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Chapter 3 (v.3) - MERCENERIES

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



I paused for a minute to figure out where I was. The running had lasted thirty minutes and it seemed I was going in circles. Ahead was an abandoned warehouse.

'Something is off ' I thought to myself. 'First, Fred captures me and then he disappears.'

Before I could make my next move, a group of armed assailants surrounded me. They were armed with automatic rifles and wore masks to conceal their faces.

"Slowly put your hands up and get down on your knees." Instructed their commander.

On my knees I knelt. He moved closer to me and twisted my arms behind my back. He then got cuffs from his side pockets and secured me tightly. I noticed a ranger tattoo on his right arm.


He then put a hood over my head.

Two of his men lifted me up from the ground and pushed me forward. I started to walk towards the warehouse.

'These must be Susan's employers. The package, yes, the package. It all adds up now.' I thought. 'But I don't have the package, it is with Dr. Richard. What was the package? It wasn't heavy neither big. Must have been papers. But what papers? Could it be blue prints, deeds or map?'

Momentarily we get into the warehouse.

"Take him to the holding chamber. I will let the boss know that we have him."

One of the guys pushed me forward and I walked. We went through a long corridor then down a fleet of stairs and finally into a room. The cuffs were released and the hood taken off. There was a bright light that blinded me for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes, the man who escorted me had vanished. The door was locked from outside. There were no windows. The lights were switched off and it went pitch-black.

A cold breeze started emanating from above. It was freezing cold and my teeth started to crunch. It felt like Vancouver Richmond all over again. I clutched my hands together in the corner of the room trying to retain as much heat from my body as possible. Every second that passed by seemed like a long time. The temperatures kept falling and my body began to get numb. I decided to engage a more conventional method of generating heat. I lay flat on my tummy, placed my palm flat on the ground and up I pushed, then down and then up again. I did this for 30 minutes nonstop and my body created so much heat I started to sweat. 'But how long would this take?' I thought. Erect on my feet, I started to jump up and down while punching the emptiness of the room. Soon my legs and arms couldn't take it anymore. As I was walking towards the corner, the lights were lit abruptly. They were so bright that I had to close my eyes. When I opened them, there were two well-built blokes wearing black T-shirts and ranger pants standing right in front of me. They tied my arms behind my back and sat me down on a chair. The lights were switched off.

I sat there another thirty minutes before the lights were switched on. This time, a well-dressed man, medium height, light skinned, bald head and a deep voice sat on a chair facing me.

"Mr. John, I hope you are being treated well. My name is Dr. Fredrick. That is all you need to know." He said.

"How can I help you Dr. Fred?" I asked.

"Ah Mr. John, it is not so much about how you can help but how I can help you. You see, there are things we come into possession of and they can cause us harm, say a package for example. It may seem harmless but it may cost you your life."

"A package you say," I interrupt.

"Yes Mr. John. A package. It has come to our attention that you are in possession of one brown envelope, is that accurate?"

"I am in possession of many a brown envelops Dr. Fred. A little bit of clarity would be in order."

"You've always been a funny man Mr. John. The package am referring to is the one you had at the park yesterday.

"Well, if you saw me with the package yesterday then you must have seen me handing it over to someone else."


After the call from Peter, I thought it wise to take extra precaution. I took the package from underneath the table and walked out. Passing through a secret hall way, I entered a safe house and accessed a vault. Inside was a side gun, hard currency notes and passports from different countries. After getting back to the office, I picked another envelope, put in a document of the same weight as the one in the original envelope and then moved out. As I came out of the elevator, I noticed a man standing at the reception. He was dressed like a tourist and had a camera dangling from his neck. It looked like he was asking for directions but I noticed that he was glancing at me subtly.

Getting out of the building, I headed towards an optic shop and purchased a pair of sunglasses. I then proceeded to an alley and kept walking straight. When I was about to exit on the other side, I raised them up as though I was checking them out. Though blurry, I was able to see the same guy walking slowly from behind. I took a handkerchief and wiped them before putting them back on. A little while later, I was sited at the park waiting for Peter but then Dr. Richard came and I handed him the envelope.

He walked away towards upper hill road and the 'tourist' followed him from a safe distance. I kept watching just a little bit before something caught my attention. This lady was walking towards Uhuru highway clutching her bag tightly. She was not aware of the danger larking behind her. A young man in his early twenties run fast towards her and somehow snatched the bag from her. I thought to myself, 'that is a done deal', only to see her running after him while shouting 'thief!' It did not take long before she was onto him. Taking a leap, she pounced on him and down on the ground they fell. He stood up and tried to run away but she was too quick for him. Blows and kicks systematically landed on this young man and in a few seconds he was on his knees begging for forgiveness. I just smiled, shook my head and walked towards my car.


"Well, after a protracted persuasion, that other person finally handed us a package but guess what, it was a phony. Imagine my surprise Mr. John,"

"did you bother to persuade him to hand you the real package?" I ask.

"Enough with your games Mr. John, you either tell us where the package is while your body is still intact or later after a few alterations, which is it going to be?" asked the Dr who was now getting agitated.

"You have given me two hard choices. As much as I love my body, I can't help you with the package because I don't have it." I firmly responded.

"Very well then, I will come back in a few. Meanwhile, my friend here would love to have a chat with you." Said the Dr While pointing to a well-built bloke standing by my side.

A few minutes later he returned. My eyes were all dark and my jaw was paining like hell.

"I see your conversation got too personal. I hope he dint do you any harm." Said the Dr with a lot of cynicism.

I spit blood on the side before responding, "Well, your buddy here is rather friendly but yes, we've had a long conversation. Why don't you let him fill you in?"

"You must be special unit. That tattoo on your arm and your resilience." "But am sure every man has a breaking point."

A screen on the wall was turned on and my heart skipped a beat. There were four men holding automatic rifles. Their faces were covered save for the eyes.

'No! This cannot be. I have taken every precaution to ensure that any one that matters in my life is safe,' I thought. The man sited on the chair was Alex, my childhood friend.


Flash back

Alex and I had been brought up together. When his family moved from Nairobi, we became neighbors. We spent every evening playing different childhood games. Though he was not that flamboyant, he tried his best to blend in as me and other kids from the block went about risking our lives in the name of fun. Sometimes at night, I would go to his home for a sleep over and on other nights he would come over to my home. Every morning, we would go to school together and on weekends, we would go on adventure.

One particular day, we had gone to pilfer fruits from a neighbors' garden. It was a habit we had gotten accustomed to over the years. This neighbor of ours had an orchard that was mouthwatering. As usual, we would go through the fence and into the garden. Since Alex was not so agile, he would keep guard as the rest of us climbed the trees and threw the fruits to the ground. As we were busy plucking, two canines appeared form nowhere. Alex tried to run but they were too fast for him and before long he was down and the dogs were upon him. He cried out loud but none of us was brave enough to get down from the trees. Lucky enough, the neighbor was around and he came to the rescue but Alex was seriously injured. He had to spend a month in hospital before he could fully recover. I blamed myself for the incidence and swore to protect my dear friend from that day henceforth.


"Don't you have a better show than this?" I asked.

"The man sited is your friend Alex. We have kept him as collateral. If you want to see him again then you will do as I ask. So, let us start again, where is the package?"

"Dr. Fred, why do you insist on wasting your time? I told you already that I don't have the package." I firmly responded.

My head was spinning so fast as I tried to figure out how to help Alex out while protecting the location of the package.

Dr. Fred held a walkie-talkie and spoke "start by breaking his legs."

One of the masked guys held a hammer and hit Alex's right foot. He screamed so loud I felt the pain. By this time, I had set myself loose.

"Alright! Alright, I will tell you where the package is but don't cause that innocent man any more pain.

He came closer and with the speed of lightening, I twisted his arm behind his back and locked his neck with my other hand.

"Nobody move or I will break his neck," I commanded.

The other guys stood still not knowing what to do.

"Slowly put down your weapons and move to the wall." I instructed. They did not retort.

Tightening my grip on his neck, the Dr hissed in pain,

" For Christ's sake, do as he asks." The soldiers put down their guns and moved towards the wall. I picked one of the guns and we moved out.

After exiting the room, I instructed the Dr. to lock it from outside. When he had done that, I knocked the electronic system with the butt of the gun and it broke. "Take me where you are holding Alex." I instructed. We went up a fleet of stairs before joining a corridor that led to a door at the end.

"Open it".

He punched in the codes and the door opened. The room was well lit and organized. There was a book shelf on one corner, a red carpet on the floor, an office desk and a familiar man sited on the chair.

"Well done Johnny, well done." Spoke the man on the chair. His voice was very familiar.

"Alex, is that you?" I asked.

"Of course it is me, who else would it be?"

"But I don't understand, what is happening?"

"There is a lot to talk about. You can leave us now Dr. Richard."

The Doc walks away.

"What is happening? Are you part of the syndicate? What is it that you want with me? I need an explanation right now Alex." I was infuriated.

"In a moment all will be clear Johnny. But first, I need you to meet the team."

He pressed the intercom button and spoke,

"the guys can join us now."

The door opened and my eyes went wide open. Leading the group was Peter followed by Rachael then Rogers and Lucas and finally T.


Flash back

After the mission in Somalia, my team and I were given medals of Honor. That evening, we were at slurp pub having a good time away from war.

"This is it for me guys, I have served my country with honor and it is time to retire. I have been thinking of starting my own business." I said.

"Well, good for you sir, serving with you has been my honor and am going to miss you." Said Rachael.

We spent that evening together reminiscing. Later, we parted ways and that was the last time I saw or heard from them.


"What is going on guys? Is it my birthday already?" I asked.

"No Sir, we are the shadow team and you have passed your interview." Said Peter.

"What interview? What exactly is going on here lads?" I was still confused.

"We'll let Alex take you through." He added.

"The security organs set by our government is not sufficient to safeguard this country. We are always under threat from internal and external forces operating within our boarders. Some are drug cartels, mafia groups, terrorists linked to al'queida and al'shabab and foreign nations that are opposed to our very existence. The government is overwhelmed and that is how we come in. we are subcontracted to perform shadow operations which the government can plausibly deny since there is no direct link."

"Let me cut you short, you mean to say that you are a covert unit working missions on behalf of the government?"

"Yes John- that is exactly what am saying?"

"very well then, am impressed. You guys are stealth. But let me ask , is everyone I encountered a member of the clandestine team? Including Judy?" .

"Yes dear, and I enjoyed every minute I spent with you. You are everything I was told you'd be and more." Said Judy who was now entering the room.

"wow! Am lost for words. When do I get briefed?"

"Tomorrow, but you and I have a lot to catch up on." Said Alex as he stood up.

"I know of a good place." I interrupted.



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