Blades of American Beauty

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Thoughts Fall Short

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Luci and Tina were perplexed at why Lt. Rosie just lay on the ground without being blown to smithereens. Meanwhile, Grandpa and Grandma turned their attention to me. “MINAKO!!” exclaimed Grandpa, as he and Grandma moved my limp body to a gurney. I struggled to open my eyes and look at Grandma. “G-Grandpa, G-Grandma…I-I tried t-to hold h-h-him off!” I said weakly. “Don’t worry, Minako,” replied Grandma. “You’ve done what you can for now, now we need to get you back to the dojo,” added Grandpa, as they lifted me out of the battlefield. But as we were leaving, Major James threw a flint in front of us. “You will not take that bitch away, you bigots!” yelled the Major. “Why?” replied Grandpa. “So you can kill her?!” added Grandma. “Of course, you fuckers. You fools have stood in the way of change far enough; THIS ENDS NOW--!!”

At that moment, a massive explosion occurred, injuring the Major, and sending all of us jumping for cover. “Who the fuck set that bomb off?!” puffed Major James crossly. Then, another explosion was set, but it was aimed at the Major! “Who’s dropping bombs on us?” asked Grandpa. “It’s not the Major, or any of his allies,” replied Grandma. "In fact, I don't even see any other military personnel here other than James Nitwit." At that moment, a gunshot was fired at the Major, who was knocked back upon being struck. “Whoever else is trying to kill me, SHOW YOURSELF, FUCKER!!” the Major grunted weakly. Another bullet was fired at his bulletproof vest on his chest.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of the Hyper-Gyro above us. Grandpa and Grandma could not see who was standing upon the door from midair due to the Sun, but a flint was dropped, sending us hitting the dirt once again. When the smoke cleared, we saw a womanly figure descending upon us. She had blonde hair and a wicked wrinkly face. Even as I was lying in the gurney, my eyes got big and wide when I realized who I saw.

“You…” I boomed. “YOU’RE THE PRESIDENT!!” I yelled, trying to get up from the gurney, clutching my chest as I grabbed my sword. “No, Minako!” ordered Grandpa. “You must not stress your heart out in this condition!” “I don’t care,” I replied. “That is President Barryway?” asked Tina. “There’s no mistaking her,” replied Luci. “So, you are the three girls who dare to challenge the way of making progress in the United States of America,” said Emily Barryway, as Lt. Rosie struggled to get back on her feet. She was trembling as she tried to get a grip on her MP5. “You…are all going…t-to p-pay…for that strike,” she exclaimed. Luci and Tina braced themselves for another assault, as Lt. Rosie fired her MP5. Her bullets didn’t make a dent on the sisters’ armor.

“How very nice to meet you three abominations, at last,” sneered Emily. “Ha ha ha,” I mocked, grabbing my sword, when she tried to make an innocent demeanor on her face. “Why would I come here other than to reprimand my soldiers for their delinquency of attacking innocent humans?” she asked. “Don’t bullshit me, Emily!” I exclaimed, clutching my chest, as I felt my heart rate surprisingly stabilize. “You came by to kidnap more Conservatives, like you did to my parents!” The President attempted to deny her wrongdoing. “Why would I try to take away parents over political views? Everyone is free to believe what they think in this country,” she said. “Don’t even lie, you fool,” taunted Grandpa. “You claim we’re free, yet you act so sinister behind closed doors. You’re like those evil communist dictators, Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong; when someone or a group of people agree with you, then they’re your loyal friends and true, but if someone or a group of people disagree with you, you treat them like they’re your sworn enemies who must be eliminated from the face of the Earth!” Grandpa’s comment made President Barryway cross. “YOU SHUT YOUR TRAP, YOU FUCKING CUNT!”

At that point, I completely lost my temper at the President calling Grandpa out. I transformed, and I charged at President Barryway with a vengeance. I yelled out a battle cry, and prepared my firepower to attack. Nonetheless, I missed, but at the same time, I didn’t miss. Before the Jaakuna Hakai no Ken struck the President, Lt. Rosie jumped into the battle, and took the finishing blow for President Barryway. “FINISH THAT BIGOT, MADAM PRESIDENT!!” she yelled, as she collapsed once again, exploding in an immense blast that engulfed the President and I. “Holy Toledo!” exclaimed Luci and Tina. I was severely burned in the explosion as my heart began to race once again… “That wasn’t very smart of you, Lt. Rosie Dexter,” retorted Emily in the aftermath. “Now, we’re down another soldier and have been made further vulnerable.” The Major saw the death of his comrade, and charged at me, laying in the ground. Luci and Tina jumped and took a stance, ready to defend me from further harm. However, the Major was cut short from his potential victory when we saw him collapse to the ground suddenly without warning. We saw President Barryway, at that point, pointing Lt. Rosie’s MP5 at him. “Not this time, you impudent Major,” puffed Emily crossly, as she pointed the rifle at us. Before she could fire a round at us, her cell phone rang. “This is President Barryway,” she answered. “Madam President, I have grave news I must relay to you,” said the man over the phone. “Those parents your squadron have taken from Texas over the last two-and-a-half months have escaped the camp!” “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said. “After two-and-a-half months, those parents we’ve captured from those Conservative children that we’re fighting right now have escaped the FEMA Emergency Camp in D.C.?!” “Those two parents are not alone,” the man said. “Two more Conservative parents escaped along with them!” All of our ears perked when we heard what Emily was saying. “I’m sorry, Madam President,” replied the man. “We are working as we speak to track down these infidels and get them back in the camp.” “You had better, or you’re history!” threatened the President, as she handcuffed the Major, and dragged him with her. She then turned to face us. “You girls have won this fight for now, but rest assured; I will destroy conservatives like you who resist the new direction of America!” President Barryway was laughing as she and the Major boarded the Hyper-Gyro, and warped back to D.C.

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