Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - The Tears that Jeopardize

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



We arrived at the hospital emergency room, and Luci jumped out, ready to storm into the ER. However, Grandma stopped her. “Wait, Luci!” she started. “It is not wise to rush into the hospital looking like that. Sheathe your sword and lock it in place to change back to your civilian clothes. Then, leave your sword here so you don’t scare other people.” Luci complied, and transformed. When her metamorphosis was complete, she jumped out of the SUV in horror, and rushed through the hospital hall, but the door to the ER was closed. “Ma’m, I’m sorry, but I cannot allow you beyond this door,” the secretary said. “Get out of my way; that girl being treated is my sister!” pleaded Luci. “I’m sorry, but if you do not leave, we will have to have you escorted out,” warned the secretary. “But I thought that I could enter if I am a blood relative of the one being treated!” “Yes, that is true,” said the secretary. “But she is being treated for her injuries in a highly sterilized environment. Those who are not wearing scrubs, hairnets and masks are strictly prohibited by law from entering the room for health reasons. Once the vaccine light above the door turns off, the patient will be released and you will be able to see her. Until then, you can either wait in the waiting room, or leave.”

Luci clenched her fists in anger, saddened and outraged that Tina was hurt by soldiers of the United States Department of Homeland Security, and fearful that her little sister may not make a full recovery. But she had no choice but to comply. “I understand, and I’m sorry for my outburst,” she said, taking a seat near the doors. Tears began to fall down her eyes as she prayed for Tina to make a full recovery. Dear God, she prayed. Please give Tina the strength to make a full recovery from this attack so that she won’t have to live with any permanent damage, and lead us to everlasting peace, through Christ, our Lord. Amen. Grandpa, Grandma and I entered as she was praying. We sat next to Luci, in which Grandpa asked, “How is Tina doing?” “I don’t know, the lady wouldn’t let me in because they’re worried about germs getting in if I’m not wearing scrubs.” “That’s stupid,” replied Grandpa.

We were sitting in the room for as little as two and a half hours, and we had not an update on Tina’s condition, until Luci saw the vaccine light above the entry turn off. The doors opened and a gurney rolled out. She jumped out of her chair and ran up to the gurney to find Tina unconscious with a heart monitor beeping. With a tear in her eye, Luci asked the doctor, “Is my sister going to be okay?” The doctor said, “Your sister’s internal reproductive organs were significantly damaged earlier today. How is it that she wound up in this kind of predicament?”

Luci started. “We were at school, and this man—“ At that moment, Grandpa interrupted Luci, and nodded his head negatively. At that point, she knew that she should not divulge too much, lest she blow our cover. “Some…bully at school kicked her very hard downstairs, and she was bleeding very badly. We got her here as fast as we could to give her the best medical aid possible, but I’m scared that she won’t make it…”

Tears fell down Luci’s eyes again, but the doctor put his hand on her shoulder. “You four did the right thing in bringing your young sister to this place. I will tell you that we ran some x-rays and MRIs, where we have determined that the damage done to Tina was substantial, but not permanent.” Luci stopped crying when she heard that. “However, despite that these injuries were not life-threatening, or would leave any permanent scarring, she will need to rest in bed for several weeks in order to make a full recovery. Any stress that she goes through, including being in a classroom environment, will adversely affect her recovery.” “Thank you, doctor, for saving my sister,” said Luci gratefully.

The doctors brought Tina to the recovery room. We all went with her to the hospital room, where Luci was clenching her fists in anger. “Minako, Luci,” said Grandpa. “As much as I want to stay here and be by Tina’s side, however, we cannot stay out in this environment for long for the integrity of our mission would be compromised. We have to return to the dojo at once when we’re done here,”

I agreed, and tried to approach Luci, who had been silent ever since we entered Tina’s hospital room. “Luci,” I started. “Did you hear what Grandpa has said?” Luci didn’t answer. Then, Grandma got close to Luci. “Luci, I understand that this is a hard moment for you, but we need you to come with us back to the dojo before someone recognizes us from the battle, and blows our cover.” Luci still did not answer. Then, a tear fell from her eye, hitting the floor. At that moment, Luci spoke. “Go on without me. I need to stay by Tina’s side.”

But we didn’t move. “We need to get back to the dojo, because I need to have an important meeting with both of you,” said Grandpa. “Just go!” Luci said angrily. Then, Grandma came up. “Luci, I understand that you want to stay by your little sister’s side, but this information that Takeru needs to discuss with the two of you cannot be discussed outside the dojo’s perimeter, or Emily Barryway will find us through the strong wiretapping of the NSA. “I don’t care,” Luci muttered. “How can I go back to your dojo if Tina is struggling with her life right now?! I cannot just leave her here!”

Tears were still falling down Luci’s eyes. At that moment, I noticed green energy resonating from her tears. “What is going on with Luci?” I asked Grandpa and Grandma as I pointed to her teardrops on the floor. “Oh no!” said Grandma. “Luci, stop crying now,” I ordered. “Your emotions will break your bond with your sword if you keep crying,” said Grandma. I walked up to Luci and said, “I understand how it feels when somebody you care for is gone or seriously hurt. When I was an infant, I had an older brother named Adam, who was just as old as I am.” I felt a sense of sadness as I said that, but I could not let a tear fall. “He cared for me and the rest of my family, but one day, just after my fifth birthday, he left to go see his girlfriend, and they were killed by a drunk driver who didn’t crash into them, but merely he brake checked them into stopping out on the interstate, and shot the two of them in cold blood.” Luci stopped crying at that moment. “Did your parents ever find out who killed your brother and his girlfriend?” she asked. “No, they never found out,” I replied. “They called the police, the FBI, and everyone they could to find the one responsible for killing my brother and his girlfriend, but the killer drove away as fast as he could and he has never been found since. When I was old enough to learn what happened to him, I cried non-stop for days.” Then, Luci asked, “I hate to interrupt you, but what about when you saw your parents get kidnapped by those Department of Homeland Security soldiers? Did you cry then?”

I hesitated to speak, but I did. “Yes, I did, but that was just before I found Grandpa’s Dojo. When I bonded to the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, I realized that I could not cry, or else I would lose my powers. This is why we cannot shed tears at this time.” Luci stopped crying at that moment. “I won’t cry, but the next time we fight those soldiers, I might become aggressive in battle, and I may draw blood,” she warned. “Anything you guys do can draw blood out of the enemy,” said Grandpa. “But Luci, you must also stay focused in battle, and not disobey orders. Your swords have supernatural powers that may only be wielded by those with a pure heart, and stay focused to the battle.” “We will discuss this further when we return to the Dojo,” said Grandma. “I’m sorry, Luci, but although your sister is of great urgency, however, our mission is also another factor,” I said.

Luci continued to hesitate in coming with us, but then, we heard a voice. “Luci,”  the voice said. She turned to find that Tina has awoken, and was barely able to rise while sitting. “Thank God you’re okay,” said Luci as she hugged Tina. “I’m okay, Luci,” Tina replied. “The doctors treated me, and I’m not bleeding or hurting anymore.” Luci was about to cry again, but she realized what would happen if she did. “Luci, I saw you were that girl fighting those men. If they ever come back and try to hurt me again, don’t cry; save our world, big sister.” Tina was still struggling in pain, no matter how much she tried to withstand it. Before she could say anything further, there was a news report about our last battle at Grand Memorial High School on the TV screen. We stopped what we were doing, and listened to the reporter.

“This is a breaking report coming into our newsroom from the White House; an update on the unrest in Houston, TX.; a situation of juvenile unrest at Grand Memorial High School in Houston has turned into a full-blown, catastrophic attack against soldiers of the Department of Homeland Security. According to White House Press Secretary Duncan Po, the soldiers were sent by President Emily Barryway to disperse an anti-Islamic demonstration of Christian students wanting to opt-out of compulsory Islamic tolerance assignments. The uprising escalated to a point where the soldiers subdued the infidel students after a lockdown was called, when suddenly, two women wearing Japanese clothing, as seen in these pictures, attacked the soldiers. At least one DHS soldier died; his body disintegrated in a gigantic explosion that sent a massive shockwave across a five-mile radius. One other student was escorted to the hospital; everyone else had only minor cuts and bruises. However, the President has stated that she will take further action in Houston to protect the country from further enemies within. The White House urges that if you should see these women, you are cautioned to contact police, and not to engage them.”

At that moment, Luci and Tina knew that the situation was bleak. “It’s as I feared,” said Grandpa. “Now that the media has exposed Luci and Minako on the air like that, the people will likely sham the two of you if you are caught in public transformed. This is why I need you both to come back to the Dojo at once before someone recognizes our faces, and pins two and two together.” Luci was still worried about Tina, but Tina weakly grabbed her older sister’s hand and said, “You heard what the old man said, big sister. I will be fine, but if those soldiers come back and try to hurt me again, don’t cry; fight for our home.”

With strong emotion suppressed by our mission, Luci was convinced at last. “Okay Tina, I will make sure the Government pays for hurting you, and I won’t shed tears about it,” she replied. Just then, I looked out the window and happened to see the Hyper-Gyro approaching the hospital. “I hate to break up this emotional moment, but we’ve got trouble again,” I warned.

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