Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Joining Forces

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



“Minako! Get back in the car now!” yelled Grandpa. “Wait, Grandpa,” I said. “I think this girl may be able to help us save the school from the DHS invasion.” The girl and the Major continued fist fighting until the Major overpowered her by laying a heavy slap on her face. She was furious. “If you think you can try to kill me for this, you’re wrong!” she yelled, clutching her face. The Major got back into the girl’s face, and grabbed her by the shirt. “I don’t care who you are, but you are in no position to question this country’s direction under any given circumstances, and if you think I’m going to give up that easily, you are going to hell,” threatened the Major. The girl was struggling to get back up on her feet. “I’m through playing around, but once we get in and round up those students who are protesting against Islamic tolerance lessons, you’ll suffer the same fate as the great warrior, Osama Bin Laden!” laughed the Major as he ran back to the high school on foot. The Hyper-Gyro, carrying Captain Henry and Lt. Gordon, began to move away from the area, as Captain Henry began to update Major James on the situation.

“Major, this is Captain Henry, do you copy?” said the Captain.
“Loud and clear,” replied the Major.
“Why were you not at the school? I can see you on the ground as I speak.”
“My apologies, but I had caught an individual student trying to walk away during a supposed social studies class that was teaching Islamic tolerance. I tried to arrest her, but she and the Japanese girl overpowered me. Nonetheless, I am returning to the school to continue the mission,” said the Major. “Acknowledged,” replied Captain Henry. “As I continue, I will need another soldier to cover me in case the girls confront me once more. Can you send Lt. Gordon?” “Negative,” replied the Captain. “Lt. Gordon was bested in battle by the Japanese girl. Fortunately, he is alive, albeit severely weakened. I’m preparing to warp back to DC to give him medical aid. I will fetch for another soldier, and we’ll be there to cover you within the next half-hour.” “Affirmative and out,” replied the Major.

“Those stupid soldiers,” the girl muttered. “Now, they’re going to possibly kill innocent students, and possibly my sister; too!” she cried. Then she turned around and walked right through me. “Excuse me, didn’t mean to get in the way,” she said. “Wait a minute,” I said. The girl stopped and turned to face me. “Where are you going?” I asked. “I’m going home,” she said, turning around and walking away. “Why bother helping when they’re going to kill all of us, anyway?” “Wait!” I exclaimed. “I heard what you just said, but they are not going to kill us because…we have something in common.”

The girl turned back to face me again. “If we both have something in common, how come we have to fear the government when the government should fear us, instead?” she asked. The girl was raising a fist towards me, as if she wanted to pick a fight over my words. All I did was sheathe the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, without fully locking it in so I could stay transformed. “Look, I don’t know who you are,” I started. “But I don’t want any trouble here. If you are trying to take out those three men from the Department of Homeland Security, then we both have the same objective.” The girl replied, “Your reasons are different than mine. I want to take those pansies down with my fists because, six months ago, I came home one day to study with my sister, while waiting for our parents to come home because they were taking us to go bowling. But by midnight, they never came home, and we had no electricity or natural gas to cook ourselves because my parents didn’t pay the bill. We called the police to report that our parents were missing, but three days later, we got a threatening letter in the mail warning us that if we ever try to find our parents, my sister and I would be beheaded, leading my sister and I to believe that our parents were killed, and we don’t know who killed them. All we remember was that there was some sort of emblem on the letter to suggest that the Government had something to do with their disappearance…”

At that moment, the girl started to cry again. “My sister and I never got to have a real dinner with them ever since they came back from their fourth honeymoon, and now, they’ll never see us graduate soon,” she wept. At that moment, my heart broke. I had never heard anything more deep and saddening. “I understand how you feel,” I said. “My parents are gone, too. Only, my parents were kidnapped by those soldiers not in secrecy, but right before my own two eyes.” The girl looked up and asked, “When did this happen?” “It happened two weeks ago,” I replied. “If anything, maybe your parents are not dead. Maybe they’re alive, but they could be locked away where my parents are at.” “What do you mean?” the girl asked.

I turned to my grandparents, and they came out of the car, approaching us. “What is your name?” asked Grandpa. The girl hesitated, but answered. “It’s Luci, Luci Delgado. I’m a senior at Grand Memorial High School. My twin sister, Tina, is also a senior attending the same school.” “Well met, Luci,” remarked Grandma. “I am Naoko Himiya, and this is my husband, Takeru.” “It is an honor to meet you, Miss Delgado,” said Grandpa. Then I said, “And I am Minako Himiya. I’m an apprentice samurai-in-training, fighting the Government to rescue my parents from those three men that you saw.” “Luci,” Grandma started. “I am sure you are aware about the impending crisis that will involve Grand Memorial High School in the coming hours.” “Yes, I have heard about it. You may not have known this, but I saw you guys a few moments ago while you were fighting that big soldier with the heavy weaponry.”

Grandma and Grandpa were surprised. “You had been watching us this whole time?” I asked. “Yes,” replied Luci. “I was leaving the school because, apparently, I got in a fight with another teacher who was confiscating a Bible from another student during an Islamic Tolerance class. Immediately, I felt bad for my actions, and I left the school, during which I saw the explosion from when you were fighting Major…whatever his name was. I got close, but hid behind that sign to stay safe. When I heard the two guys talk about ruling the school with modern warfare, it only told me that they were going to attack the school. In horror, I turned around to warn somebody, but that was when I was confronted by the Major.” “That’s despicable,” roared Grandpa. “And now, if we don’t get back to the school, my sister and hundreds of students may get taken away; even killed by those monsters!” said Luci.

Listening to Luci’s ordeal made me realize that I am still in a sense of despair as she was when my parents were taken away. However, I’ve had to swallow my own sadness when the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken bonded to me because, when I first transformed in the dojo, I sensed that it’s powers could only be used when I am emotionally strong and powerful, something that I realized Grandma was subtly trying to tell me in the car before Lt. Gordon confronted us. Without missing a beat, I prevented a tear from falling down my eye, and talked to Luci. “Luci, I understand how hard this is for you, especially because both of us are conservative. However, if we do not stand up and fight, our country…no, our whole human civilization is going to be destroyed. That is why, I must ask you to come along and help us fight President Barryway, so that we may rescue our parents, and preserve the future of this country.”

Luci was in shock that I had asked her to join us, and she was delighted to join. “It would be a pleasure to fight alongside you, Lord Minako,” replied Luci. “I want to avenge my parents and prevent what happened to them from happening to anybody else.” At that point, Grandpa chuckled. “Well now, Luci,” he boomed. “I understand you want to help our fair warrior, Minako, but you must understand that taking on the tyrants in DC is a big responsibility. And with that responsibility, there comes great trial and training that you must be willing to endure if you truly desire to rescue your parents.” Luci stopped and thought about it. “Luci,” said Grandma. “You must be very aware of what you desire to do. If you follow Minako into battle, there will be no turning back. Either we defeat Emily Barryway and her minions together, or they will lead the entire human race to extinction.” “She is right, Luci,” I said. “My Grandparents and I will let you join me if you are willing to accept the challenge.” As I said that, I fully locked the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken into its sheathe, transforming back to my civilian clothes, which stunned Luci.

“Whoa!” Luci boomed. “First, you had traditional Japanese clothes, and now you’re just an ordinary human! Are you some sort of…Samurai Superhero or something?” “It is not easy to discuss, Luci, but I am more than a mere comic book heroine,” I said. “What you see right now is my true identity, but when I am transformed, I am an apprentice Samurai-in-training, known as a Samurai Beauty. Despite that I won my first battle two weeks ago, I have hardly mastered my skills as it is.” Then, Grandpa interrupted. “Yet, as she continues fighting, she may fully acquire the skills of a true master in all due time,” he said. “Nevertheless, Luci, this decision is up to you. However, do not join us because you want to retaliate against the Government for taking your parents away,” warned Grandma. “Accept this offer only if you are willing to commit and fight as a Samurai Beauty against Political Correctness with all your heart,” I said.

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