Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - San-nin no Samurai

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



“What is our mission profile?” asked Captain Peter-Sam. “Brave men of the Department of Homeland Security,” said the Major. “We have made great strides in our country to make progress for human rights, and preserving the integrity of the new world order by letting our homeland, the United States of America, politically justify the correctness of the wrongs committed in the past, through mass censorship and military force. Our founding fathers would seem to understand this if they were alive today. However, we have let our guards down several times during our operations to bring our country to the one-world order of political correctness, especially in recent times of dealing with that Japanese bitch, Minako Himiya. Now is the time to strike without mercy and enforce the rule of law. There will be no dissidents in this state. In order to ensure that our operation goes unquestioned, I order Henry and Gordon to detain all the residents in the neighborhood immediately!” “Yes, sir!” replied Captain Henry and Lt. Gordon as they dispatched the politidroids. “Wait a minute,” said Captain Peter-Sam. “It would be uncivilized to just barge into these residential homes, so why not create a distraction to force everyone out instead?” At that moment, he stood to a distance of five feet in front of my house, and pointed his Boys .55 rifle at the garage, ready to destroy my house.

“What the hell?!” Grandpa yelled. “Waiting schmating! I must attack now!” I ordered, as I ran to the launch pad and teleported. “Wait, Minako!” yelled Grandpa. But I didn’t care. Instantaneously, I arrived on the scene, and I released a battle cry as I transformed, shedding my civilian clothes and donning my Power Suit. I readied my sword, as I slashed vertically, releasing a fiery wave at Captain Peter-Sam. “Look out, Captain!” yelled Major James as he jumped on the Captain to protect him from my attack. “Trying to attack my house again, aren’t you?” I taunted to Major James. “I guess you never learned the first time, because I am Minako Himiya, the Samurai Beauty authorized by my grandparents to obliterate your evil ways and restore peace and tranquility to the USA! I point my sword at you as a warning to repent for your evil ways, or I’ll chastise you!” I stroked the blade to activate my upgraded armor, which covered my entire body.

“So, you are the girl who’s been defying the federal government to overthrow President Barryway,” boasted Captain Peter-Sam. “Yeah, and what’s your point, commie?!” I replied rhetorically. The Captain pointed his Boys .55 rifle at me. “Prepare to die, fascist!” he yelled as he attempted to fire a single round at my face. In horror, I jumped away as a massive explosion occurred in the grass. The shockwave of the explosion shook the entire neighborhood like a magnitude 6.5 earthquake. Residents living on our street, who were previously questioning about my first battle, emerged from their homes to see what was happening, where they saw us fighting near my house. They were bewildered and shocked at what was transpiring in front of their eyes for all to see, as I charged at Captain Peter-Sam to engage him in a sword fight. He used his rifle to withstand my blows; I could not make a single dent on his weapon. I just continued fighting at close range, grunting with every breath I took; fire burning fiercely through my eyes, until Major James and the rest of his trio had brandished knives on my armor to distract me. Their knives dulled instantly, forcing the trio to engage me in a fistfight. However, the thick armor plating I was wearing on my arms, legs and inside my bodysuit was hard enough to not only resist their punches, but their hands started to turn red. The soldiers flinched with every painful blow. “What the fuck?” yelled the Major. At that moment, Captain Henry and Lieutenant Gordon pulled out tasers, and fired at me from afar, but the rubber in my suit resisted the blows and shocked them right back. “How did this bitch become so powerful?!” yelled the Captain. “I don’t care,” muttered Captain Peter-Sam. “Take your best shot!” At that moment, I energized my firepower, and charged fiercefully. I kept cutting, trying to land a hit on Peter-Sam, but he blocked every hit with his Boys .55 rifle. Eventually, I was able to knock the rifle out of his hands, and I cut horizontally, setting sparks off his body. “SHIT!!” yelled the Captain painfully, clutching his gut. “Want some more, commie?!” I yelled.

As it seemed the battle was going well in my favor, I was feeling a little wary. I did not want to get cocky and believe that I had the upper hand, as it felt too evenly matched, especially given the fact that Luci was in the dojo with Tina, which left me at a disadvantage. However, I had to bear with it in order to lead the fight to victory. Needless to say, Captain Peter-Sam was far from finished. At that moment, he got back on his feet with a sinister grin on his face. “You put up a good fireworks show, now will you come in peacefully?” he boasted. “You can’t touch me,” I replied. “Why don’t you just give up and give me my parents back while you are still alive?!” “Not a chance, Japanese infidel,” replied the Captain defiantly. “You can fight us all you fucking like, but you will never get your parents back, because intolerant conservatives like you are the scum of humanity!” “Scum of humanity, am I?” I replied angrily, as nearby residents were observing the fight. They all noticed my face.

“Who is that girl?” asked one neighbor. “She looks familiar, but I don’t know why,” another neighbor added.  “Is she the girl who was mentioned on the news the other day?” asked a third neighbor, as they continued discussing about me. I couldn’t pay much attention to what they were talking about, but I did not want them to get caught in the crossfire. “You people should go home now before you get taken prisoner by these government communists; never mind what I’m doing here,” I ordered. The neighbors begun to leave the scene, but not before a group of Politidroids fired bullets towards the neighbors. Residents screamed in horror, and attempted to flee. However, the Politidroids handcuffed every civilian who tried to escape, and tazed those who resisted. I was outraged. “You and that bastard, Emily Barryway, just keep sinking lower and lower. You always want to hurt innocent conservatives who oppose your agenda, but have committed no crimes against liberals,” I said. Major James, Captain Henry and Lieutenant Gordon stood by the Captain’s side. “You are not fit to speak my master’s name, infidel,” retorted the Major. “Surrender now and come with us peacefully, or suffer the consequences.” I wasn’t going to cave in. I said, “I’m going to have to say…no!” “Very well then,” replied Major James. “Then you will perish,” added Lieutenant Gordon, who readied his heavy artillery. “Go ahead, idiot,” I taunted. “Take your best shot with that crappy missile launcher.”

Just when it seemed that I would’ve hogged the glory, however, my taunts were for naught. Before I could stand to defend against Lt. Gordon’s missile artillery, Captain Peter-Sam Stuart attacked from behind me. He fired his Boys .55 rifle at me while I was off-guard. I immediately stanced, and used my sword to counter the bullet. “MINAKO!!” yelled Grandpa.

I continued to defend myself against the bullet, struggling to swing my sword to direct it to a safe location to detonate safely, but I was struggling to maintain a hold on my footing as the force of the bullet continued to push me back. Nearby residents tried to help, only for Captain Henry and Lt. Gordon to subdue them right back. “Don’t interfere, you infidels,” taunted the Captain. “Worry about yourselves, first!” added the Lieutenant. Then, Captain Peter-Sam addressed Major James. “Now’s your chance to take this bitch down, Major,” he said. “It’s now or never!” “Roger, Captain,” replied the Major, as he ordered, “Lt. Gordon, ready your artillery!”

Lt. Gordon fired his missile from behind me. “Say goodbye, you little bitch!” he sneered as the missile began to home in on my body. I was convinced that I would resist the blow with my new armor, or Grandpa’s invention would fail, and I would die. Almost before the missile could strike, I heard a loud voice. “TEMPEST WAVES!!!” the voice shouted. Without losing my grip on dodging the bullet of the Boys .55 rifle, I turned around and saw a wave of ultra-cold water splashing Lt. Gordon’s missile, freezing it solid. “What the hell?!” exclaimed Lt. Gordon.

The frozen missile fell to the ground, shattering on impact. “How the hell did that happen?” asked Captain Peter-Sam. “You’re wide-open, you bastard!” I said to Peter-Sam, as I regained control of my sword, sending the bullet flying right back at him. “WOAH!” yelled Peter-Sam, as he narrowly dodged the bullet, exploding fiercely, but safely, in the grass away from the neighbors. When I turned my head to where the launch pad was located, I saw Luci standing there, transformed in full armor. “Luci?” I asked. But then, I looked to her left, and saw Tina transformed into a Samurai Beauty. Her Power Suit was blue with red stitching and she was wearing blue go-go boots. “Tina? That was you, just now?” I asked shockingly. “That’s right, Minako,” replied Tina, as she turned her attention to Captain Peter-Sam. “Who the hell are you?” he said. “I thought you would never ask,” replied Tina, as she made her own variation of my pre-battle speech. “I am the third Samurai Beauty – in-training – who fights for her own country; Tina Delgado, going forward gracefully!”

The soldiers stopped, then they laughed. “You think that icy move is going to defeat us, you little pipsqueak?!” taunted the Major. “You’re too weak to be a swordswoman,” added the Captain. Tina ignored the soldiers’ insults, and pointed her sword at their face. “You made a terrible mistake having that soldier attack me at the school the other day, James nitwit!” she said. This made the Major mad. “It’s James Ingram, you infidel!” he exclaimed. “DIE, TRAITOR!!” yelled the Captain, as he fired his Boys .55 Rifle at Tina, as she braced with her sword for impact. The bullet touched her sword, but it did not explode. Instead, the sword, as icy as snow, instantaneously chilled the bullet into freezing itself solid. “What was that you were saying, Captain jerk-butt?!” taunted Tina to Peter Sam. “But, how?” asked Major James. Then, Grandma emerged on the battlefield. “Pay attention, and we’ll show you evil soldiers what just happened,” she said. “By tapping into her personality, young Tina is able to fuel the Mizuyuki no Ken with the power of frigid sea water colder than sub-zero climates…so, freezing your ammunition was no difficult task!” “You girls don’t scare us,” boasted Captain Henry. “Well, I’m so sorry to hear that,” replied Tina. “But perhaps, maybe this will spook you; TEMPEST WAVES!!” she shouted, as she unleashed three waves of ultra-cold water towards Major James Ingram, Lieutenant Gordon Lyons and Captain Henry Clark. “MAJOR, LOOK OUT!!” shouted Captain Peter-Sam Stuart as he jumped in the path of the waves, taking the blow of the attack to be frozen solid. “CAPTAIN PETER-SAM!” said the Major shockingly. At that moment, the frozen figure of Captain Peter-Sam Stuart fell to the ground, and exploded in an immense fiery explosion. Everybody ducked and covered as the explosion rocked the neighborhood, during which we went to the launch pad and returned to the dojo.

Meanwhile, President Emily Barryway saw the death of Peter-Sam unfold before her eyes through the Major’s bodycam. “Hmm, I did not expect the appearance of a third Samurai warrior. Those girls are a domestic threat to this country…” Then, she paged the Major by radio. “Major James Ingram,” she started. “Break off the attack!” “What was that, Madam President?” replied the Major. “I said, get out of there, NOW!” she yelled. “I’m not through yet!” yelled Lt. Gordon as he pointed his artillery, looking for us. “Where’d they go?” he asked. “Gordon, wait!” ordered the Major. “President Barryway says we have to disengage.” Residents were shocked when they heard the Major refer to President Barryway. They were surprised and disgusted with her, now that she had attacked them in their neighborhood, as the trio boarded the Hyper-Gyro. “You residents, as well as those Samurai Beauties, have won for now, but this isn’t over, not even if you elect a Conservative president!” yelled the Major as they left Texas. The residents were purely repulsed. They all agreed that they would be in support of impeaching Emily Barryway, but were curious as to where to we disappeared. The neighbors continued speculating about where we went to, but as they were conversing amongst themselves, the stranger I saw at the mall was watching over the scene. “So there are three girls, now,” he said, writing in a document.

Back at Grandpa and Grandma’s dojo, Grandpa and Grandma called a meeting amongst us in the command center while we were still in full armor. “Samurai Beauties,” Grandpa started. “It is my great pleasure to welcome Luci’s sister, Tina Delgado, to the team as the third chosen warrior, willing to fight President Barryway and save America.” Then I took the center. “Together, the three of us are united under providence!” I exclaimed. Everybody applauded. “Thank you everyone,” remarked Tina. Then, Grandma began to address us. “Now that we have three Samurai Beauties fighting together to rescue your parents and save the world, our force is growing stronger to liberate America from the globalist agenda of total Political Correctness, that of which Emily Barryway wishes to implement. Tina’s sword, the Mizuyuki no Ken, or the ‘Sword of Water and Snow’ in Japanese, is the most unique sword we devised, thanks to Tina’s control of frigid temperatures. With this advancement, we may be able to storm the nation’s Capitol in due time, provided that the three of you work together as a team.” “Thank you, Master Takeru, Naoko, and especially to you, sis,” said Tina. “I no longer have to fear fighting, since I’ll be by my sister’s side as we embark on this dangerous quest together.” “It’s no problem, Tina,” replied Luci. “But ultimately, if it weren’t for our leader, Minako, you and I wouldn’t be here right now, Tina.” “That is correct, Tina,” I replied as we sheathed our swords to change back. Before we could make any further compliments, Grandpa stepped in. “Now, I insist that you girls wind down,” he said. “We don’t know when the President will make her next attack, so it would be best that you girls go take a bath and go to sleep thereafter.” “Right,” all three of us replied to Grandpa.

We disrobed and went to the showers, where Tina was feeling rather ecstatic about joining us in our fight. “So Luci,” she started. “How cool were my tempest waves?” “They were icy cold, and suit your personality, sis,” replied Luci. The sisters laughed, but I felt rather uncertain in the back of my mind. Tina has a powerful move capable of freezing our enemies to death, but that was far too easy for her to kill Captain Peter-Sam, I thought to myself, as I continued pondering over our recent battles, as well as thinking about my parents. We’ve been fighting as a team for a few days now, and it’s only going to get dangerous as we try to rescue our parents from captivity. “Minako?” interrupted Luci. I snapped out of my trance at that moment. “What? What’s going on?” I blabbed in confusion. “Are you alright, Minako?” asked Luci. “You’ve been very quiet ever since the fight earlier today, is something wrong?” “Oh, it’s nothing,” I replied, chuckling as my breasts bounced in embarrassment. “But now, let’s talk about you for a moment, Tina. How did you transform into a Samurai Beauty all of a sudden?” I asked.

Tina and Luci paused in the showers for a moment. “Well,” Tina started. “It’s kind of difficult to explain, but I’ll try what I can. After that loud alarm went off earlier, Naoko and Luci insisted that I train and fight with you, Minako. But I panicked because I was scared about being sent back to the hospital, especially after a health scare our mom had when I was born.” “Why is that?” I asked. “Well, it’s a long story that might go off the subject for a moment,” started Tina. “But, when we were born, Luci came first at 10:55pm, and mom pushed without problem. However, she started to have trouble with me, as I wasn’t coming out right away. Mom tried to push me out, but after nearly an hour and a half of labor, I was about to come out right away, but the doctor took mom out of her room and performed a c-section on her against her will. They delivered me at 12:30am the next day, but the doctor put her in a medically-induced coma to stop her from screaming bloody murder during the c-section. My father, who was with her, tried to stop the doctor from taking mom to the operating room, but the doctor called security to escort him out of the hospital. Our mom was in a coma for three weeks because of that unnecessary c-section, and my mom could hardly carry me and Luci without breaking down in tears when we left the hospital; she was sad and angry that the doctor she trusted betrayed her for ripping me out of her body without her permission. As a result, Mom and Dad sued the doctor for medical malpractice and inflicting emotional distress, but the stupid court ruled against them, claiming the doctor was justified in performing the c-section, and the Child Protective Service threatened to revoke their parental rights over us if they pursued an appeal.” “Consequently, we’ve been in severe poverty because of an unjustified judgment that cost Mom and Dad $2.18 million,” added Luci.

I was deeply shocked at what I heard. “That is the most horrific case of emotional trauma I have ever heard,” I said. “I thought that my big brother’s death when I was an infant was bad enough, but this is just heartless.” “Anyhow, going back to the topic at hand,” continued Tina. “Luci charged at me with a wooden sword. Your Grandma said, ‘Don’t cower, Tina! Just counter!’ I was scared about hurting my own flesh and blood, or getting hurt myself that I started having flashbacks to the day our mom and dad never came home, and the day we got that threatening notice from the Department of Homeland Security, that I took the wooden sword and blocked Luci. I hesitated to hold the wooden sword because of those painful memories. I wanted to cry like my sister has been doing ever since the day that the DHS threatened us. But I felt the fierce emotion going through her eyes when I countered. When I countered, I felt as though Luci was talking to me through battle. I felt as if she was saying, Sis, no matter how bleak the problem may be, we will fight together with Minako, and we will save our parents. Motivated, I braced myself, and I engaged in a fight of pure strength and courage. I made a vow that I would not shed a single tear out of fear again. Luci tried to subdue me with her wooden sword, but I said, ‘you’re wide open, big sister!” Then Luci commented, “That’s when Tina saw an opening, and she parried by rolling back behind me when I struck, and she knocked me down from behind!” “Impressive,” I replied. “At that moment,” continued Tina. “Your Grandma congratulated me for gaining a sense of bravery to fight, as Luci and I continued sparing. But as we continued, something strange happened; a bluish glow occurred in the closet of the training hall, and we saw a sword emerge suddenly. The sword was glowing over me. Your Grandma said, ‘Why is this sword hovering over Tina’s hands?’ I was a little nervous, but the mere sight of a blade that glowed with a frigid, blue light, as cold as ice, drew me towards it. Luci got back up, and she and Grandma Naoko watched me grab the sword.” “And was that when you bonded to the blade’s power?” I asked. “Yes, Minako. The sword sent a surge of power through my body, and then, I was naked for a moment as those Samurai-looking clothes appeared on me. Thrilled with my transformation, Luci and Grandma Naoko took me to Grandpa Takeru, where he recognized me as the Third Chosen Warrior. He ordered us to go and help you, which leads us to where we are right now.”

At that moment, Luci and Tina laughed off their reunion. But as we enjoyed our shower, I still could not shake off our latest victory. We’ve defeated another soldier dispatched by Emily Barryway, but I still cannot put my finger on it, I thought to myself. “Is something wrong, Minako?” asked Tina. “Oh, no,” I replied, hiding my thoughts. “I’m all good, I just need to go dry myself off before my fingers get wrinkled,” I chuckled as I got out of the bath, returning to my room to stare in the mirror naked. “Something’s not right with Minako,” remarked Luci. “Ditto,” added Tina.

“Mom and Dad are fading, but slowly,” I said, as a drop of water trickled down my nipple. “Even though I made a promise to protect this country, I cannot sit and chill while my parents are in captivity, especially when I feel like their life force is beginning to fade! If I don’t rescue them, then what’s the point of my mission?!”

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