Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Myocardial Interference

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Before we knew it, all four of us were hitting the dirt when an explosion of flints were set off in front of us. We dodged and ducked, as we made sure everyone was fine, as civilians ran out of the park for cover. Before I could get back on my feet, a man lunged out of the smoke and grabbed me by my bra, and tried to rip it off my chest. I could not tell who this person was, as he also was choking me. Struggling to maintain an open airway, I placed my hand on the man to try to dislodge his hand. As the smoke cleared, I saw a man with a gun. “YOU DEGENERATE PERVERT!!” I exclaimed, jumping and laying a heavy kick in his face, knocking him down on his back, not knowing that I had struck Major James Ingram. “You fool,” I muttered. “You always keep finding new lows to sink to, including indiscriminate groping of women in bathing suits!”

In the midst of this attack, the African American girl escaped. “COME BACK HERE, WHOEVER YOU ARE!!” Before I could find her, I heard a sinister laughter that sounded rather feminine. “Who’s that?!” I exclaimed. The mysterious saboteur revealed herself. “Never mind that victim, Little Miss Samurai,” she said. I was rather surprised to see a woman attacking me in addition to the Major. “You should be more worried about yourself,” she said, drawing her MP5 assault rifle. The Major got back on his feet to face me. “Today is the day that I take your ass down, you petulant cunt!” he exclaimed. As a result, I raged and charged at the Major. Because I wasn’t transformed, I was forced to rely on my own physical strength and not the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken, to take on the Major. “MINAKO!!” shouted Luci. “Tina and I will get the swords; you keep those two occupied for now,” she said as the duo ran for the locker room, only for the woman soldier to fire her MP5 at them, pointing the barrel of her weapon at Tina’s face. She struggled to pull the barrel away from her face. “Leave this lunatic to me, sis,” said Tina. “You go get the swords!” “Are you sure, Tina?!” questioned Luci. “Yeah, hurry!” replied Tina, as she continued bending the MP5 out of her face. “The key fob is in my locker,” I shouted. “Hurry!”

Meanwhile, President Barryway was in her office answering phone calls from the House Judiciary Committee. “I sincerely apologize, Mrs. President, but we cannot bring charges against Major James Ingram, Lieutenant Gordon Lyons or Ensign Henry Clark because this is not a criminal matter.” The President was shocked that her efforts to reprimand the DHS Trio backfired. “You don’t say, Mr. Chairman,” she replied. “I’m afraid so,” replied the Chairman. “That doesn’t make any difference; PROSECUTE THOSE USELESS FAILURES!!” she replied angrily. “And what else,” defied the Chairman. “Risk getting impeached by my own Committee by a potential Conservative?!” “What is that supposed to mean, Mr. Chairman?!” screeched President Barryway crossly. “I sincerely apologize, Madam President, but the law is the law, and whether this committee is run by Republicans or Democrats doesn’t change the fact that we cannot arbitrarily change it,” replied the Chairman. “Very well then. That is all,” replied the President as she hung up the phone. “Foolish Committee,” she said. “Soon, you’ll learn the price of defiance…” At that moment, the President received another phone call.

“This is President Emily Barryway,” she started. “Mrs. President, this is the office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,” said the secretary. “You need to look at your surveillance cameras immediately.” “What ails today?” remarked Emily, as she looked at the footage to find Major James Ingram fighting me in Houston. “I’m sorry, Mrs. President, but the Major defied orders, and brought another soldier with him to go into action without authorization.” President Barryway did not answer for several seconds until she said, “Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Please send Ensign Henry and Lt. Gordon to my office immediately,” hanging up the phone immediately afterwards in anger. The President clenched her fists in rage. “Major James…YOU FOOL!!!”


Luci got to the lockers and grabbed the key to her locker, but the car keys were not inside. “What the hell?!” exclaimed Luci. She was rushing fiercely and sweating intensely to get the car keys that she did not hear my voice at first, as she struggled to open Tina’s locker, until she eventually opened my locker to find the keys so she could retrieve our swords. But as she made off to the Mitsubishi, a group of Politidroids surrounded her. They fired their pistols at her, but Luci dodged the bullets as she punched each of them to get through. “OUCH!!” she exclaimed. “Jesus Christ, what are those robots made of?!” she remarked, clutching her right hand as she ran for the park exit.

Tina evidently pulled the MP5 out of her face, and punched the woman soldier in her face. She was furious. “You impudent little bitch!!” she exclaimed. “Serves you right for pointing a gun in my face, you jerk! Who the hell do you think you are?!” exclaimed Tina defiantly. The woman got back on her feet with a grim look on her face. She then lunged toward Tina and strangled her. As her body was very fragile than Luci and I, she could not break free from the chokehold. When I saw the woman soldier choking Tina, I wrestled the Major down to the ground, and rushed to force the soldier to let go of her. But the Major fired his rifle to stop me. “You’re an idiot to think that I would let you rescue your new friend, Minako,” snickered the spiteful Major. “And you’ll be dead to think that you can thwart me again to rescue your parents.” The Major laughed mercilessly as I my rage began to boil once more. Instead of attempting to rescue Tina, as I should, I let my feelings get the best of me, and I angrily charged at the Major. He fired his AK-47 at me, and I dodged every bullet until the Major ran out of ammunition. “Damn!” he shouted, as he tried to reload. I punched the Major in his face, during which my heart began to race intensely. I stopped to catch my breath as the Major crashed into a vending machine. Believing I was dehydrated as the Major made another charge at me, I dodged him and ran for the small bottle of Gatorade that fell out of the damaged machine. I drank the entire beverage, and jabbed the Major in an alternating punch match. “You’re good, but I’m better,” I taunted.

The fight went smoothly, until I felt my entire body seize up. I felt like trembling as my heart continued pounding rapidly. I tried to maintain myself, but it was no use; I collapsed in the grass as the Major punched me in the face, ripping off my bra, exposing my breasts. “What was that you were saying? Why the fucking hell did you just put up a good fight, only to give up, you little bitch?!” exclaimed the Major. “Nonetheless, you’re good, but I am better, bitch!”

Tina saw me collapse despite her being in a chokehold. She tried to break free of the soldier’s grasp, but her body could not handle the force that she passed out…until a surge of electricity stunned her into collapse. Tina caught her breath for a moment, as Luci made her grand entrance. “What the hell?! ROSIE!!” exclaimed Major James. “ELECTRO LOB!!!” yelled Luci, as her waves of energy were aimed at him.

The Major dodged the attack as Luci fought off the nearby Politidroids. “HERE’S YOUR SWORD—wait, Minako?!” said Luci as she noticed I was on the ground unconscious. She and Tina ran to me, only to find that I was not responding. “Minako! Wake up!” said the sisters. Grandpa and Grandma saw the event unfolding from the Dojo, and were mortified to see me lying practically dead. “Naoko, get the medical equipment ready; I’m going to get Minako back to the Dojo for emergency aid immediately!” ordered Grandpa as he ran through the launch pad.

“Don’t bother revitalizing that bitch,” threatened Major James. “You’re going to die one way or the other when you are punished for your coup d'état. “We’ll see about that,” replied Tina, as she raised her sword in the air to transform. In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, grant me the power to save the United States of America!

Tina’s sword, the Mizuyuki no Ken, glowed with a pure blue wave as her swimsuit dematerialized to her naked body, and her Power Suit traced over her body, materializing in an instant. “The water park is supposed to be a place for rest and relaxation,” said Luci. “…Not for fighting over politics!” added Tina. Then, they said in unisom, “We are the Samurai Beauties, authorized by Providence to restore peace and tranquility to the United States of America!” “With a spark of thunder, you’ll be sorry for crossing us!” said Luci, striking a pose. “Going forward gracefully, I’ll douse your evil in frigid seawater!” added Tina, striking another pose. “Lot’s of pretty words, little girls,” said the woman. “I, Rosie Dexter, Lieutenant of the United States Navy, will put you girls in your places, just like we did to your precious leader!”

Lt. Rosie charged at Luci and Tina, firing her MP5 at the sisters. “I’ll cover you, sis!” yelled Tina, holding her blade in her arms as she charged back at Rosie, freezing every bullet that struck her blade. “What the hell?!” exclaimed Lt. Rosie, dropping her guard. “Tina, you have the ability to activate an armor mode,” said Luci. “Stroke the blade with two fingers, and the armor will protect you.” Without missing a beat, Tina did that, and in seconds, she was wearing the armor Grandpa and Grandma developed for us. It feels like I’m driving an 18-wheeler wearing this, but I don’t feel any slower, Tina thought to herself.

With full armor, the sisters jumped, powering up the elements of their swords. Luci slashed vertically, from bottom to top, shocking Rosie, and Tina stabbed Rosie in the front. Sparks and blood flew off Lt. Rosie’s body as she yelled painfully. “How the fuck are you girls more powerful than us?!” she grunted. At that moment, their swords glowed as Grandpa and Grandma arrived. Lt. Rosie got back on her feet, and pointed her MP5 at Tina and Luci. “You cannot kill me that easily!” she taunted. The sisters were unfazed. With ice and thunder intertwining within their blades, Luci and Tina charged once again. Lt. Rosie fired, but was unable to lay a single hit. “What the fuck is wrong with my guns?!” she exclaimed as Luci mortally drew the Raidenji no Ken, and sliced diagonally across her clothes, shocking her as more sparks flew from her body. From behind, Tina held the Mizuyuki no Ken with a backhanded grip. She leapt into the air, and laid two frigid blows behind Lt. Rosie. “Surprise!” remarked Tina as she attacked. Lt. Rosie was shivering. “Y-you fools d-don’t th-think you c-c-can kill me!” she taunted weakly. Then, the two swords began to glow, but not in their elemental colors. “Look, Sis,” boomed Tina. “Our swords are glowing…gold,” added Luci. Grandpa noticed the change. “Girls, if you combine your powers as sisters into one, it will be your best defense to finish off that soldier,” he said.

As the gold continued shining, Luci and Tina stroked two fingers across their blades, and took a stance. Then, they leapt from the ground and pointed their swords at Lt. Rosie. Without effort, the sisters stabbed, and Lt. Rosie was incapacitated. “What the fuck? I can’t move!” she said, as Luci and Tina landed left and right of her. “GOLDEN SISTER FORMATION!!” yelled the duo, as they charged at Lt. Rosie, yelling with effort. With one diagonal slash per member, the sisters cut Lt. Rosie’s arms to bloodshed. She yelled painfully as more sparks and blood flew from her body as she collapsed to the ground, however, she did not explode.

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