Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - A Sisterly Reunion

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



Thomas Ford boarded the Hyper-Gyro and returned to Washington, D.C. But as he left the scene of my house, I was outraged that I would hear Emily Barryway calling me out, and threatening my own existence. But I had to keep my cool, as I had to lead Luci to take out President Barryway before she destroyed America. “Bring it on, Emily,” I said. “If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’re going to get if it means rescuing our parents, and saving the world!” At that point, Luci and I sheathed our swords and transformed back. “Now that this fight’s over,” I said to Luci. “Let’s go get your sister.”

We boarded my parents’ Mitsubishi and fastened our seat belts. I decided to drive, despite concerns about driving my own parents’ vehicle. We drove from home to the beltway to the hospital near Grand Memorial High School, where we arrived and entered the hospital without much issue. But as Luci excitedly led the way to Tina’s room, I still could not stop thinking about Emily’s threats. That woman’s tone of voice gives me the chills, but I will be vigilant to defeat her, I thought to myself as the elevator bell tolled on the appropriate floor. We went to Tina’s room, where she was finishing to dress herself in the clothes she wore before the incident. When she heard the knock on the door, she turned around. “LUCI!!” she yelled cheerfully. “TINA!!” Luci replied, as the sisters embraced each other like sisters should, following the incident.

Meanwhile, Grandma and Grandpa were monitoring the area at the dojo. They were watching the midday news reports when a second report on yesterday’s battle was broadcast live. “A recent probe investigation at Grand Memorial High School, conducted by President Emily Barryway and the United States Department of Homeland Security, turned deadly yesterday when two girls stormed into the school and attacked the soldiers. The soldiers were trying to apprehend several students who were revolting against required Islamic Tolerance classes, when the girls entered and engaged in lethal combat using Japanese swords and armory. The act quickly turned into a shoving match where the students and the girls forced the soldiers out of the building. The revolt killed one of the soldiers, Commander Skarloey Vassan of the U.S. Navy, forcing Major James Ingram of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to retreat. White House Press Secretary, Duncan Po, said, ‘President Barryway finds these unfolding events in Southeast Texas disturbing and alarming for the foundation of freedom in the United States. She intends to take further actions to bring these treasonous girls to justice.’ Police have not been able to release a sketch of these girls, as they left the scene before authorities could arrive. If you should see these girls, you are asked to contact police.”

“That bitch, Emily, is starting to get desperate,” said Grandpa. “Minako and Luci had both better pick Tina up and get back here now before they get caught by the police!” “Stay calm, Takeru,” said Grandma. “I’m sure the President is tired of fighting today, so she’ll likely leave us alone for now.” “Don’t count on it, Naoko,” replied Grandpa. “Emily Barryway is not the kind that would pass up an opportunity to lay waste to everything that stands in her way of achieving true Political Correctness across the globe.”

Back at the hospital, Luci and Tina were cheerfully embracing that they are now reunited as sisters. “I was scared that you were going to die, Tina,” said Luci emotionally. “I thought I was a goner, too, Luci,” replied Tina. “But, tell me something, big sister,” she started. “You might think I’m crazy for thinking this, but was it you that lashed out at that middle-eastern man who hurt me?” Luci and I gasped. We knew that Tina had guessed her identity as the green-clad Samurai, but Luci was hesitant to reply as she looked at me vaguely. I nodded my head in stern negativity, knowing that we would have to explain our mission to Tina. However, we could not divulge any information in public, lest we blow our cover. “Tina,” I started. “We will explain what’s happening, but not in this environment where other people will hear us.” “I can understand,” replied Tina.

Luci signed Tina out of the hospital, and we boarded the Mitsubishi, ready to drive back to get to the dojo. But as we were driving, Tina said, “Luci, I thought home was that way, close to the firehouse?” “You will find out where we’re going momentarily, Tina,” I said, as I continued driving back to my neighborhood. But as we were approaching my home, we saw Police Officers patrolling the streets. “This is bad, Minako,” said Luci. “We won’t be able to warp back to the dojo if a cop sees us!” Almost before a cop could turn onto my street, I parked the SUV in my parents’ garage, and closed the garage door quickly before anyone could see. But the cop decided to turn around and park his car near my property to watch. Luci, Tina and I went to the kitchen, where I had to completely disable every single electronic device in the house – through unplugging devices with speakers, and removing batteries – in case the DHS tried to use them as secret microphones to listen in on our discussion.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” I greeted to Tina. “I know you have a lot of questions, such as why we’re here instead of your home with Luci.” “Right,” replied Tina. “What I’m about to talk to you about is not easy to comprehend, but…your sister and I are the ones who were fighting those men that hijacked your school. Luci and I barely managed to defeat the soldier who injured you yesterday, but we believe that those men, bearing that emblem of the United States Homeland Security, are responsible for kidnapping your parents.”

Tina’s jaw dropped when she heard me say that. She had not a clue that she and Luci’s parents might still be alive. “It’s no wonder that I thought your outfits looked familiar, especially yours, Luci. But Minako, what was with that letter Luci and I got in the mail six months ago?” asked Tina. “It beats me, but I believe that letter was sent by the DHS by order of President Emily Barryway to silence conservatives like us.” “But why would the President want to kidnap parents of Conservatives?” asked Tina.

Before I could reply, the doorbell rang. We gasped, as we thought it was a police officer listening to our conversation. But, when I looked through the peephole and saw Grandpa and Grandma, I was relieved as I opened the door to let them in. “Minako!” said Grandpa annoyingly. “Why are you loafing around in your home when you, Luci and her sister should be getting into the dojo?!” “Sorry Grandpa, but there was a police officer watching our house; we can’t just teleport right now. Otherwise, he’ll see us!” I replied. Grandpa nodded. “Wherever that constable is, he was leaving your street just as we appeared at the warp pad, so it’s okay to come to the dojo now, Samurai Beauties,” he replied. Then, Grandma approached Tina. “You must be Tina Delgado, Luci’s younger sister,” she greeted. “Yes, that’s right, m’am,” replied Tina. “Please follow us to our dojo; we will explain the full details to you there, when we are not in an area where the NSA could listen in on secret matters like this.”

We warped back to the dojo without any issue, during which the man I met at the mall was watching us from afar. Before we teleported away, I happened to see the man, and I recognized him from afar. Why is that man that I saw at the mall the other day watching over me, I thought to myself as my heart started pounding. “Minako,” said Grandma. “Are you alright?” I was drooling in a comical manner thinking about that man until I snapped out of it. “Did you say something, Grandma?” I asked. “You seemed to doze off at a rather serious time…is something on your mind?” “Oh, it’s nothing, Grandma. Something unusual just crossed my mind, but I’m alright.”

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