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Chapter 5 (v.5) - THE CARTEL

Submitted: June 13, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Somewhere at the coast

"We have come a long way gentlemen and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop us. Kenya offers a mature market for our products and our distributors are very pleased. They even have a plan to set up a production unit right here at the heart Mombasa. Our costs shall come down by a big margin and our profits will sky rocket." Said the chairman.


The cartel often meets to lay strategies of increasing their drug distribution and sales. The syndicate has been in existence since independence but has been operating on a low scale. Since the 90s they have extended their territory and expanded their operations across the country. The government has always been aware of their operations but has failed to stop them since high ranking officials in the same government are directly involved in this multi-billion dollar industry. The port of Mombasa has always offered a direct entry point for the drugs from South America.

Their operations are highly organized in a chain system from the production unit to the customer. There are distribution points set up in the open yet hard to see. Most of the distribution points are ordinary shops, hotels and people's homes. First the drugs are shipped into the country, then they are stored in private warehouses before being sent to the various distribution points.

When the citizens complain about the increase in drug abuse by their children, the government sets up a crackdown and burst the lowest drug dealers in the food chain. They then make sure that the event is publicized so that the citizens are calmed down after which the confiscated drugs are taken out of police custody and put back to the market while those who were arrested are set free. That is how the government fools the citizens.

In 2009, there was an increase in drug abuse and the citizens made a big complain. The government set up a crackdown and arrested some of the culprits. Drugs worth over one hundred million Kenya shillings were netted. The event was aired on news and people were happy that the government was doing a good job. A few weeks later, the administration officer who was in charge of safeguarding the drugs was found dead at his home place in Kitale. The drugs were missing and the only thing the government promised to do was to look into the issue. To the best of my knowledge, that too was swept under the rug.


"How about the government, it has come to our notice that there is a unit operating in the shadows. Wont they be a problem?" asked one of the major shareholders in the meeting

. "Those are just rumors. We know that the government is on our side and anyone who tries to stop us will go to the ground. We have one eminent threat though, the minister of internal security. He is prying too deep and he has to go."

"But he is a high ranking official, we can't afford to go that high." Said another share holder.

"We also cannot afford interference from any party. We have come a long way gentlemen and I cannot stress that any further. Our business today is to increase our capital base since our demand has doubled up in the last five years. Each of you has been handed a financial and market growth report. We expect your response within the week. That is all gentlemen." Concluded the chairman.

Parked right outside the Hotel was a metallic black numberless van. T was busy snooping the cartel's meeting. Previously, they had received a tip regarding the meeting and Rachael had set up bugs and infra-red cameras strategically in the hotel. Their entire conversation was being recorded and transmitted live to the control center.

"Rech, the meeting is over, they are coming out now. Be ready for your queue." Instructed T. Rech was sitted in a dark numberless BMW.


The brief at an undisclosed location

"His name is Bruno code name 'Bull dog'. He is of Italian descent from Sicily. He came to Kenya in 2002 as an investor dealing in fashion clothing from Italy. He has outlets in Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret and Kisumu, Dare Salam and Kinshasa. He is the chairman and the head of the Pietro family. His organization is the biggest distributor of narcotics in East and Central Africa. Their dealings are estimated at $800 million and growing by the day. He owns a chain of establishments including hotels and casinos. His favourite is the whitesands hotel and casino in Mombasa. We have received a tip that he will be holding a meeting with his shareholders at the hotel two days from now. We need to gather as much Intel as possible from their meet. T and Rech will run this operation. Any questions so far?" asked Peter.

"What is our objective? Asked Rachael. "Your objective is to bug their meeting and when it is over, you will keep tabs on the Bull dog. Where he goes, who he meets, where he stays. I need full surveillance on him."

"To his right is Morial, code name ' the axe'. He is Bruno's lieutenant and most trusted assassin. He handles all the dirty jobs pertaining the syndicate. He is a highly trained ex-American navy seal. "Said Peter pointing to a photo of a daunting man on the screen." He was dishonorably discharged after being implicated in the torture and murder of Iraqi civilians. He was detained in Guantanamo bay but latter escaped and moved to Kenya where he has been hiding under Bruno's shadow. They say he is a ghost and every move to capture him has ended up in fatality. It has become hard to pin him down since he is always on the move. Michael, your mission is to keep tabs on him. His movements, where he hangs out, who he talks to, we need all that. Is that clear?" asked Peter. "Yes sir."

"Finally, the head of the cartel and the main distributor of most narcotics to different parts including the States and Africa is this man right here." Said Peter pointing to a photo of a well groomed man in his early 60s. "His name is Mendez Sanchez a.k.a Legit. He may look rather smooth but do not be mistaken. He is the most ruthless kingpin in the business. His operations are based in South America-it includes production and distribution units. His operation is worth over $8 billion and escalating. The Mexican government is largely controlled by him from political funding to projects running and in exchange, he is given a free pass to operate. Lucas and Judy will take this. You will need to burst his operation wide open before we go for the kill. You shall observe him, learn his ways. In this mission, you will have to go undercover for one week." Peter finally concluded.


Bruno entered his limousine and off they went. Rachael followed from a safe distance. The limo parked outside a restaurant. Bruno got out of the limo and went into the restaurant. Rachael parked on the opposite side of the road and moved out of her car. Making sure that no one had paid attention to her, she walked gracefully into the restaurant and sat in a booth next to where Bruno sat. Pulling out a transponder gun, the size of a pen, she planted a bug right on his neck. He felt a pinch and simply scratched. "T, target is bugged, do you copy?" "Yes Rech, we are transmitting." She pulled out her phone and activated the grid. She then walked to the ladies and a minute later moved out. Bruno was no longer in his booth. She quickly rushed outside only to see the limo disappearing around the corner. "T, he is on the move, am going to trail him." She called out.

"Am headed back to station. God speed." Responded T

Meanwhile, Michael was on the hunt to find Morial. He was a hard man to find but after snooping around, he was able to locate him at a local club. Apparently, Morial hopped from club to club since he enjoyed the company of women. Sited at the far end of the club, Michael was able to have a clear view of Morial without raising suspicion. On occasion, Morial would hit the dance floor and surround himself with ladies and then he would walk away towards the counter and order beer. He would then move towards the dance floor and continue mingling with the ladies. "Command, I have Morial in sight."

"This is Peter; make sure you don't lose him."

"Got to go, he is headed for the mens." Michael followed him. "Hey dude, can I have a light." "Sure thing," morial responded, "here you go." Michael took the lighter and planted a tiny bug. "Thanks man, have a blast."


Somewhere over the Atlantic ocean

"Lucas, what is your ETA?" asked Peter who was running point from command. "30mins sir." Responded Lucas. "Make sure you maintain your cover, your operation is key to our mission." "Yes sir". They were on their way to Mexico as a couple on honeymoon; aliases Bonnie and Susan. After their arrival in Mexico City, they boarded a taxi and were soon ushered into Galeria plaza reforma. "bonum vespere room. How velim book pecunia multa? Asked Lucas at the reception. "LIII pupa _Sos._ " replied the receptionist. "et nos sumus in cogitationibus nostris honeymoon mense consumere hie" said Peter. "gratulatione mirum Mexicopolis. sed, quando mortui ex duobus," said the receptionist with a broad smile. "After paying and getting the key, the couple proceeded to their room."This is a wonderful city honey, am glad we are here." Said Susan as she was unpacking. "The 'day of the dead' is two days from today. That is where we shall be meeting our contact." Said Lucas.


"John, am so thrilled to meet you after such a long time brother." Said Alex. We were at the slurp club that Monday evening. "How long has it been?" he asked. "More than 15 years I guess. But it seems like it was just yesterday." I responded. Your family relocated to Nairobi and ever since I have been trying to find you in vain. Not until last year when I bumped onto your mother in town that I got to find you." "Yes Alex, I completely cut my links to everyone I know ever since I joined the army. My unit was involved in clandestine operations and the risks involved were immense. I couldn't afford putting any one in harm's way. ""Brother, times have changed and we have come a long way." Said Alex. "So, tell me Alex, what is it exactly that you are doing?"


Flash back

"Aleki, my family is relocating to Nairobi and we are travelling tomorrow" I told Alex. This was 16 years ago. My dad had just been transferred to another school in Nairobi and he couldn't leave us behind. "How long shall you be gone?" he asked. "Am not sure but will come see you when I get the chance." I said. That never happened. The following day, early in the morning, a van was packed outside our home and we spent an entire hour packing our belongings. Soon we were ready to depart and so I rushed to Alex's home to bid him goodbye. He was still sleeping when I got there. I placed my wooden gun that I used to play with during fun moments in the neighborhood on his bed. The journey to Nairobi was a long one for me since it was my first time and so I slept many times.


"When I woke up that morning, I found this," he pulled out the wooden gun from his bag, "at that moment I knew that you had left. I have kept it since then and I knew that one day we shall meet." He said.

"Wow! Alex, I never took you for a keeper but all this time you have kept this dummy gun. Am impressed." I cut him short as I took it from him.

"Life moved on though. An Arab family moved into your old house and so I met Karim. He was as active as you were and we had much fun during our childhood. His family and mine became very close and when time came for them to move to Saudi Arabia, they invited me to stay with them. At first I feared since they are a Muslim family but I thought to myself, 'life is what happens when we are busy making plans', so I went. I have to admit, life took a sudden change. His father introduced me to a wealthy business man who was dealing in oil. He had an oil field where I was taken to work. At first, I started as an errand boy but he had other plans for me. Having no children of his own, he decided to take me in. we stayed together for six years and then he passed away. "

"So you are Muslim now?" I interrupted his narration.

"No, but am coming to that. When he passed on, he left me a gift that has made me who I am today. I remember before he died, he told me that whatever gift I get I should use it only for good. When the lawyer read the will, I immediately realized what he meant. He had mentioned me as the sole heir to his wealth."

"You haven't answered my question, are you Muslim?" "I see you are still impatient, No Johnnie, I am not."

"So, how did you get involved with Peter and the team?"

"I came back to Kenya to start a real estate's company in 2010. My company bought fifty acres 20 kms away from the city along Thika highway and put up mansions standing on 10 acres each. After selling them, the company bought a piece of property at the city center and demolished it. I then put up a sky scraper with office blocks. That is where I currently have my office." Said Alex.

"So, how did you get to meet Peter?" I asked.

"Well, I was driving late at night from office to my home in Karen. When I got to Lenana forest, a group of armed men stopped me. My heart was beating so fast and my vision started to blur. Then I heard gun shots and after that there was total silence. By this time, I had stopped the car by the road side. I heard a knock on the window. On opening, there he was-Peter. By then, I did not know him of course. "Sir," he told me, "we have to get going. I followed him and before long, we were at the command center. We got into a room and there I was briefed."

"Keep going," I said.

"Peter told me that they were a covert team hiredby the minister of internal security to crack down the threats in Kenya. He said that they have been observing me for a while and that they had got intelligence that the cartel had placed a bull's eye on me for my direct involvement in the fight against drugs."

"Wait a minute, how have you been involved in fighting drugs again?"

"A few months ago, I was approached by the minister of internal security. He told me that he needed my help in curing the disease that was eating up Kenya. I asked him what disease that was and he explained to me. Remembering what my god father had told me, I was more than willing to be a part of the plan. He told me that he needed finances to start an operation. I asked him why he couldn't just ask the treasury to chip in but he told me that the kind of operation he had in mind was not to be known even by the government."

"So, you financed a covert operation, how did the cartel know about your involvement?" I asked.

"Before I was approached by the minister, I had actively fought the use of drugs by setting up a rehabilitation center in Mombasa. This had put a dent on their operations and they were pissed. A month ago, I received a letter, I think I have it here, let me see, ah yes, here it is." He pulled the letter from his pocket and handed it to me.

2nd July 2012

Mr. Alex,

You are treading on dangerous grounds. We are watching you. If you care for your family then you will stop prying in our business.

Stay warned

"I see who ever wrote this was very careful not leave a trace." I said while handing the letter back to him.

"Yes they did. Soon afterwards after I received the letter, I met with the minister and I guess that is how Peter and the team came to my rescue. This is the story of the hunter being hunted. I have sworn to completely crash down their operation and we need your help."

"As I said earlier on, I am in but I will need you to do something for me." I said.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I need you to buy my company. If I am to go under, I do not need any strings attached."

"Very well, consider it done." By now it was getting late and we decided to call it in.


It was now easy to keep track of Bruno from a safe distance. She finally got view of the limo as it was entering a private beach house. She packed a distance away and waited. This was around 6pm and it was still bright. At exactly midnight, the limo pulled out of the house and drove off. Rachael started her engine and followed from a very safe distance. It finally came to a halt in an abandoned warehouse at the port. Two minutes later, a metallic black Mercedes Benz licensed Killer Alpha Tango 856 Charlie drove in and packed on the opposite side facing the limo. "Command, we have some activity going down. Do you copy?"

"This is Peter, go on."

"I followed Bruno to an abandoned warehouse and it seems he is meeting someone."

"Send the photos and we shall run them in our system."

"Copy that."

A tough looking man came out from the front passenger seat and opened the rear passenger door. A lady stepped out and started walking towards the limo. She wore a long burgundy dress, black high heels, purple scarf and curly hair. Rachael took photos and sent them to Peter. "Jesus! We have a problem. That is Terry, one of the advisors in the office of the President." Said Peter.

"Are you sure?" asked Rachael.

"Our system doesn't lie Rech." "Then we have a problem. Bruno had mentioned something about the minister of internal security earlier today. We need to move fast."



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