Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Push For Salvation!

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



Commander Vassan and Major James were poised, ready to kill the students, and Principal Raaul. “I’m ready to fire,” said the Commander. “Very well, then,” said the Major. “Allah Akbar, motherfuckers!” they yelled. Students screamed as the duo placed their fingers on the triggers of their guns. Their operation was just ready to go smoothly, when suddenly; the sound of loud electronic horns set on 120 decibels began to ring some eardrums. “Who pulled the fire alarm?” asked Principal Raaul. Just then, a smoke bomb was thrown at the Major & Commander, blinding them. “What the fuck is this noise and smoke?!” yelled the Commander.

The smoke cleared, and Grandpa and Grandma were standing in front of the duo as students and teachers evacuated the building. “We pulled the fire alarm, you liberal commies!” they exclaimed, standing where the students and the Principal were supposed to be. Only the Politidroids remained, as Grandma and Grandpa took them on. “NO!!” yelled the Major. “Where are the students?! Where is the Principal?!”

“We’re right here,” said Principal Raaul. “Just not where you think!” added Tina, who was with the group of students. The Major and the Commander turned their heads to face the Principal and the students, who were saved when the smoke bomb was set off. “You impudent infidels!” yelled the Commander. “How the fuck did you infidel students escape from Sharia arrest and break your cuffs?!” As Grandpa and Grandma continued fighting the Politidroids, Grandpa remarked, “You better be careful who you’re asking.” “Because you’re about to have some company take the two of you on!” added Grandma as the fire alarm continued blaring.

At that point, I entered the cafeteria, with the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken in my hand. Then I started with my speech. “Sorry that you evil Sharia-touting soldiers had to wait for, a warrior-in-training authorized by my grandparents to obliterate your evil ways and restore peace and tranquility to the USA!” I didn’t announce my name to the men, as the students nearby were watching. Then, Luci entered the cafeteria. “I, too, am a warrior-in-training, fast and courageous, ready to thunder the wrongs out!” Then, we both said, “We are the Samurai Beauties, who point our blades at the two of you as a warning to repent for your evil ways, or we’ll chastise you!” Luci added, “Brave the storm of thunder, and repent for your sins!”

The students and Principal Raaul were bewildered to see us taking on the soldiers. “Who are these girls?” asked the Principal. Students were talking amongst the crowd, pondering over who we were, but Tina had her eyes on the warrior in green. She had no idea that swordswoman was her older sister, Luci. “There’s something in her voice that sounds familiar,” said Tina.

“I don’t know who you whores are,” sneered Commander Vassan. “But any person who interferes with the mission of the United States Government is considered a traitor, regardless of their age!” The Commander started firing at Luci, who yelled painfully and collapsed. Like my own suit, she had not a scratch. “Don’t worry; your suit protects you from bullets,” I said, as Luci got back on her feet. “I’ll make you pay for that, you soldier!” threatened Luci. “What the hell?” yelled the Commander. “You’re supposed to be dead!” Luci charged at Commander Vassan, and cut his shoulder. Sparks flew over his shoulder, which ignited a lunch table to flames in the cafeteria.

“Oh no! We can’t battle in here! It will destroy the school!” remarked Grandma. She grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. The fire alarm was still blaring through the entire affair. It was only then that I realized that we shouldn’t fight inside the school. “You guys need to get out of the building,” I said to Principal Raaul and the students. “This is too dangerous of a scene to just stand and watch.” Grandma led the crowd out of the building, but as they were leaving, Commander Vassan saw the crowd leaving, and jumped in front of the crowd, pepper spraying everybody. Students were crying in pain, and some choked. At that moment, I lost my temper and drew the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, cutting the Commander from behind. The Commander groaned in pain as he kneeled down like a Muslim, except for he clutched his back in pain. “How low of you to attack innocent civilians,” I touted. “You little infidel,” sneered Commander Vassan. At that moment, the Commander drew a taser at me. “I’m not afraid of you; give it your best shot!” I taunted. Commander Vassan laughed. “You’re quite the heroine, you little fool!” I got angry and charged him, but he was ready to attack. “Allah Akbar, whore!” “What?” I said. The commander fired his taser at point-blank range. However, instead of ricocheting, the electrical barbs pierced through my Power Suit, sending fifty-thousand volts of electricity through my body. I yelled in pain, as I collapsed. Then, I lost all power as my transformation reversed back to my civilian clothes.

Principal Raaul and the crowd of students gasped as they saw me, lying on the floor, my identity revealed to the students. Grandma and Grandpa attempted to come to my aid, but Major James threw a spark grenade at them. “Don’t come any closer, you impudent Japanese mentors!” threatened the Major. “Now that your granddaughter is down, I have all of you right where I want you. The Major pointed his guns at my grandparents, ready to kill them. “Grandma, Grandpa! NO!” I yelled, clutching my chest. Almost before the Major could pull the trigger, Luci powered up her sword with electricity, and tried to cut the Major from afar. In sync, the Major jumped away from her. “Get out of my way, Delgado!” he warned. “I don’t think so,” replied Luci. “Your sword that you dropped is now my sword, and I will use it to make you and your organization pay for killing our parents!” she said as her sword continued glowing with electricity.

While still watching the battle in the crowd, Tina happened to overhear Luci’s comment. She said, “What does she mean, ‘kill our parents?’ And why does her voice sound familiar?” Luci’s sword continued glowing as the Major tried to fire at her. But Luci’s suit resisted the bullets as she used the power of her emotions to rush up to the Major. She sliced vertically upwards, from his genital area to his shoulder. The Major yelled painfully as sparks and blood flew out of his body. President Barryway, however, saw this circumstance through the soldiers’ body cameras. “This is definitely not going well in our favor,” she said.

“Now’s our chance, Luci,” said Grandma. “We must engage Commander Vassan before he kills Minako!” They ran up to us, but the Commander pointed a .45 handgun at my head. “If you make one move towards us, this girl is finished!” he threatened. But at that moment, I grabbed the gun barrel, and I got back on my feet. The Commander pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. “Oh shit! I’ve run out of ammo!” “Looking for this?” I said. Commander Vassan looked at me, where he saw that I was holding his magazine of ammunition. “You should pay more attention to your surroundings before you take your eyes off me,” I said. I grabbed my sword, and released a battle cry. The Commander tried to block my sword with his hands. “If you think you can kill me with that sword, you better repent in the name of Allah!” he threatened. “How about YOU repent in the name of God?” I replied angrily. “Tell that to the evil people you will be joining in hell!” I yelled forcefully and continued to focus effort into my blade. But without being transformed, I was at a disadvantage of power. Luci took a stance with her sword, and charged at the Commander. With her sword in her hands, she forcefully cut him from behind, setting sparks off his back. Commander Vassan groaned painfully as he lost his focus. His distraction allowed me to attack him in front. There were sparks flying on his body, and blood dripping. Commander Vassan, however, was not fazed. “Despite your best efforts, you will not defeat me! You will learn the price of defiance when you’re brought to defeat!” he threatened.

I transformed quickly, and rejoined Luci in battle. “Luci, we need to end this battle before more innocent students get hurt,” I said. “But we can’t finish him inside the building, or everybody is done for,” replied Luci. “Correct. We need to draw his attention outside so the students and staff won’t get hurt,” I remarked. Commander Vassan, got back on his feet and grinned. “All of you are going to die anyway,” he said. “Even if you defeat me, your precious Houston, TX. will still crumble at the grasp of Emily Barryway, and the rule of Political Correctness!” The Commander laughed, but Luci and I would have none of it. “SHUT YOUR MOUTH,” we both said in unisom, charging at Commander Vassan with our swords, shoving him out of the building forcefully. “Don’t let those girls defeat you, Commander!” yelled Major James, as he tried to attack us. But Grandpa and Grandma distracted him by spraying the fire extinguisher in his face. “Why don’t you leave this campus if you know what’s best for you?!” they yelled.

We continued shoving the Commander out of the building, but he continued resisting until he shoved us both aside and slapped us in our faces. At that moment, Principal Raaul had enough. “Students, help those girls!” he ordered. At that moment, Tina and the captured students released a battle cry, and started pushing the Commander back with their bare hands. They grabbed his hands to prevent him from attacking as they forcefully shoved the Commander out the front door. Major James saw this, and tried to disperse the students, only to get sprayed by the fire extinguisher once more. But the Major pushed my grandparents aside and jumped into the crowd of students, shoving them aside as he tried to help Commander Vassan. “You’ll have to push both of us out, you stupid infidels!” snickered the spiteful Major as he jumped by the Commander’s side to help. Luci and I got back on our feet to continue pushing back against the Major and Commander. “You can try,” Luci yelled. “But you will never get away with terrorizing these innocent school students!” I added. Principal Raaul said, “Keep going, students! We’re almost rid of these hostile invaders!”

As everyone continued pushing, we eventually got to the front door, but no matter how much we pushed, Major James and Commander Vassan continued pushing back, punching students in the face as they pushed. “You students have made the costliest mistake of all your lives, and you’re about to be paid back ten-fold if you do not let us carry out our mission,” yelled Major James. “Screw off,” replied Principal Raaul as he slapped the Major’s face. But the Major responded by double slapping the Principal’s face. Tina got angry. “You will pay for that,” she yelled as she kicked the Major in the groin, leaving him defenseless. However, Commander Vassan saw this. “ALLAH AKBAR, YOU INFIDEL!!” he yelled as he kicked Tina.

Commander Vassan kicked Tina hard enough in her groin that she collapsed and started screaming in a high pitch. Her cries were intensely loud that the Commander and the Major lost their grip on the students pushing them back. Luci saw the act unfold, and was enraged. “OH, NO!!” boomed Grandpa & Grandma. “YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!” Luci shouted, as she saw the Commander lose his grip at the sight of her sister’s screams. As she angrily approached the commander, she powered up her sword, and struck Commander Vassan in front, electrocuting him. However, she didn’t let go of her thrust on her sword. With electricity still coursing through her blade, Luci forced Commander Vassan out of the building as she slashed him once more, sending him flying into a concrete wall. Sparks flew off his body as Commander Vassan yelled painfully, unable to get back on his feet for a few seconds.

I went to help Tina in the midst of the battle. Grandma brought a folding table to use as a gurney. “Are you okay, Tina?” I asked. Tina was breathing heavily, and could not form words in her mouth very well. “I think…I’m going…to die from…that!” moaned Tina painfully. Grandma got closer, and saw blood soaking on her pants. “This isn’t good, Takeru!” Grandma said to Grandpa. “The Commander may have severely injured her internal reproductive organs. We need to get Luci’s sister to the hospital immediately!” “Right, Naoko,” Grandpa replied as he and Grandma lifted the table to the Mitsubishi. “Minako,” said Grandpa. “Stay with Luci and defeat Commander Vassan. We’ll pick you guys up later!” “Right,” I replied, as I rejoined Luci.

“How is Tina? Is she alright?” asked Luci. “She’s not doing too well,” I replied. “She’s bleeding badly, and my Grandparents are taking her to the emergency room.” At that point, we saw my Grandparents lift Tina into the car. “Just relax, Tina. We’ll get you to a doctor soon,” said Grandpa. Luci’s heart sank, especially when she saw the blood. Almost before the door closed, Tina reached her hand out towards Luci. A tear fell down Luci’s eye, as she had visions of Tina playing through her mind.

“My sister…” said Luci in her mind. “Luci, are you alright?” I asked. But she didn’t reply immediately as the Major and the Commander readied their weapons. “Stand back, Minako,” replied Luci angrily. “You idiots took our parents away…AND NOW YOU HURT MY LITTLE SISTER!!” she screeched. At that moment, Luci yelled in anger, and her sword glowed once more. She charged at the men as they prepared to fire. I decided to give Luci a helping hand in battle. “Luci, get behind me!” I said. “I will cover you as I try to distract the Major and Commander. Attack them at full power when you get in front of me!”

With powerful electricity and fire combined in our swords, Luci and I charged at Commander Vassan and Major James simultaneously. The duo braced to fight back, but I wasn’t afraid to counter. Without his sword, which now stood in Luci’s possession, the Major was nearly defenseless. “Leave this to me, Major, sir,” said Commander Vassan “I will cover you from these infidels!” The Commander fired his AK-47, but the bullets did not even make a dent on our suits. “DESIST, YOU FUCKING INFIDELS!” he yelled. But we didn’t cave into his demands. Luci and I yelled fiercely as we continued charging. The two of us, willing to protect the youth as vibrant as life, struck the commander vertically and horizontally, leaving him incapacitated. As quick as I could, I drew a star and said, “BURNING LONE STAR STRIKE!!” The attack launched at the Commander, setting off sparks and fiery explosions around him. He was unable to escape, as I immediately stepped aside. “Now, Luci,” I yelled. “Use the electrical power of your blade to finish Commander Vassan!”

With electricity continuing to course Luci’s sword, she charged at Commander Vassan and slashed. The Commander tried to block with his AK-47. Then Luci made another slash, only for Commander Vassan to fire at her. “If you think you can destroy me that easily, you are going to regret being alive in this country in the name of Allah and Political Correctness!” he said. Luci, however, wasn’t going to let his words get to her. “I don’t care who the fuck you are; your people took our parents away all because you hated differing opinions, and now, you hurt my little sister! For that, I will show you the same mercy you’ve shown for…THE COUNTRY!!” she shouted as she yelled with effort to destroy the Commander’s weapon. At that moment, Luci concentrated on her blade, and prayed. “Lord Jesus Christ, only begotten son of God, please guide me. Lend me the power I need through my blade to vanquish this evil and restore peace and stability!” Commander Vassan attempted to punch, but Luci jumped and somersaulted behind, cutting the Commander from behind. “YOU FOOL!!” grunted the Commander painfully as he turned around and charged one last time. Luci’s blade was still enshrouded with electricity, so she somersaulted backwards to dodge, and slashed from afar while she was behind the Commander. “ELECTRO LOB!!” she yelled as a wave of electricity was fired vertically and horizontally from her sword. Commander Vassan turned around and saw the attack approaching, but he couldn’t move! Luci’s attack struck him in the open wound on his front. Sparks and blood flew everywhere as the Commander yelled painfully. He knew that his time was over. With his last breath, he said, “You may…have defeated m-me, Commander Skarloey Vassan of the De-Department of Ho-Homeland Sec-urity, but Allah will avenge my demise and bring you…sub-humans to…to JUSTICE!!”

“Be careful,” I warned. “He’s up to something.” At that moment, the Commander yelled, “ALLAH AKBAR!!” as he charged at us rapidly. “Look out!” I shouted as I jumped in and pushed Luci away from the Commander, who tried to make a last-ditch suicide strike by pressing his body against us. Instead, he hit the ground and exploded in an immense fiery explosion, sending a shockwave across the area. Major James could not believe his eyes. “You girls are even powerful than I thought,” he said to us. “Do you surrender?!” I said to the Major. “On my dead body, Minako and Luci,” he replied. “You’ve won this battle for now, but the war has only just begun. We will fight again, Samurai Beauties!” Major James boasted, as he boarded the Hyper-Gyro, warping back to Washington D.C.

In the midst of the remains of Commander Vassan, there was nothing but fresh blood and flames on the school parking lot. “Where’s that Vassan guy?” asked Luci “Did we really defeat him?” “Yes, Luci,” I replied. “We defeated him because we worked as a team.” At that moment, we heard the sound of rousing cheers and applause. We turned around to find the students, teachers, and Principal Raaul congratulating us for our heroic efforts. Principal Raaul approached us and said, “I do not know who you girls are, but we humbly thank you for saving all of us from those rogue soldiers…but, this event may have been my fault.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “How can this attack on the school be your fault, Mr. Principal?” asked Luci.

Principal Raaul was hesitant to speak, but he had no other choice. “Students and teachers, if I may have all your attention for just a few seconds please, I have to make an announcement in the wake of this incident.” The students and teachers stopped applauding. “I have come to a realization in the wake of this attack that those men who attacked us did so because they thought that I was a radical Muslim man willing to subject you students to extreme harm and dire situations in the name of Islam. However, I would like to inform everybody that I am not like those men who attacked us today.” Students and teachers started asking question amongst each other. “The only reason why I enforced the ‘Anti-Christianity, Pro-Islamic’ lessons was because I wanted everybody to learn about Middle Eastern cultures and understand that people like me, your Principal, are not capable of inflicting serious violence in this day of age. However, despite my efforts to convince you all to the contrary, these lessons have not lived to my expectations because I have pushed my religion upon you students without consulting your parents. Earlier today, when I saw students giving away Bibles in the cafeteria, I activated a lockdown in order to control the crowd. I was not informed that the military was illegally breaking and entering to attack you all for the Bible handouts.”

Principal Raaul gave a long pause as students and teachers gasped in shock. “As a result of this incident…I do not consider myself worthy of being your Principal, and in order to prevent this from occurring again, Grand Memorial High School would be better off if I resign my title as Principal effective immediately.” At that moment, the crowd started bawling, with students protesting, “Principal, you’re our leader!” A teacher begged Raaul to stay. “Raaul, please reconsider this decision.” At that moment, I stood in front of Principal Raaul. “Mr. Principal,” I started. “There’s no need to make a sudden decision all of a sudden. If you resign, wouldn’t that make your school vulnerable to somebody else who may subject everybody to the Political Correctness in this country with an even bigger iron fist than yours?” Raaul stopped, and thought carefully as students and teachers chanted in support of their leader. “I forced every student to learn about Islam, not realizing that these disciples would suffer. Therefore I am not fit to lead this institution of education,” he said. Students and teachers continued protesting, much to his overwhelming. I asked, “What will you do, Principal Raaul?” “You made the grave mistake of forcing students to learn something they do not wish to learn, but the way I see this, you can either run from your mistakes, or you can learn from them.” “She’s right, Principal,” said Luci. “Now that you have learned of your errors, you can now make things right. You can walk a path of hope, and lead us to truth, peace and diligence.”

Principal Raaul did not know what else he could say. “After all this, you still want me to be your Principal?” he asked. “Principal Raaul,” I started. “None of this was ever your fault. You are a good soul, you were only following the wrong path. President Emily Barryway used you and your Islamic faith as a ploy to silence these conservative students, and they have done nothing to deserve this violence.” “We have forgiven you,” added Luci. “Now, it is time to forgive yourself.”

Against an overwhelming crowd, Principal Raaul spoke with a smile once more. “Very well then, I will continue leading you, as your Principal. With that said, from this day forward, the religion of Islam shall no longer be required learning in this school in order to prevent further acts of violence from occurring at our fair campus again. In that regard, any lessons and courses involving Religion will only be available as an elective. I hope that other schools in the country will follow suit to stand up to the government agenda of political correctness and control, just like these beautiful warriors who have worked together to save us from being slaughtered.” Students and teachers cheered us at that moment. “With all due respect, Principal Raaul, the two of us need to get going,” I said. As Luci and I walked away, Principal Raaul said, “Thank you both for saving us, but what are your names? You both look vaguely familiar.” I stopped and turned around, “I’m afraid we cannot disclose our true identities at this time. All we can tell you is that we’re fighting to stop the Government from making attacks like this. Rest assured; we will meet again.”

In the midst of our departure, the man I met at the mall was watching while sitting in his parked car. “So that girl has a new friend…fascinating…”

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