Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Luci Strikes!

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



The air-raid siren at Grand Memorial continued blaring at Grand Memorial High School. Then, the alarm silenced with Principal Raaul stating, “Attention students of Grand Memorial High School, we need to lock down now. All teachers must lock their doors and huddle into a safe space away from windows.” Luci’s sister, Tina, was in the hallway going to the restroom when the alarm blared, and hid inside when she heard the alarm. Other students in the hallway scrambled to get to a classroom. However, Major James saw the scene from above. “Now’s my chance!” he said, as he dropped through the air duct and confronted the students, who were confused and scared. “Who the heck are you?!” one student exclaimed. “I am Major James Ingram,” he said as he rose up, standing tall. At that moment, Navy Commander Skarloey Vassan jumped through the air duct, standing right next to the Major. “Major James Ingram, this is Navy Commander Skarloey Vassan reporting for duty. What is your command?” Major James replied, “Our mission is to bring these students to justice for refusing to submit to the required Islamic Tolerance lessons that they had voluntarily walked out on. Instead of submitting, they stormed out of class to read the Bible, and share copies of them in school.” “So, these little infidels decided to preach the Bible instead of the Quran. How infuriating,” replied Commander Vassan.

At that moment, the Commander took out a capsule of Politidroids, and threw it on the ground, summoning the Politidroids. “If you students think you’re going off the hook for protesting against Islam, you are sadly mistaken,” snickered the Commander. “Politidroids! Apprehend these students who’ve committed blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed!!” yelled the Commander. Then, he turned to Major James. “Major, as they capture the students, handcuff all of them and publicly execute them for their lack of respect for the Islamic religion of peace.” “Very well, then, Commander,” replied the Major.

The Politidroids began attacking all of the students who shared Bibles in the cafeteria, preventing all of them from leaving the cafeteria, as well as firing weapons on all students who tried resisting. Students screamed and scrambled to get away, but it was no use, as the Politidroids grabbed students hard enough to constrict blood flow in their arms. They dragged the students into the center of the cafeteria, and Major James and Commander Vassan handcuffed each and every student, pulling a taser on those who resisted. Tina was in the restroom when she heard the screams. “That doesn’t sound like normal chitter-chatter,” she said. “I agree,” another girl said in the restroom.

At that moment, Principal Raaul left his office and walked to the cafeteria, where he saw the carnage unfold. He was alarmed and appalled. “What is the meaning of this senseless destruction?!” he asked. The Commander and the Major turned their heads to Principal Raaul, pointing their weapons at him. “You must be the Principal of this establishment, correct?” asked the two. “What are you doing to these innocent children?!” he asked. “What are WE doing?” asked Commander Vassan spitefully. “Who the hell are you to ask what we’re doing when you should’ve been doing this to the disobedient in the first place!” Principal Raaul was shocked. “Let my students go now!” he yelled. “Not a fucking chance, Mr. Principal!” replied the Major. “The fates of these students are no longer under your control since you refused to slaughter those who insulted Islam!” boomed the Commander.

Unaware of what was happening at school, Luci picked up the Major’s sword. “Hold this blade upright, Luci, for Minako is about to transfer great power to this sword,” she said. At that moment, I drew the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, and transformed. Afterwards, my sword began to glow once again. “Hold perfectly still, Luci,” I said.

As the blades of the two swords touched each other, Grandpa began preaching, “When a new ally joins us on our mission, it give us great strength in numbers, enabling us to gain the advantage needed to wipe the tyrants off the face of the United States, and the Earth,” he said. Then Grandma added, “As the two blades connect to each other, the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken can transfer power to those who it senses has a pure heart and is willing to fight alongside us in our quest to save the United States of America. Close your eyes and let the power enter your body through the blade you wish to wield.”

At that moment, the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken glowed, and began to send a bolt of powerful energy, spreading from my blade to Luci’s, purifying the evil instilled by the Major, and then coursing through Luci’s body. At that moment, Luci’s clothes dematerialized to her naked body, and then, Luci was dressed in a Power Suit with the same exact same articles of clothing I was wearing, except for her kimono was green with red contrast stitching, and she was wearing green-laced boots. When Luci opened her eyes, she was amazed. “Wow! This suit is incredible!” she boomed. “It feels as if I’ve had a thousand sports drinks with no sugar!” Grandpa laughed. “Now you see that this is not make-believe, newcomer Luci. These great powers you and Minako wield are bestowed to those who are pure of heart, and have a strong desire to protect the innocent. You, Luci Delgado, are the second Samurai Beauty chosen to fight the Political Correctness cartel and restore peace and tranquility to the United States of America.” Luci was amazed as she drew her sword, which shined with a white light. “I don’t mean to interrupt this ritual,” interrupted Grandma. “But we must hurry and go to the school!”

“Your grandmother is right,” remarked Grandpa. “Let’s go,” I said. “But wait,” protested Luci. “What else happens? Is there anything else I have to know about these new powers?” she asked. Grandpa said, “In time, any new abilities you gain will be revealed to you. Your emotions as a warrior will unlock those powers in combat, when the time is right.” We got in the SUV and drove towards the school.

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