Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Bonds of Sisters

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



For the next three days, Tina adjusted to living in the dojo without fuss, knowing that she does not want to be injured again. Grandma explained the rest of the history to Tina, since she was Luci’s sister. “The fact that you’re here in this dojo, Tina, signifies that you will play a vital part in this mission,” said Grandma. However, Grandma did not mention anything about Tina training with us. As she was resting in her room, Tina was curious. “Something tells me that Grandma Naoko his hiding something that she doesn’t want to tell me, and I should just do what I’m told here from now on,” she said. “I better explore this place.”

Tina explored the dojo, where she came across Luci and I training with Grandpa and Grandma respectively, while transformed and wearing the steel armor. We were improving our swordplay in order to stay fit and alert on the battlefield. Eventually, Grandpa called a time-out to the training. “Alright, girls,” he started. “Let’s pause for a moment, because I have to teach a lesson on what to do if your sword gets knocked out of your hands. The enemy has previously knocked Minako’s sword out of her hand during her first battle, and nearly flinched when she was attacked head-on. However, I did not doubt her ability to recognize the threat and reclaim the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken before it fell into the wrong hands. But you all need to remember that, if you lose your swords to the enemy, they might have enough power to wipe out hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians at the same time.” “But Grandpa,” I said. “I thought you told me that the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken was powerful enough that it could not allow anyone with an evil heart to touch it.” “True,” Grandpa replied. “But keep in mind that your swords are powered by your emotions, which relies heavily upon your willpower to fight for humanity. If your will is not strong enough, the swords’ protective barriers that prevents evil from touching them will not stop the enemy. In this situation, this would mean that, if a soldier is able to grab your weapon, they could use THEIR own willpower to use that against us, which could override the power to repeal evil within the blade.” “I see, Grandpa Takeru,” said Luci. “So, you want to train us to be able to react quickly if we drop our swords?” I asked. “That is correct, Minako,” replied Grandpa. “Now, get into position.”

We took our starting points, and Grandma gave the countdown. We drew our swords and charged on Grandma’s signal towards Grandpa, who was not using any armor to protect himself. I was hesitant to go at full power, but I did so anyway. As Luci and I prepared to make our strike, Grandpa rolled and attacked us from behind, and kicked our right hands, causing us to drop our swords. Tina gasped as she saw what happened. “Kick his butt, big sis!” Tina said to herself. Almost before we could reclaim our swords, Grandpa jumped in and laid a heavy punch on us, which nearly knocked the breaths out of us. I tried to get back on my feet, but not before Grandpa could place his foot on our swords. “Is this the full extent of your abilities, Samurai Beauties?!” Grandpa boasted. Realizing the determination that fueled my blade when I first bonded to the sword, I rose up and rolled, grabbing the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken out of Grandpa’s feet, and struck him from behind. Luci also rose and recovered her sword, but attacked Grandpa from in front.

“AI-YAI-YAI!!” Grandpa yelled painfully. “Master Takeru! Are you alright?” asked Luci. “I’m fine, Luci,” Grandpa replied. “You shouldn’t worry about me when we’re training; your swords have a safeguard that prevents them from hurting innocent civilians. Nonetheless, you both have sparred well in this session, and have learned how to retrieve your swords when they are knocked out of your hands. But understand that this is only the simplest method of recovering your weapons. There may be soldiers who will attempt to knock your swords out of your hands and subdue you and your allies to prevent them from assisting each other; who knows what may happen. Therefore, you all must be on guard to anticipate your enemy’s moves. Is that clear, Minako and Luci?” “Yes,” we both replied. “Is that clear, Tina?” Grandpa added. “Tina? She’s in the room?” asked Luci.

Tina shyly overheard the entire training, and ducked away when she heard Grandpa call her name. “Come on in, Tina,” he ordered. Without missing a beat, Tina casually entered the training hall, not knowing what to expect. “Yes, Mr. Takeru?” she asked nervously. “I’m sure you have overheard the entire conversation, and you know what to expect in a battle,” said Grandpa. “Well, not exactly, I’ve never used a sword before, sir,” she said. “Is that so?” asked Grandma. “Not to worry; your sister will teach you how to fight, using the wooden swords.” Before Grandpa could speak any further, Luci interrupted. “Master Takeru, you’re not serious, are you?!” she boomed. “Indeed Luci, I am serious,” said Grandpa. “We need you to train Tina so that she will be battle ready.” “But Master, what if Tina gets hurt again?!” Tina was also surprised. “What are you talking about, Mr. Himiya?” asked Tina. “This is a desperate time, and we need all three of you to work as a team,” said Grandpa. “Now, change back immediately, Luci,” he ordered, as Luci reluctantly sheathed her sword, changing back to her civilian clothes. She went over and equipped the Kendo gear. “Put this Kendo mask on,” Luci said to Tina. As Luci and Tina equipped the Kendo gear, Grandma asked, “Takeru, are you sure you’re doing the right thing?” “It pains me that I have to push for an agile girl, fresh out of the hospital, to fight for our future, but without Tina’s help, Minako and Luci do not stand a chance against President Barryway.”

 “What are we going to do, Luci?” asked Tina nervously. “We’re not going to fight each other, are we?” “Yes and no,” replied Luci. “We’re just practicing with these wooden Kendo swords. Minako taught me how to spar, and Master Takeru needs you to fight as well, it seems.” Emotions began to fill Tina’s mind. “That man kicked me so hard, I couldn’t stop thinking why I was hurt…” she said, as her body started shaking in fear. Then, she snapped suddenly. “I can’t use a sword!” she protested. “I just cannot bring myself to hurt another human!” Tina started to cry, as visions of Navy Commander Skarloey Vassan kicking her in the groin began to affect her thinking. “What if I get hurt downstairs again, and it kills me?!” she wept. Luci initially hesitated, but vowed not to cry. She kneeled down to Tina, placing her hands on her arms. “Sis, I know that this is not an easy thing to accept. Even I was angry when I saw you were injured by that soldier, and I was desperate for vengeance. Minako and I defeated that man who hurt you, because I wanted to be sure that you were alive for mom and dad’s return.” Tina stopped crying for a moment to compose herself. “Tina, I joined Minako because I saw in her the willpower of a leader, willing to stand up for every single Conservative, like us, and hold the PC Cartel responsible for endangering the human race. I knew that if I didn’t join her in battle, neither our parents nor us would be alive. And when I first transformed into the Samurai warrior to save all the kids at school, it was like I got all tingly inside as Minako and her grandparents guided me to use the power wisely.”

“Tingly?” Tina snorted. Then, both sisters laughed. “I’ve gotten hurt as well, Tina,” said Luci. “You did?” Tina asked. “Yes, I did, but not where you were hurt. I was hurt by a more powerful soldier, who pulled a taser on me and shocked me before I could even transform. Then, he shocked Minako while she was transformed, and it was powerful enough to disable her transformation. That’s why Master Takeru and Naoko upgraded our powers so that we can withstand electricity. With that, we’re completely invincible!” “Really?” asked Tina. “Yes, really,” replied Luci. “I was also nervous of this because I didn’t want to make you fight if you don’t want to.”

Before Tina could reply, the Dojo Monitor Alarm sounded! “Dear God,” said Grandma. “What’s going on?” asked Tina. “Just when it seems that the two of you could reunite, President Barryway wants to stir up trouble,” I said, as we went to the command center. As we were walking, Grandma stopped and turned to Luci and Tina. “Luci, you must stay with Tina,” she ordered. “What for, Naoko?” asked Luci. “I’m sorry, Luci, but you must train Tina to fight immediately; once she is ready for battle, the two of you will join Minako,” Grandma replied, as she went with Grandpa and I to the command center. “Tina, we all will train you to fight with us, but only if you truly desire to fight. But if you decide to join me with Minako, there is no turning back; we must work together as sisters and work together with Minako in order to defeat President Barryway. The fate of our home, our country—no, our planet, rests in your hands. The choice is yours and yours alone.”

Meanwhile, Grandma, Grandpa and I were in the command center, looking out at the camera Grandpa set up near my home. We saw the Hyper-Gyro hovering above our house as Major James, Captain Henry and Lieutenant Gordon jumped out. At that moment, a fourth soldier jumped down from the Hyper-Gyro. “This is Captain Peter-Sam Stuart of the United States Marines, reporting for duty, sir!” he said. “Welcome aboard, Captain,” greeted the Major as he stepped in front of the men to speak. “Wait for it,” ordered Grandpa, as he saw me inching a leg to the launch pad.

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