Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - A Fuss Out of Water

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Major James Ingram sat in the bar at the Barracks, reminiscing about his past encounters with me. He was fuming angry. “Damn that bitch, Minako! If I ever get ahold of you again, I'll put you in your fucking place, you ignorant cunt!” Suddenly, a woman entered the bar, and sat next to the Major. “So, you are the failing army major, James Ingram?” she said. “How interesting.” The Major turned his head to face her. “Aren't you Rosie Dexter, an Ensign in the United States Navy?” he asked. “You forgot that I got promoted; how goofy of you, silly James. I’m now a Lieutenant of the Navy,” she said, as she tried to place her hands around the Major’s neck in a seductive manner. “What do you want, Rosie?” growled Major James. “Oh my,” replied Lt. Rosie. “You’re always so cold-hearted and rude anytime I show my affection to you, yet when it comes to your work, you always take it very seriously, especially when I’ve got news you’ll enjoy.” “Yeah, but you don’t always give me joyful news, Lt. Rosie,” replied the Major. “Well, then, how about a surefire way to defeat that Japanese girl?” suggested Rosie. Major James perked his head when heard about me. “What do you mean, Rosie?” he asked. “My specialty is being on the frontline from the 1st Infantry Naval Squadron to destroy our targets. But for a situation like this, I know a place where we can lure the girls and put the Conservatives in Texas in their place. I call this plan, Operation Wet ‘n Wild.”

Parking at the water park along the interstate was immensely packed today, as people were stopping in one place just to wait for a patron to back out so they could park in. “Can’t these morons hurry up?” I complained, as I was waiting to park the SUV. I wasn’t normally impatient as a woman, but my sudden accelerated heart rate earlier in the day had me filled with anxiety and restlessness. “Minako’s definitely a loose cannon today; she’s not usually this hotheaded,” said Grandpa. “Did something come over her in the recent battles?” asked Grandma.

The moment a vehicle exited, I surged in to park. “We have arrived,” I declared with a wink. We left our swords in the tailgate, and pulled the cargo cover to conceal them. We walked to the ticket booth to buy our admission tickets, but as we were waiting in a short line, people started crying foul. One girl yelled, “Hey! Get to the end of the line, you brat!” Another man shouted, “Stop cutting in line, you bitch!” At that moment, the man was slapped in the face…by a girl. “Hands off, bigot!” she said, as she walked closer to the front of the line. The bystanders continued decrying the girl’s rudeness until she snapped on a security guard trying to escort her out. “SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID ASSHOLES!! I HAVE A SEASON PASS, SO I HAVE FREE ENTRY!!” “Then why are you in this line?” a security guard asked. “If you’ve got a season pass, you don’t have to wait in this line,” said the guard. “Go to that shorter line for season passes.” “Oh, sorry,” she replied mockingly, as she went to the season pass line and began cutting in the line. “That girl’s got a major attitude problem,” said Tina. “You bet,” added Luci.

Despite the intrusion of that delinquent girl, we were satisfied that all was going well today for a day off. The three of us went to the lockers to put away our personal belongings, and then we went to lounge around by the stream of water encircling the park. But as we were relaxing, a man came and laid in the recliner next to me. My heart started pounding. I tried to control it, but I could not fight the palpitation In my chest. It felt painful, yet seductive. I looked at the man, and he smiled at me. “You look great, Japanese girl,” he said. I was blushing real hard at that moment. I ran away, and thought, Is that the man who I met at the mall awhile ago?! How in the world did he find out that I was here at the water park?! “Where did Minako go?” asked Tina. “She must’ve gone to get some drinks for us.

My heart was pounding in embarrassment and my breasts were bouncing very hard as I ran to the ladies’ room and used the toilet. I felt instantaneously relieved as I walked out. But at that moment, I ran into the delinquent girl again. She did not blink an eye on me as she walked into the restroom… But hold everything! That girl didn’t walk in front of me; she walked into the opposing restroom! I was furious as she walked out. “What are you looking at, bitch?” she quipped. I didn’t react. “You got a problem with a girl using the restroom?” she taunted. But I wasn’t going to talk smack to her face, or I would be the one instigating the problem.

“Dumbass!” she remarked as I walked away. But I didn’t care. I don’t care who you are, but I wouldn’t go into the mens’ room to use the toilet if I were you,” I thought to myself, while she continued making derogatory comments behind my back. Everything was going well until I heard the girl shout, “Bigoted Jap!” At that moment, I stopped, and I walked back toward her, and got in her face. I wanted to unload and get in a fist fight with her for calling me a “Jap,” a word that I considered a racial slur against Japanese people, but I could not go down to her level because I knew I’d be thrown out of the park if I did. “Do you really think using racial slurs is going to get my attention to you, girl?” I said. The girl fired back. “Do you think giving me a dirty look for using the restroom is going to get you off the hook, you little bigot?” she muttered. “You, young lady, should not be using the mens’ restroom,” I said. Onlookers nearby stopped and watched us when they heard my remarks. “You got a problem with LGBT people using restrooms they identify with, you bigot?” replied the girl. “I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re gay or straight; look in your panties and it will tell you which restroom you belong in.” “You don’t even know who I am, you fucking bigot!” yelled the girl.

The crowd around me started heckling at me for my beliefs. Luci and Tina saw the commotion, and walked by. “DEATH TO HATERS!! DEATH TO BIGOTS!! DEATH TO CHRISTIANS!!“ chanted the onlookers. “What the hell is going on?!” complained Luci, as she and Tina got in and stood by me. “It’s that girl from before,” said Tina. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” said Luci. “Why are you picking a fight with Minako?!” added Tina. At that moment, the girl took off her swimsuit, standing naked in front of tens of hundreds of people, who were repulsed at what they saw…and I’m sorry to say that you wouldn’t want to see what I saw either. “You…you’re a transgender?” I said in disbelief. “Yeah, so why are you oppressing my right to use the restroom of my choice?” she replied. Luci and Tina were still shocked at seeing the African American girl naked without a trace, but they had to stay strong. Before they could react to the girl’s reaction, she looked at my face. “Wait a minute,” she said. “IT’S YOU!! YOU are the bitch who wants to kill us Liberals all because of your prejudices against gay marriage YOU are that Japanese girl who fought at the high school the other day!! And those two girls beside you indicate only one thing; YOU THREE GIRLS ARE THE SAMURAI BEAUTIES WHO WANT TO KILL ME FOR BEING A LIBERAL!!!”

Grandma and Grandpa were watching via surveillance camera, and they were stunned that we were discovered in plain sight. “FUCK!!” yelled Grandpa. “To think that I thought the girls would be able to relax on a day like this, only for their identities to be blown by that African American chick!” “Takeru,” started Grandma. “As hard as this predicament is, however, because that girl is naked, nobody else seems to care.” “Oh, but still, how could she discover who the girls are that quickly?” Suddenly, the Transmuter signaled a notification. “WARNING: PROBLEM WITH MINAKO HIMIYA.” “What’s happening?” asked Grandma. Grandpa looked at the Transmuter computer screen. He was stunned. “Oh my God,” he said.

“Now, you listen to me,” I started. “We do not kill Liberals indiscriminately; you don’t even know what our mission is all about, so why don’t you put your swimsuit back on and stop flashing your…’sacred nethers’ in front of everyone before—“

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