Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Teardrops of Rain

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Ever since I was born, I was living with conservative, Catholic parents, who taught me wrong from right, day and night. They taught me that it’s okay to seek new adventures, new experiences, and make new friends, so long as I lived by the Word of the Lord. Since birth, my parents, Holly and Takato, taught me that drugs like heroin and marijuana are for losers, that a marriage is between a man and a woman, that life begins at conception, and no woman is a mere object for a man to control. Those were the lessons my parents tried to teach my late brother, Adam, before he and his girlfriend were killed by a cold-blooded murderer. Throughout my infancy, both of my parents struggled with his demise, and often neglected their responsibility to care for me. Even for my age as a toddler, I could sense that something was wrong. To see my parents having to force themselves to take care of me when I needed them the most was devastating. As I aged into a school girl, I learned to stand on my own two feet, and help my parents to get through life. Whether I was doing their chores, or learning complex issues that an elementary school girl wouldn’t learn at a young age, I was the rock that my parents needed to get through life, and I had no regrets being there for them.

Of course, compulsory education was a rule that made things difficult. Sometimes, my teachers would question my unusual maturity and intelligence for my age, but I wouldn’t tell a soul, because until I was 10 years old, I had no idea why I was so mature.

The wind outside near the Statue of Sam Houston began to blow fast, as raindrops the size of tears began their descent. “A nasty wind is blowing,” I remarked as I jumped down from the balcony, transformed in midair and begun to practice with the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken. I was practicing my swordplay on my own, while Luci and Tina were asleep in the dojo. Grandma and Grandpa were monitoring the news and surveillance cameras for any disturbances, when they spotted me outside on the balcony. “What is Minako doing outside in this weather?” asked Grandma. “Beats me,” replied Grandpa, as I continued practicing. I cannot sleep when my parents are in danger. I must stay sharp to defeat that bitch, Emily Barryway, and that asshole, Major James Ingram.

“Training this late at night, are you?” asked Grandpa suddenly. “That is quite selfless of you, Minako.” I stopped and turned to Grandpa embarrassingly, sheathing my sword without locking it in. I knew that I was going to get scolded if Grandpa knew what was on my mind, so I had to be covert. “I’m not sure, Grandpa,” I replied. “But for some reason, I just felt like training in the rain.” Really, I said that, when I was planning something else?! “Well, Minako,” replied Grandpa. “It’s noble to be training late at this hour, but you mustn’t be outside in this weather. You can catch pneumonia, and put the team in danger!” I complied, but my mind went adrift as I returned to my room to sleep on the futons.

No matter how much I trained, I was determined to rescue Mom and Dad, no matter what the cost. Especially after my first battles as a Samurai Beauty pushed me over the edge. Before Luci and Tina joined me, I was fighting on my own. I was scared to fight. Anyone would feel that way if they were tasked with defending their homeland from an enemy within. But what’s bothered me the most was that, during the times that I was transformed, I felt as if whatever it is that I have done with the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken in battle was not me…it felt like my power was brought on without my mental control. I felt like a robot gone berserk… It wasn’t me at all…

The day after I beat Ensign Percy Klein, I was caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to balance being a Samurai Beauty, and trying to live a normal life in the process. But I was reckless with myself. I was inexperienced, and wanted to fight the enemy head-on so that I could make the President and the Major pay, but I couldn’t. I was obligated to carry out my mission…that was when I was thrust into battle for the second time…

Meanwhile President Emily Barryway could not contain her anger any further after the latest failure of Captain Peter-Sam Stuart, as Major James Ingram and the trio entered the Oval Office. “I am extremely disappointed in you three, once again,” thundered Emily crossly. “You had the residents under arrest, and those girls foiled you three once again! To make matters worse, Luci’s younger sister, Tina, is now a Samurai warrior, and she has destroyed another soldier; only this time, in just one strike!” “Mrs. President,” interrupted Major James. “In our defense--” “SILENCE, YOU FOOLS!!” yelled President Barryway. “I NO LONGER WISH TO HEAR YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSES!!” Her yells echoed so loudly that the entire District of Columbia took notice! “I would’ve heard these excuses in the past, but the three of you had better start thinking of a way to redeem yourselves soon. Remember, Major James, you are expendable.”


Three weeks have passed since our last battle, and I was not letting myself up. I wanted to improve my skills to be prepared to rescue my parents at the earliest chance. Every morning, I would wake up ready to train outside. However, most days I found it was raining outside, and today was no exception. So, I went to the training hall to practice my swordplay, without eating any breakfast or taking a shower. Grandpa, Grandma, Luci and Tina were perplexed at my absence. “What’s gotten into Minako lately?” asked Tina. “I’m not certain,” replied Grandma. “But something’s gotten over her head for her to be training at unusual times of the day without eating or sleeping.”

“Nevertheless,” said Grandpa. “Since Minako already knows the lowdown on our technology, or what happens in battle, I feel it is only appropriate for the two of you to ask us any questions you may have about Samurai culture, or the technology we use to ready the three of you in combat.” Luci and Tina didn’t reply immediately. “Please, if either of you have any questions, speak now or forever hold your peace,” added Grandma. Tina raised her hand. “Yes, Tina?” said Grandma. “So, as Samurai Beauties, we all have to fight together as a team, right?” “Correct, Tina,” replied Grandma. “The three of you must be willing to lay down your lives for the sake of protecting your home country; there is no running from battle or fighting on your own.” Then, Luci raised her hand. “Not that it would mean anything to you guys, but why is it that when we transform, we’re naked for several seconds before our Power Suits appear?”

Grandpa and Grandma knew that Luci asked a critical question that would otherwise put the integrity of the mission into uncertainty. “That is a tricky topic, but we’ll try what we can to explain that without making you feel uncomfortable,” started Grandpa. “The suits we designed to help you girls fight were created to bond with your own bodies in order to provide the best defensive shielding capabilities. However, when you transform, you go through three stages. The first stage is the Phase Shift, in which your swords hear your prayers to save the world, and the power activates. During this time, the power of your sword disintegrates your clothes down to your skins because the technology we created needs a clear image of your bodies in order to automatically size the articles of your suits.” “That is part of the next stage of transformation; the Size Shift,” said Grandma. “Your swords will send power through your naked bodies, which course back and forth from sword to skin, gathering all of your body measurements – which Takeru and I don’t want to know about at all, since that’s your private business. The measurements are normally read in less than ten seconds if you clear your mind and focus on the task at hand.” “Once that is complete, the Quick Shift automatically forms your suit in mere milliseconds, thus rendering yourselves battle-ready,” said Grandpa. “During this time that you transform, you’re better off not attempting to cover your private parts because, as you hold your swords in the air, your blades automatically analyze your figure,” said Grandma. “If, for example, you tried to cover your nipples during the Size Shift, your blade would decline to transform you because it cannot obtain a clear image of your whole body while you’re trying to shield your modesty.”

Luci and Tina were visibly shocked and embarrassed about Grandma’s breast talk. “I can tell that the two of you are not comfortable knowing about these intimate details about your transformations.” Luci and Tina nodded. “Keep in mind that because both of you are still young, you’re not done growing up, which means that even I, as a woman, understand that your breasts can continue to grow, and we, as women, constantly have to adjust to this change. For this purpose, this is why, when you transform, you must not shield your private parts. This is because there is one minor benefit of your suit, and that is the convenience of matching your breast sizes for comfort so that, if you have large breasts, your blade will quickly measure and integrate your size into your suit using strong padding and cushioning, so you won’t feel uncomfortable in combat. But it can’t measure your breasts if your hands are in the way!” “And what about our breasts bouncing in battle?” added Tina. “The cushioning within your suits will prevent that from happening,” replied Grandma. “After all, you’ve seen these suits in action already, so you should know what they can do by this point.” “Just remember, Samurai Beauties,” started Grandpa. “I understand that the technology that forms your suit may feel rather…pervy, but it is necessary in order to ensure the best possible results required to help you girls fight the enemy. I want the suits to bond to you girls comfortably and securely.” “Rest assured,” started Grandma. “We do respect your privacy, and will not intentionally exploit your bodies for indiscriminate sexual pleasures.” Luci and Tina looked at each other, and knew that Grandpa and Grandma were sincere. “Yes, we understand, Master Takeru, and Naoko,” said Luci. “Me too,” added Tina.

“Very well, then,” continued Grandpa. “Any other questions?” Tina raised her hand once more. “When we transform, it is necessary for us to call out, In the Name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, the same way Minako does so? Or is that phrase optional?” Grandpa started, “The prayer of the Sign of the Cross is necessary because, it serves as a form of a voice protection protocol within your blades to prevent Emily Barryway and/or her elite soldiers from using the technology for their own purposes. Since the swords have bonded to you, they can only respond to your voice. Thus, it would technically be impossible for a soldier to wield its power; provided that your willpower is strong enough to keep fighting.” “In other words,” added Grandma. “The power will only work if you trust in us, trust in the ways of the Samurai, trust in our technology, live by the sword, and never lose the will to fight for what’s right. That’s the reason why you must not ever cry.”

“One more question,” started Luci. “Why is it that I have laced boots in battle, but Minako and Tina have go-go boots?” Grandpa stopped and thought about it. “I’m afraid that is beyond me, Luci,” he replied. “The shoes or boots you wear were not something I put much thought into when Naoko and I devised the power.” “Oh, Takeru!” interrupted Grandma. “The shoe designs were all me! However, Luci, the shoes you wear in battle were tailored to everyone’s needs. But as far as having boots, shoes or high heels goes, that will occur at random. There may be other girls who may join us in battle, but they may have different shoes than what you are wearing at the moment.” “Oh, but Naoko,” said Tina. “Since we’re Samurai, shouldn’t we be wearing more traditional Japanese shoes instead? Shouldn’t we be wearing those…wooden sandals?” “Takeru and I fought long and hard about that,” replied Grandma. “Takeru wanted to stick to his traditions and implement the wooden Geta for your footwear, but I felt that, since we’re in the 21st century, you girls should have modern footwear that adapts to your preferences. Thus, your suits will provide you with quality footwear that matches your personalities. But as far as what kind of shoes or boots will appear is beyond me!”

After breakfast, Luci and Tina approached my vicinity in the training hall. My grunting began to drone my thoughts once more, but not before Luci interrupted me. “Minako, are you alright?” she asked. I snapped out of my trance at that point. “Oh, it’s nothing,” I replied sheepishly. “Something doesn’t seem to be right about you,” added Tina. “I was trying to improve my own swordplay through basic strokes,” I replied sheepishly. “I get very much in tune with my swordplay that I sometimes get lost in thought.” Luci and Tina frowned. They knew something was up with me. “I wouldn’t say this to be disrespectful, Minako,” started Tina. “…But even I would think that’s a very unusual reason to be training so vigorously without eating any breakfast.” “Your concerns are much appreciated, Tina,” I replied. “But if I do not perfect my craft, I won’t be able to properly lead you two into battle, so I insist that I will get my breakfast later,” I said as the sisters left me to refocus on my swordplay.

Meanwhile, President Barryway was in the Capitol, speaking to the House Judiciary Committee. “My fellow members of the United States House Committee on the Judiciary,” she started. “It is true that my three DHS soldiers, Major James Ingram, Captain Henry Clark and Lieutenant Gordon Lyons, have done a great deal of service in enforcing the rule of Political Correctness across the land…but they have also had several embarrassing failures in recent weeks, which have greatly affected their standing with the integrity of this country. Perhaps their biggest and most embarrassing failures, overall, is that the three of them have not been able to destroy these three infuriating nuisances named Minako Himiya, Luci Delgado and Tina Delgado. Those three girls, who call themselves Samurai Beauties, wielding Japanese katanas with mysterious powers over elements, pose a serious threat to our country, and the three DHS soldiers have only let the girls trample upon us in their efforts to aid their parents in illegally escaping the Political Concentration Camps, in their efforts to thwart the rule of Political Correctness. It is for this reason that I am calling upon the Committee to consider a motion to reprimand the three soldiers for their failures before the girls cause any further harm to our country, our foundations, our principles, and our rule of law.”

Several hours have passed since breakfast, and President Barryway had not started any trouble in town today. I was breaking an intense sweat practicing with the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken that my breasts were drenched in sweat to the point where my nipples were poking through my shirt. I wanted to just remove my sports bra and let my body air out completely, or transform and let my suit give me the full comfort and support. However, this was where I had to draw the line between being natural and being modest. Mom’s words echoed out in my mind, “Minako! There is a time and a place for everything, but not now,” she would say when I tried to do something at the wrong place at the wrong time. All I could do was maintain my current attire, and continue swinging my sword…when suddenly, I felt like my body was seizing up, and my face started to turn numb for a brief moment. “What the hell?!” I said to myself, clutching myself. I was breathing heavily, and my heart began racing faster than it should for several seconds, before the pain and palpitations subsided. I was rather stunned by my symptoms. “What the hell was that?” I asked. But my confusion over my heart was interrupted by my Grandpa paging the intercom. “Samurai Beauties, report to the Command Center immediately!”

I sheathed my sword, and walked to see Grandpa and Grandma in the Command Center. I took my position of the podium in the Command Center with Luci and Tina kneeling on the zabutons, only to find Grandma and Grandpa smiling. “What’s going on in America, Grandpa?” I asked. “Oh, nothing much,” replied Grandpa. “What about in and around Houston?” asked Tina. “Something has to be wrong out in the world; otherwise, you wouldn’t have called us here,” added Luci. “All true, but there isn’t!” said Grandma “WHAT?!” we all boomed. “Because President Barryway has not launched a single attack on anyone or anything for any given reason over the past three weeks, it is of our best interests that the three of you take a day off to relax,” said Grandpa.

“WHAT?!” we all boomed. “Are you two serious?!” exclaimed Luci. “We get to have a day to ourselves and do whatever we’d like?!” added Tina. “That is correct, Samurai Beauties,” replied Grandma. “We don’t know when President Barryway will send her next attack, so the three of you should simply feel free to have this opportunity to relax and rejuvenate your souls.”

Luci and Tina were ecstatic about their opportunity to relax and unwind as we walked back to our rooms. “Where should we go, sis?” asked Tina. “Should we go to the bowling alley?” “Nah; it’s nice cardio, but it’s a little too boring,” replied Luci. “How about the Water Park?” she asked. “It would be a great place to enjoy our new swimwear mom and dad bought us before they were abducted.” “Sounds like a good idea, sis,” replied Tina, as the sisters went to pack their bags. However, I went to my room to stare at myself in the mirror without disrobing. My mind began to wander adrift once more…

On that day after my parents’ abduction, I left the dojo to go home. I couldn’t teleport through the launch pad, because I would get caught by Grandpa and Grandma in the dojo, and the authorities would see me at my house. So I decided to walk…when a distant memory of my brother came to my mind, walking down the stretch of the interstate. Beyond the nearby prison, beyond the cars maneuvering the roads, lied a supermarket, where I used whatever money I had available to stock up on supplies on my journey to the house. Walking miles through interstate asphalt, and scenic greens in the night gave me the sense that my journey would bring me to a place where I learned what it means to have hope.

“Minako!” shouted Luci, snapping me out of my trance. “Are you ready to come with us?” she asked. My heart was racing once again when I heard my name called, but I could not reveal my condition. “I’ll join you guys later,” I replied. “Why don’t you want to come with us to the water park?” asked Tina. I knew I was in for it if I didn’t agree to join my allies, but I had to make an excuse for myself to train. “I, uh, I can’t find my swimsuit,” I said. “But once I find it, I’ll join you guys.” Luci and Tina, bikini clad in respective green and blue two-piece swimwear, were not convinced by my response. “If you don’t have one, use the Transmuter,” said Tina. “We did that a moment ago, and we have bathing suits.”

I opened the door to my room, hiding behind the screen so nobody saw my nipples poking through my shirt, as my heart rate lowered. “I thought the Transmuter was only for suit and weapon upgrades? It was never built for developing clothes for frolicking in the sun,” I said. “Not anymore!” remarked Tina. “That’s why we got these new bathing suits!” “But we can only use them for non-combat purposes if your grandparents approve of the situation, and this is one of those times,” added Luci. Without missing a beat, I emerged from my room and said, “Alright, I’ll join you guys in the surf.” I walked to the Command Center and Grandpa was grinning. “Go ahead, Minako,” he boomed. “It’s just as you heard from Tina and Luci. Just place your sword in the device, and it will create a bathing suit tailored to your body. It’s ready to go.” I grabbed my sword, and placed it in the Transmuter. The data of my body measurements were transferred to the device, and a pink two-piece bathing suit was instantaneously woven. I grabbed it and went back to my room to change. I stripped down to being naked, and put on the swimwear. Afterwards, we walked to the command center to teleport, when Grandpa said, “Be sure to take your swords with you, and hide them in the tailgate.” “You never know if the President may try to disrupt your day off,” added Grandma. “We understand,” I replied, as we grabbed our swords, and teleported to my house to get the keys, as we all drove off in my parents’ Mitsubishi to the water park. “Iterashaiyo, Bishoujo Samurai,” said Grandpa and Grandma in Japanese unisom as we left the dojo.

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