Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - The Obligation to Duty

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



The next morning, Luci and I were training together in the Dojo training hall by a Kendo match. Grandpa and Grandma hadn’t yet given back our swords following the enhancement of their powers, so we were using wooden training swords and Kendo masks as Luci and I decked it out in a competitive match of skill and bravery. “So, Minako,” asked Luci during the match. “Is this the first time you’ve ever fought against another opponent in a match like this?” “No, Luci,” I replied. “When I was in high school, I participated in the school’s Kendo club, and I was one of the most powerful swordswomen in the group. But I could not match up to a rival of mine, who always beat me to the qualifying round to compete in the Nationals. If I could’ve made it to the nationals when I was in high school, I could’ve shown America the true spirit of Kendo in the state of Texas.” At that moment, I struck Luci on the head of her mask, much to her surprise. I stopped to catch my breath, and Luci attempted to charge at me with her wooden sword, only for me to counter her strike.

Luci fell flat on her back, struggling to get back on her feet. “I didn’t mean to be rough there, Luci,” I said apologetically. “You think?” back-talked Luci. “But given how you’ve been fired up to make an attempt to strike me this morning, it seems to me that you want to take revenge against the enemy for hurting Tina, am I right?” Luci stopped for a moment. “Yes, Minako,” she replied, clenching her fists in anger. “I just want to bring Tina and my parents over here and make sure those assholes don’t hurt them again!” Removing my Kendo mask, I said, “I understand that you want to protect Tina and get your revenge against the enemy for what they did to her, but being a samurai requires a lot of discipline and cooperation. Your enemies are also my enemies; we both share the same enemies. So therefore, we both have to cooperate, and work as a team to defeat Emily Barryway. We’re both training to become Master Samurai to defend our country, and Samurai don’t act on their own, especially when they have a team of Samurai following them into battle. It takes a leader to hold the team together, but the team must not let their emotions get the best of them in a battle.” I sounded stern and serious in my voice, given that I, too, wanted my own revenge against Emily Barryway and her soldiers, but I had to remain calm in order to lead Luci into battle. To that end, I slightly paraphrased my grandparents’ word to Luci. “Remember, being a Samurai, and training to be a master, is the ultimate sacrifice. Since we’re fighting evil in secret, you must stay away from your friends at school in order to keep them safe. That being said, your sister is allowed to stay with us. However, I’ve come to realize that, when Tina is discharged from the hospital later today, there is a strong probability that she will be joining us on our mission.”

Luci was surprised at the mere thought of Tina joining us into battle. “How could you say something like that?!” exclaimed Luci shockingly. “She’s already been hurt by that soldier at school, and you want her to fight along with us?!” “Well, yesterday, after I left the bathing area, I was walking by the Command Center, and while Grandma and Grandpa were transmuting our swords, I saw a third sword right next to our swords,” I said. “But why would your own Grandparents want to put Tina through more hell when I have to worry about her safety?!” complained Luci. “Don’t tell me your Grandparents were planning to make my sister join this fight! She’s already been through enough!” “That decision, however, is not mine to make alone, Luci,” I replied. “If Tina wishes to fight with us, that decision is hers to make, and it must be approved by Grandpa and Grandma. I won’t force Tina to fight if she does not wish to do so. If she chooses to join us, and if Grandpa and Grandma are okay with it, then that is fine. If she chooses not to join, then that is fine. I know you don’t want Tina to get hurt again, and you have every reason to be worried about it. But you and I both realize that we need our team to grow; it is the only way to defeat Emily Barryway and save the world. With that being said, however, pretend that I didn’t tell you about that third sword.”

Luci stopped for a moment to think about the reality that would occur soon. But at that moment, Grandpa paged the intercom in the dojo. “Samurai Beauties, report to the Command Center immediately,” he announced. We removed our Kendo gear, and moved to the front as quickly as we could. Grandma and Grandpa were waiting, where I took my post at the elevated podium in the Command Center.

“Welcome girls,” greeted Grandpa. “As you both are aware, we will soon be able to escort Tina from the hospital and bring her to our hidden abode. But before we proceed to take off, Naoko has something to show you.” At that moment, Grandma emerged, and she presented our swords, which now had enhanced sheathes. “By using the Transmuter, ladies, I’ve upgraded your swords to enhance your defensive capabilities. When you tap into the infinite power within the blades, you will be able to access a high-strength armor mode that protects your arms, legs and bodies from electrical attacks, in addition to bullets, explosions and fire.” We both strapped on our swords, in which I drew the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, and saw a small engravement of the Texas Lone Star on the surface near the hilt of the blade. “Minako,” started Grandpa. “This Lone Star engravement etched onto the sword during refinement signifies your position as the group leader. You must take heed in its symbolism as you prepare to lead your comrades to battle.” Realizing my duty to save the world and my parents, I didn’t hold anything back. “Without hesitation, I will not let down anyone as we continue our obligations to save our world,” I said.

But Luci had some uncertainty in her mind as we gloated about our new powers. Tina, she thought. I will do everything I can to make sure you don’t get hurt again, for your sake and our parents’, too.

Suddenly, the Dojo Monitor Alarm sounded. “Sweet Jesus!” exclaimed Grandpa. “Why is Emily Barryway trying to pick a fight at this time of the morning?!” We went to check the monitors, where we saw Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Ford approaching my house from afar, with a bunch of Politidroids marching in formation. While he was walking around with his AK-47 loaded, Thomas saw the warp pad resting near the driveway. “What’s this symbol for?” he asked.

“Oh, this is not good,” said Grandma. “We cannot teleport through the portal while Thomas Ford is looking at the pad! If you do, he’ll try to pinpoint our base’s location!” “We have to warp there when he’s not looking at that pad!” said Luci. “Girls, transform!” ordered Grandpa.

Luci and I drew our swords and raised them up, in which we prayed, In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, grant us the power to save the United States of America! The swords began to glow, and our clothes dematerialized to our naked bodies as our Power Suits materialized. But as we finished transforming, our swords began to glow with a gold pulse. Without missing a beat, I placed my index and middle fingers at the hilt of the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, and the sword glowed. Without letting my fingers go, I stroked the blade across. In an instant, pieces of steel armor materialized to cover my arms and my legs. In that sense, I felt a layer of armor materializing inside my pink kimono. “Grandma, Grandpa,” I boomed. “Is this the armor mode you developed?” “That is correct, Minako,” replied Grandpa. “The armor plating that covers your skin, and the extra sheet within your suit, are made from several kinds of materials, including steel and titanium. But despite that they are protecting you in battle, however, these ingredients are also capable of conducting electricity. When we developed this armor, we mixed them up into one formula with a rubber substance to not only protect you from electricity alone, but to also ricochet and shock the offender back!”

Although it felt like I could weigh a ton walking around the command center wearing this armor, however, the sleek plating did not seem to hinder my speed, so I could move quickly in battle. “Luci, do what I just did, and your armor will appear.” I said. “Right,” Luci replied. At that moment, Luci took her index and middle fingers, and stroked across her sword, causing her armor mode to materialize. She was amazed at what she saw. “This armor is incredible!” she boomed. “Girls, we can gloat about the armor later, but now’s your chance to teleport!” ordered Grandpa. “Thomas is not looking at the portal, so you can now warp to Minako’s house and take on the corrupt soldier!” “Yes sir!” Luci and I replied, as we stepped on the hologram to teleport back to my home.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Ford was cocking his guns, ready to open fire at my house, when suddenly, I jumped up from where we surfaced, and I slashed from mid-air. “BURNING LONE STAR STRIKE!!” I shouted as my ambush attack narrowly missed hitting Thomas as he and the Politidroids scooted away. He turned his head towards my house, where he happened to see Luci and I standing in front of the garage, pointing our swords at him. “I thought I scared you girls into retreating yesterday,” he said angrily. “As if!” Luci taunted. “You’ll have to do better than that stupid stunt you pulled at the hospital yesterday, Sergeant Ford!” I said.

At that point, Thomas grabbed his taser and charged at me yelling, “YOU BITCHES WILL ADDRESS ME AS MASTER GUNNERY SERGEANT, OR I’LL MAKE YOU REGRET THE DAY YOU EVER FUCKED WITH ME!!” He fired his taser at point blank. But instead of shocking me, the electrical current ricocheted and shocked him right back! Thomas jolted back and clutched his right hand, where he held his taser. “What the fucking hell?!” he yelled. Luci and I approached Thomas, with our swords held to his neck. “Guess what?” I taunted. “You’re not the only one who gets powerful; we got new powers too.” At that moment, Thomas could not take anymore. “POLITIDROIDS! TEACH THESE CONSERVATIVE BITCHES A LESSON!!” he yelled, as the foot soldiers began to charge at us. Luci and I braced for battle. “Ready to fight when ready, Gridley!” said Luci. I tried to look carefully at the crowd of Politidroids charging at us. “You take half out, and I will take out the other half!” “Roger, Minako!” replied Luci, as we charged at the enemy.

I activated my firepower, and took on my group of Politidroids, one by one. They were firing guns at me, but the thick armor plating I had protected our skins from certain death. “These cyborgs are more ruthless than before,” I shouted through my battle grunts, inflicting fire and wrath. At one point, one Politidroid tried to attack me by pistol-whip, but I ducked from being hit, and cut his hand off. Sparks and blood flew off from impact. At the same time, Luci drew her Raidenji no Ken, activating her electrical powers to take on her group of soldiers, inflicting electric shocks across each ‘droid. At one point, Luci inflicted a savage stab through a Politidroid’s front, her blade stuck to the chassis. So she swung downward to break her sword free from the hold on her blade. “Somehow, I feel stronger taking these pieces of junk out!” she exclaimed as she continued fighting.

“Good riddance,” Luci and I muttered, as sparks flew out of the politidroids’ chassis as we continued cut more of them down. Sergeant Ford was angry. “These useless pieces of shit!” he muttered, as he decided to enter the fray, jumping in front of us. He drew a razor-sharp knife to cut us. But the armor in our suits was too strong to make a scratch on our skins! “Impossible!” he said as he continued slashing both of our suits, only for sparks to ricochet from the armor. Then, the Politidroids tried to pistol-whip Luci and I in our faces to lower our defenses, but almost before they could strike, Luci cut their right arms off. “Useless heaps of metal,” she muttered. “Now’s our chance, Luci,” I yelled. “Let’s finish these pieces of scrap!” added Luci.

Sergeant Ford tried to attack by firing his AK-47. “Don’t count on it,” he said. “DIE BITCHES!” he yelled as he fired his weapon. But the bullets ricocheted off our suits and flew right back. Sergeant Ford jumped out of range and let the Politidroids take the blow as I drew the fiery star of my final attack. “BURNING LONE STAR STRIKE!!” I shouted, as the flames sent sparks flying across the cyborgs’ chassis. Then, Luci readied her final attack as bursts of electrical waves surged through her sword. “ELECTRO LOB!!” she shouted as vertical and horizontal electromagnetic waves penetrated the Politidroids, taking them completely offline as they exploded in bursts of fiery explosions. At that moment, we turned to face Thomas. “You cannot defeat us now, Sergeant Ford!” I said, as the soldier tried to punch me in the face for shortening his name, only for me to point my sword at his neck as a warning to surrender. “Why don’t you give up and stop trying to turn Texas into a left-wing battleground where many innocent people will get killed by Emily Barryway’s tyranny?!” said Luci, as the elemental energy in our blades started to charge up.

But at that same time, President Barryway was watching through Thomas’ bodycam. “It seems that I underestimated these girls again,” she said in disgrace. But as she looked at her data screens to examine our armor, she could not decipher what our plating was made from. “Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Ford,” she said over the radio. “The girls have become much more powerful than before. According to my data, that armor you are dealing with is made from an impenetrable material that I cannot decipher! We do not have the means to pierce it with conventional weaponry. You are to cease the operation immediately and retreat, where we will have our scientists evaluate that armor!”

Thomas Ford was disappointed at his second inability to carry out his mission. “Do not despair, Thomas,” assured Emily. “This failure is not your fault; it was my underestimating of the girls that shattered this chance.” Then, President Barryway turned her attention to me. “If Minako Himiya is hearing this, you’ve won this fight for now, but I’ll have you know that I will seek prompt and utter justice for your past actions in this country. Mark my words, you will be apprehended for your insubordination in this Politically Correct country!”

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