is command, what is your location?" "15° East 20° North." "How long can you hold them back?"

"20mins tops, what is your ETA?" asked T.

"25mins tops", came the response.

"Not good enough damn it, send that chopper now or our asses will be smoked," shouted the now agitated T.

"Calm down T, we need to hold them, Rech, I need you to create a buffer zone between them and us, Rogers, cover her. Lucas and T, hold them from the east while peter and I will slow them from the west." I instructed.

Soon we were all in position.

"Rech, are you set?" "Yes sir, setting off in 5..4..3..2..1"

BOOM! The entire area was engulfed in fire, making it hard for the militia men to close in on our position. There were gun shots emanating from all directions.

"I have been hit, Aaargh!" shouted Rech. Lucas quickly rushed to her position and found Rogers trying to help her out.

"Here, let me have a look at that. The bullet went right through missing an artery. I need to seal the wound. Rogers, get me a bandage from the kit and some antiseptic." Requested Lucas.

Meanwhile, Peter and I were fighting hard to hold our position.

"This is ranger, I repeat, this is ranger. We are coming in hot. Strut yourselves."

"Rech, Luc, Roger, T, take cover", I instructed.

Peter and I hid in a ditch and waited. A few seconds later, there was a loud explosion followed by a spray of bullets flying all over our enemy position. It was so loud we had to cover our ears. This lasted for thirty seconds and then there was silence.

"This is ranger, come in," sounded the com.

"We are alright, over and out." The chopper landed and we were airlifted to base.



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